Step Daughter

I married my wife when my step-daughter was 2, we always got on as she grew up and she was never treated any different from our other children as they came along.

When she was in secondary school she was very thin, she didn’t have any kind of disorder or anything she was just thin. This lead her to mentioning that her friends all had bigger chests than she did, I just kind of laughed and told her not to worry, they’d grow and if not, they weren’t the be all and end all.

Another time she commented that her step-sister (through her bio-dad remarrying) had a better body as she wasn’t as skinny, I told her to stand in front of the mirror in her room naked and just look at what a beautiful young lady she was growing into.

None of this was meant in a sexual way, it was more to help her feel comfortable with herself.

Around this time we all started going swimming as a family, one time when there was only the two of us in the house it was just my step-daughter and myself going.

After we got home she’d cuddle up to me on the sofa and fall asleep with her head in my lap, I will admit to sneaking a peak down the front of her jeans. There was no touching.

Fast forward until just over a year ago, she’s 23 and she was getting married and the big date wasn’t far away and she had to go for a dress fitting. I’d seen her in the dress when my wife and I had bought it, she looked amazing even though the dress was a little big, hence the fitting to ensure it fir perfect. I’d been working away a bit and offered to take her since it was a Saturday.

We arrived at the dress fitters and she disappeared off with the lady who owned the shop. The owner returned and said I could go in and have a look if I wanted to.

All I can say is she looked beautiful.

Once she’d done and all the measurements had been checked etc we headed off back to drop her off, we talked all the way back, the times we went swimming together, the times she sat on my knee, etc. She even brought up the time I advised her on her chest, without thinking I blurted out, I told you they’d grow, to which she smiled.

We got back to her house and we both went in, this was nothing unusual as I’d quite often call around and have a cup of tea, normally when the grandkids were there but sometimes when they weren’t too.

Nikki was very happy and giddy, mainly about the dress and the upcoming wedding, after a couple of minutes of being in the house (we were there alone as Steve, her soon to be hubby, had taken the kids out for the day) Nikki asked if I would answer her a question honestly, there was never any other way I answered questions from the kids.

“Since you’re a man and I know you won’t go telling anyone, would you mind giving me your opinion on the rest of my wedding clothes?”

“I love the dress, you make it look absolutely beautiful.”

“Not the dress, the underwear.”

“Oh, er, if you really want my opinion then go for it.”

She got up and went up the stairs, I thought to grab various packages, etc, when she came downstairs in a towel clutching several other pieces of lingerie.

Let me tell you a little about Nikki, she’s 5′ 6″, pale skinned. around 9 stone, 36C tits and natural ginger hair.

“Right, there’s this one.”, she proclaimed and dropped the towel, she stood there in stockings, suspender belt, a half cup bra and one of the lacyist thong I’ve ever seen. I looked her up and down, my eyes lingering on her tits and on the ginger landing strip that was visible through the lace.

“What do you think?”

I really didn’t know what to say, I could feel my cock start to stir, “Ok, what’s next, let’s look at them all before we have comments.”

She disappeared into the kitchen and came out without the towel, this time it was what seemed a smaller half cup bra, hold up stockings and a lacy pair of knickers.

“Ta daa”, again, my eyes were drawn to her tits almost spilling out of the bra and then to the ginger pussy hair that was even more prominent.

“Are you sure you want to keep showing me these outfits, I don’t mind but I don’t want you thinking I’m an old pervert.”

“You aren’t old and you aren’t a pervert. I want your opinion and your advice.”

“Ok, out of the two I like this one better.”

“There’s two more yet.”

She disappeared partially into the kitchen again, I could see her ass poking through the door as she changed. She came back out, a lacy 3/4 cup bra that left nothing to the imagination and likewise on the knickers. I swear, she may as well have just stood there with a little bit of net curtain.

“Ready for the last one?”

“Go for it.” I knew it was wrong but I would have to make a quick exit once she was done and relieve some of the pressure that was building. I was feeling a couple of different feelings, one of disgust with myself, this was my step-daughter, yet I knew it would be a quick bout of self-relief when I got back home.

She came back out of the kitchen in the towel this time, “This one is a little risqué, please don’t get upset. Promise me.”

“I promise”

She pulled the towel off of herself and stood there, in suspender belt, stockings, the lacy bra and no knickers. Her nipples were rock hard, clearly visible through the lace, her ginger strip trimmed and looking good enough to eat. A thought went through my mind that I may have to stop the car on the way home and ‘sort’ myself out.

