Step Daughter Pt 3

I had had sex with my step-daughter a couple of times, first after the underwear incident and then after I’d collected her from work so she could see the florist about the flowers for her wedding. Apart from a couple of times touching there wasn’t the chance before she got married, mainly due to the family being around and my work schedule sending me all over the place.

I had literally arrived back into the country the evening before the wedding, Nikki had sent me a few pictures to my work phone as she knows no one has access to it except myself and we did speak a couple of times while I was away.

The wedding went off without an issue, Nikki looked amazing and I was really curious to see if she went with the underwear selection that I’d recommended or if she’d chosen something else.

During the reception we danced and she was telling me that she had missed me and was looking forward to us getting the chance to ‘catch up’, when I posed the question on the underwear selection she just smiled and said that my selection was for me only.

Unfortunately, I literally had to fly out of country again the next day and I didn’t see Nikki for the next 2 weeks due to work and their honeymoon.

I was hoping to be working from home for a week or two after she got back so we could ‘catch up’ as she had said at the wedding but the day before she was due back I was asked if I could attend a customer meeting in Liege, Belgium. Since I was tired of flying everywhere I told my boss we could have the meeting Wednesday morning, schedule it for half a day, I could then drive down on the Tuesday, stay locally in a hotel and then drive back after the meeting. My boss was a little sceptical to start with but then ok’ed it on the understanding that I stopped on the way back and checked into a hotel if I needed to.

Nikki, Steve and the kids arrived back the next day and we got caught up with the usual family stuff, Steve wasn’t happy as his cigarettes he’d brought back had been confiscated by customs on the way back into the country, I mentioned that I was going to Belgium by car on Tuesday and if he wanted to go he could, unfortunately he couldn’t due to some work he’d booked in prior to the wedding. My wife didn’t feel like being in the car for that long so she suggested that Nikki go with me, she said I could book a room with two single beds and that we we’d be fine.

Nikki’s face lit up and even though she umm’ed and arr’ed she agreed to go as she didn’t start back at work until the following week. Nikki told me later she nearly jumped with joy when her mum suggested she go but didn’t want to seem too eager.

Monday came and went, my wife and I spent some time with the grandkids and on Tuesday morning I packed my things into the boot of my car, my wife followed me down to Nikki and Steve’s house in her car so Steve didn’t have to drag the kids out after he’d finished work to give her a lift home. When we got there, Steve had already left for work.

Nikki looked spectacular, knee length dark grey skirt, blouse and a thin cardigan type top. We all exchanged a little small talk, Nikki making sure her mum knew what time Steve would be going to work and where the kids stuff was for the following day in case Steve forgot something. After about half an hour, Nikki hugged her mum. I gave my wife a hug and a kiss and told her I’d speak to her later, this was common for us with the amount of traveling I do for work.

As we left the road where she lived Nikki looked at me and smiled, “Your mine for the next two days, give or take.”

I just smiled back, half expecting to wake up any minute and find out it had all been a dream.

We got onto the motorway and headed south, the drive to get on the train over to France would take about 4-5 hours, maybe longer if there were traffic issues around London. Nikki spent quite a bit of time just stroking and hold my hand as it sat on the center console between us.

We’d gone about 40 miles when she said “I was hoping we may have to stop somewhere, you know for half an hour or so.”

“We can stop whenever you want to, the train booking is flexible.”

“I haven’t sucked a cock since before the wedding and I’m missing it, do you know where there is one I could suck?”

“Sure you haven’t, I bet Steve’s been one of the luckiest men alive over the last couple of weeks.”

“He learned a long time ago that I didn’t like the thought of putting a cock in my mouth, since then he’s never asked or tried to get me to suck it since. I bet if he knew all he had to do was put near my mouth and finger me the right way he would have done that years ago!”

I laughed at that, “I mean, it’s only the same as him not liking the thought of licking me, he was happy enough to watch Stella licking me but he won’t do it. He doesn’t even lick his fingers after fingering me. He was over the moon when we had the threesome, Stella let him cum in her mouth, if he wants me to suck his cock he’ll have to start licking me first.”

