They Turned me into a Cuckqueen

Scott had her on all fours. She was so much smaller than he was. Scott had played football in college, and even though he had let the past few years catch up with his waistline, he still had an amazing chest and neck that I could stare at all day. I was looking at the veins that popped out when he worked out, and that was how I knew that he was really putting in work right then.

“Oh, fuck!” Melody said. “Fuck, just like that Scott. You feel so good like that.”

He grunted and began to go a bit faster. I could see them both glistening with sweat, and the sound and sight of both of them enjoying that moment was beginning to make me wet. I looked down to my underwear, and the pink number that I was wearing when we started was now almost see-through. I could make out the shape of my lips through the fabric, I was sopping right then, and each second that passed seemed to only heighten that feeling.

Melody was a girl who worked with me. She had come over for some parties that we had before, and I could see that spark between her and Scott. I knew that it was only a matter of time before this was happening. She wasn’t our first cake, and she definitely wouldn’t be the last. Scott needed this. And me? I think I needed it too. Nothing was hotter for me than seeing my man take another woman. Especially tiny little cakes like Melody. She was only around 4’11, and she had to barely weigh around 105 lbs, tops. As I watched them continue, I saw one of Scott’s hands grab a chunk of her jet black hair, and his free hand trailed around her body and grabbed her tit while continuing his fevered pace.

Scott plunged himself deep inside of her. He kept himself frozen there, holding his penis against her as his hand switched from playing with her nipple to her clit, the other hand still gripped inside of her scalp. She looked over at me and let out a gasp while he began to rub her faster.

“Oh shit… I’m coming…” she said.

Her voice sounded so delicate and frail. My husband started to pound her even harder. The noise all mixed together. His short breaths can be heard along with the slapping of their skin, and that is accompanied by her short, quiet moans from her.

“He’s amazing,” she said, looking over at me while he continued to rub her clitoris, lighter than before. Then she turned her head to the side and he leaned forward. They kissed, their tongues leaving their mouths as they lapped at one another. She definitely had a way around him. There was a distinct way she would do things that seemed to excite Scott like nothing else. It was thrilling to see, really. I wondered where they would take it next.

It didn’t take long to see. Scott pulled himself out of her and stood above her while taking a couple of steps forward. He towered over her body as she stayed on all fours, and she lifted her gaze upward, letting the tip of his penis play gently against her lips. She kissed him lightly, at first, but after a couple of seconds, I saw her eyes light up as she took him in her mouth, his balls swaying just inches above her eyeballs as he rocked his hips back and forth. Not hard, but enough to let a quarter of himself disappear and reappear from her greedy mouth.

Scott had never taken me like that. It made a little bit of trepidation begin to rise up in my chest. How come he had never done that to me?

It was as if she could read my mind. Melody looked over at me while she bobbed on his cock. It was like she was teasing me, and the weird thing about it was, I could feel my pussy begin to swell and become engorged. My fingers trailed along my clit, slowly working myself up while I looked over at them.

“Does she let you fuck her in the ass?” Melody asked.

The question shocked me. I didn’t really expect her to one, point out my presence while they were fucking, and two, that she would present such a lewd act as casually as she did. I felt my eyelids pop open and I looked over at Scott to see what he would say. He looked from her to me, his gaze changing from one face to another, mine bringing out confusion, while her’s brought about… lust.

“Never… She says I am too big.”

“Oh, baby…”

Melody turned then, taking him into her mouth and lathering him up with her tongue. He took his balls into her mouth and began to lap at them while jerking off his hard member. After a half-minute of this, she let go of him and let his club rest on her face while she sucked on his left testicle hard.

“I brought some Astro Glide. It’s in my purse. Let me lather you up and then you can fuck my asshole. Does that sound good, Daddy?”

“Ugh… Yes, baby. That sounds really good.”

Suddenly, I felt like I wasn’t even there. I felt a huge wave of jealousy begin to crash against the shores of my soul. Who does this little bitch think she is? But at the same time, I had never felt more turned on. I almost came when she began to take him in her tiny hands and lovingly spread the lube over his long cock. She would leave small kisses as well. She began to lightly blow on it while she got it nice and slick. She looked really lovely doing it, too.

Then he starts to enter her. She rested her head on the mattress and looked back at him, telling him how badly she wanted him to be inside her. I could see the fire growing in his eyes. I hadn’t seen him look at me like that in years. He used to do it when we first got together years ago, but now I was struggling to recall when the last time he had done that with me was. I saw a shudder run through his body when he grabbed himself and placed her at her opening.

“Please put it in me, please?” she begged him.

“Is that what you want?” he asked. “You want my cock in your asshole?”

“Yes! I don’t just want it, I need it! My asshole belongs to you now…”

He let out a soft moan and sigh as he entered her. He did it slowly, and they both seemed to be moving in unison. She was rubbing herself then, and I could hear the wetness of her lips smacking against each other. I could hear their breathing seem to sync together. The jealousy that was permeating before was now gone. I just watched in awe as she continued to tease him, calling her asshole his property, and I licked my lips as Scott finally got himself acclimated to her tightness and began to pump. He didn’t last very long. He began jerking and spasming only a few minutes after starting. Then he froze and a look of absolute pleasure rolled over his features as he emptied his balls deep inside of her. I came then too. I had forgotten that I was playing with myself, I had gotten so into watching, but right then my fingers touched my clitoris and I felt myself begin to jerk and twist before letting go and allowing the orgasm to overtake me.

Scott pulled himself out of her and I saw his load ooze out while they shared one last kiss. Then Scott looked over at me and while he was playing with a lock of Melody’s hair he said something to me.

“I love you, baby. Thank you so much for this.”

“Anything for you Scott. I love you too.”

After Melody and Scott got cleaned up we drove her home and then came back to the house and Scott fucked me like he hadn’t in years. Or maybe it was the excitement of seeing him with another woman? I guess it doesn’t matter. Melody is supposed to come over next weekend anyway, so maybe I can see which one it really was?

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