“Shit,” I blurted out, “you know I can’t un-see that don’t you?”

“What, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with how I look?”

“Fuck no, far from it, you’re gorgeous. Any man you love to have their bride dress like that under their wedding dress!”

She smiled and without thinking about it gave me a hug, which wasn’t unusual unlike the clothes she wasn’t dressed in.

I could feel her tit’s mashed against my chest, her nipples hard as diamonds and her groin rubbing against my knee. I instinctively put my arms around her but I must admit I did drop my left hand down to the top of her ass.
The hug seemed to linger for a little longer than normal but I thought it was just my head playing tricks on me, Nikki turned her head and kissed me, “Thankyou for everything.” and kissed me again, this time it was not a normal kiss but a real kiss and I could feel her tongue pressing into my mouth.

I couldn’t help it, there I was being kissed by a gorgeous natural ginger that was more than half naked, I reached round with my right hand and pulled her closer while my left hand dropped to the bottom of her ass and gave it a gentle squeeze.

The kiss seemed to last ages, when it broke I apologised and said it was my fault and that I should leave.

Nikki just looked at me and said “Don’t be sorry, I started it, it was me that kissed you after parading around in front of you almost naked.” She then closed in and kissed me again.

“Please don’t go, I want you to stay with me for a little while longer.” She took my hand and lead me upstairs, my eyes on her ass as we went.

Once in the bedroom she turned around and upon seeing the bulge in my trousers asked, “What were you going to do about that?”

“What do you think?”

“Were you going to wank off over the thought of my body?”

“Yes.” was the quiet answer, ashamed.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, I used to make myself cum listening to you and mum fucking.”

Nikki reached forward and kissed me again, her hand rubbing my hard cock through my trousers. She pulled the zip down and undid the button and let them fall to the ground. She reached into my underwear and pulled out my cock.

“Mmmm, now I see why mum makes all that noise, this is fucking thick.”, her hand slowly wanking me.

I mentioned before in the other stories I’ve posted, I’m no porn star, I’m 6″ and very thick with excellent staying power.

My left hand found it’s way down to Nikki’s pussy while my right hand played with her left tit, teasing the nipple. Her pussy was soaked, literally dripping.

I brought my hand up and licked some of the juices off of my fingers, Nikki playfully scowled, “Where’s my taste?”, she took my fingers into her mouth one by one and licked them clean.

My hand went back to rubbing her pussy.

“I’ve thought about this for so years, when we used to go swimming I’d deliberately try to make the front of my jeans looser in the hope I’d see you trying to look at me. I’ve cum so many times at the thought of you touching me.”

As she finished saying that I slipped a finger into her, she moaned and kissed again, harder this time. Her pussy was tight, even though she’d had kids we would need to do something about that.

We eased back onto the bed, Nikki laying on her back with her legs open, me at her side, my hand still rubbing her pussy. I eased a finger back in and slowly started finger fucking her, a couple of minutes later, I added a second, I had to take it steady at this point as she was still quite tight.
Nikki was wanking me furiously by this point, “Slow down or you’ll make me cum.”

“I can’t help it.”

I must admit, I usually have great stamina but this was really getting to me and at this rate I would be cumming in a matter of minutes, I moved up the bed a little so my cock was near her head. Nikki looked up at me, “I’ve never sucked a cock before, I don’t know if I can.”, at this point I curled my fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her g-spot, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.” With that her mouth opened and she started to suck her first cock.

By the time she finished cumming she was wet, very wet but still quite tight.

“I’d love to make you cum on my cock.”

Nikki took her mouth off of my cock, “Do me now.”

I scooted down the bed and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips, “Are you sure you want this? What we’ve done so far can be forgotten easier than the next step will be?”

In answer she put her feet on my ass and pulled me towards her.
The head of my cock pushed into her and as the first inch or so followed it really began to stretch her out, “Fuck, slowly, slowly, you’re thick.”
I paused for a minute to allow her to get used to the thickness and then started to withdraw a little, “Oh no you don’t, now your in, you’re staying in.”, I just smiled and pushed forward again, this time easing the rest of my cock into her tight pussy.

“Jesus, I feel like I’m giving birth again and losing my virginity at the same time. I wish Steve’s cock was this thick.”

Not knowing if this was going to be a one off pre-marriage thing or something that would even get to the end of a quick fuck, I wasn’t going to miss the chance of giving her a good hard fucking but we needed to start slowly to allow her to get used to a thick cock.