“Talking about the threesome with Stella, ” Nikki realised she’d given me an entry to ask about it and rolled her eyes, “how did you make him think he had talked you into it?”

She started to tell the story that after meeting Stella one night while out, before they had the kids, she was with a girlfriend but made a remark about a guy, several weeks went by and they saw Stella again, this time with a guy so Steve asked Nikki and she told him that Stella went both ways.
That seemed to be the start of it, Steve would mention that some of his friends had had a threesome, every so often he put the odd suggestion out there saying he’d love to see Stella with Nikki, that it’d be so horney.

“And what did it in the end?”

“We were out again and we saw Stella, she was on her own, we were sat talking and Steve went to the toilet, I said that Steve kept on about a threesome but didn’t know anything about our past. I asked her if she was interested but I told her I was going to refuse to lick her. She was ok with that on the understanding that we hooked up another time, just the two of us, or one of her friends if I was ok with that. I told her it would just have to be her.”

“So it happened that night, Steve thought I’d set it up for him, in part I did but I really wanted to get my clit licked. We went back to our house, Stella and I started kissing, I made it look like I was uneasy with it which I was as I knew he was watching and I didn’t want him to know I had been with a girl before.”

I adjusted my cock as it was getting hard and slightly uncomfortable, “Would you like some help with that?”

“I will in a minute, there is an exit coming up with what looks like a wooded area, complete with picnic site.”

We got off the motorway and found somewhere to park up, Nikki was undoing my zip before I’d even finished parking, I helped her undo my trouser buttons, she pulled the waistband of my underwear down and released my cock. She started wanking me slowly. As she was reaching over the center console it made so I could reach round and squeeze her ass, “There’s a surprise for you down there, I’m afraid there’s no bow for you to unwrap though.”

I gently pulled the hem of her skirt up, inching it up until it was exposing her bare ass, I felt around until I hit her pussy lips, the sides felt smooth to the touch, I played with her lips for a few seconds as Nikki’s head dropped to my cock. Working my way to her clit I rubbed some of her juices over and around it, making her moan around my cock. I felt further round, half expecting to find her shaved but happy at finding she wasn’t fully shaved so I moved my hand back to her clit traced little circles around it and every so often ran a finger back to her hole and eased it in gently.

Nikki lifted her head, her hand still wanking me slowly, “Once things had got going with Stella playing with me, I asked Steve if he was going to get undressed and join us, it was for him after all. I let him do Stella while she licked me and then he was doing me as Stella sucked and played with my nipples, it must have been too much for him because he said he was going to cum, Stella told him to pull out and she finished him off in her mouth.”

“I’d have fucked you both for hours, shit, I could die a happy man watching you two and then getting to ‘do’ both of you.”

“I have a secret I’ll tell you later, for now I want to make you cum.”, her head went back down and she continued sucking and wanking me while I played with and fingered her pussy.

I worked two fingers into her tight pussy and got her cumming, not long after I came and she never missed a drop.

We didn’t have the time for sitting about so we sorted ourselves out and got back on the road, Nikki kept her skirt pulled up just past her mid thigh, so I could touch her if I needed to break the monotony of motorway driving, the best thing about an automatic gearbox, your left hand is free most of the time, it rarely left either her thigh or her pussy.

“I haven’t hooked up with Stella since, we never seemed to find the time. But I will.”

“I would love to see that.”

“I really don’t know, I don’t know if I’d be embarrassed to actually do anything to her while someone else is watching. She’d like it though.”

“What, why would she?”

“Every time we ever did anything, she’d want to know about the noise of you and mum fucking, she kept wanting to know I had ever seen anything. Questions about when we went swimming, did it look like you had a big cock, shit if she knew your cock was that fat she never would have gone home.”

Nikki paused for a second, “One time we were playing with each other, she kept saying she wished it was your fingers in her. Strange thing was I was already imagining it was your fingers inside me. I asked if she’d like to get fucked by you and she came almost immediately on my fingers, so I’d take that as a yes.”