As we fucked Nikki was creaming all over my cock, her head back with her eyes seeming to alternate between wide open or rolled back. I was busy kissing her neck, nibbling on her nipples or just watching her face as she enjoyed the fuck.

I raised myself onto outstretched arms, one just above each of her shoulders so I could limit the amount she could move when the harder thrusts started, looking down I was in awe at the stockings and suspender belt that seemed to frame the pale skin and her ginger haired pussy, the pussy that was being stretched by my cock. I was mesmerised.

I was brought out of it by Nikki, “You can’t cum inside me, I’m not on the pill.”

To be honest I’d not thought that far ahead, in my head it was her leading this, not me, I was reacting to her. I had no intentions of going against what she said.

I started really pounding into her, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, Nikki was on her way to another orgasm, each one getting louder than the last.

She came again, her legs shaking and her tits heaving.

It was obvious that if she’d never sucked a cock before there’s no way she’s ever swallowed, the very thought of her swallowing pushed me over the edge, I pulled out of her pussy, her right hand shot down to my cock and started wanking me furiously, I tensed up, grunted “Fuck” and I came, the first shot ranged from her lower chest up to her chin, Nikki let out a moan of satisfaction. The second made it as far as her chest, the rest reduced in distance.

I ended up with my balls and the underside of my cock resting on her landing strip, Nikki slowed her wanking, her left hand moved to her chest as she started to rub my cum into her tits.

Scooping a little bit of cum from around her right nipple with a couple of my fingers I put it to her mouth, she hesitated and then sucked my fingers like they were the last things on earth, a low moan escaping her lips as she did.

“That’s not as bad as I thought it would taste, I could get used to that.”
I smiled and lay down at the side of her, no guilt, nothing, just the post fuck high.

Looking at Nikki as she lay there, cum drying on her tit and stomach and her matted ginger pubes, I was lost for words, Nikki smiled and said, “I wish we would have done this years ago, I had a crush on you and then when I’d lay in bed listening to the noises coming from your room, making myself cum and thinking what it would be like for you to fuck me. Now I know.”
We cuddled and talked for a little while longer, she told me Steve’s cock was a little longer than mine but not even half as thick. I’m not the type of guy that has hang ups over the size of my cock and I wasn’t meant as an insult.
I went to rub her pussy again but Nikki said it was sensitive and needed a break. I was getting hard again just looking at her, she started slowly wanking me again.

Her phone buzzed, she read the message, “Steve and the kids will be about an hour, they’re just finishing up shopping.” We got up, picked things up, Nikki walking around in just the stocking and suspender belt wasn’t helping my cock deflate any. She giggled as I walked around the room sorting my clothes out, my cock bouncing around. “I wish I would have sat on your cock and fucked you, at least for a bit.”

“It’ll go down soon, looking at you dressed like that is what caused it to be like this.” I grinned.

Nikki smiled back, “Wank yourself off for me while I watch. I want to watch you cum again.”

I grabbed my cock with my right had and started to wank slowly, “We haven’t got a lot of time remember.”

I started to speed up, “Kneel down, play with your tits for me.”
She started to pinch her nipples, twisting them and slightly pulling on them, her left had went down between her legs and a couple of seconds later came back up with a couple of fingers covered in pussy juice, she sucked greedily on each finger.

“I love the taste of pussy juice, I bet I can make you cum really quickly.”
My hand was going quickly but I knew I wasn’t anywhere near cumming yet, “Oh yeah, how?”

“When I was a teenager, I bet you didn’t know that Stella, Emma and me all took turns in licking and fingering each other until we came.” Emma was another girl the same age and Stella is Michelle’s daughter from my previous stories. Just the thought of this caused me to shoot a load like I’d hadn’t cum in years, cum hit Nikki’s tits and then, much to my surprise she leant forward and put the end of my cock in her mouth, wanking the rest of it, took the rest of my cum in her mouth.

Once I’d finished, she took my fast deflating cock out of her mouth, she smiled and swallowed it all.

“That was tasty but we need to get cleaned up quickly.”

“Wait a minute, you tell me that and then want to leave it there?”

“Let’s get cleaned up and I’ll tell you all you want to know, but not today.”
Nikki did get married, there’s more to this story, it’s not actually a story that has an end yet, the lock down has kerbed things a little. I’ll post another one shortly, it may be about the swimming pool or about the conversation regarding Nikki’s experimentations as a teen and what happened as she was telling me.

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