If I said I was hard again that would be an understatement, I could have cracked a diamond, “If there’s anyway I can convince you to at least try, even if it’s just me watching you two then I’d be more than happy watching and wanking.”

“I’ll think about it.”

We didn’t really say much more until we reached the EuroTunnel terminal just outside of Folkestone, Nikki pulled her skirt back down as we approached the check-in booths, it was then a relatively quick process of getting a train. Shortly after checking in we headed through passport control and towards the train.

Once in the car carriage and the doors were shut the safety briefing started, I’d like to say I managed to get Nikki to cum again but there were too many people around.

Once off the train in France I headed towards Brussels and just went with the flow of traffic, Nikki asked if I minded her napping as she’d hardly slept with the thought of getting away for a few days.

Once we were checked in at the hotel we made the prerequisite phone calls saying we’d arrived safely, etc, Nikki ended up video calling so she could speak to the kids. As she was showing the kids the hotel room Steve noticed the double bed that was pride of place in the room, I quickly jumped in and said that the hotel had messed up the booking and that I would be sleeping on the sofa at the opposite side of the room, Steve’s reply was priceless, “Don’t be stupid, you are both adults I’m sure you can share a bed for a night.”

Nikki and I umm’ed and arr’ed about it and agreed that we maybe could, my wife, who had been listening on my phone agreed and that was that.
Shortly after the calls, etc, Nikki and I lay on the bed in each others arms, well her on my left arm while my right hand traced circles around her left nipple.

“What do you want to do about dinner?”, I’d been to Liege once before and I know of a decent restaurant.

“What I’d really like is pizza, a beer and sex.”

“All at the same time, wouldn’t that get messy?” I fired back.

“There’s a thought. No, we could have pizza and beer and then retire for an early night.”, as a smile crept across her face.

I ordered room service, I had my personal laptop on me and I hooked it up to the TV in the hotel room as I sometimes do and waited for room service. It didn’t take long.

As we eat Nikki said, “Shall we watch a bit of porn?”

“If you want, we can do.”, not sure why but I was a little uneasy, like watching porn with my step-daughter who I knew I would be having sex with seemed to be a step towards the edge.

Nikki had me log into my laptop and she loaded up a porn site, one she knew and asked what I wanted to watch but I told her the decision is hers.

She chose some girl/girl action.

By the time we’d finished eating we were both past the heavy petting phase, Nikki got up, grabbed some things from her bag and headed for the bathroom, leaving instructions for me to tidy the bed off.
Five minutes later Nikki came out of the bathroom, she was wearing the same stockings and suspender belt that I chose as her ‘other’ wedding clothes.

“Is this too revealing to sleep in?”

“I’d say that is about perfect, come and lay on the bed with me.”, I quickly stripped out of my clothes.

Nikki lay at the side of me stroking my cock as I ran my right hand from her shoulder to her thigh and then slowly up the inside of her left thigh until I was stroking the smooth, freshly shaved sides of her thin landing strip.

“Just think, we don’t have to rush, we don’t have to be quiet and we can do whatever we want.”

I smiled at her, “The night is young and the choice of what we do is up to you.”

“In that case then, I think I want my pussy licking.”

In my best Parker voice I replied, “Yes m,lady.” and down I went, kissing each nipple and trailing my tongue down her stomach, down one side of her strip, back up and over the strip and down the other side. By this time I was fully between her legs and she was starting to writhe a little, trying to get my tongue where she really wanted it.

I licked, sucked, nibbled and teased her clit, taking her to the edge of cumming and then backing her off, over and over again. Each time I backed her away she hurled names at me and questioned my parentage which made me laugh and tease her more.

“You fucker, I’m soo close to cumming, don’t you fucking stop.” and again I eased back, I lifted my head, “All you have to do is tell me what you want, you said you wanted your pussy licking, you said nothing about cumming.”

“You bastard, I want to cum, make me cum.”

Mimicking Parker again, “Of course, m’lady.”, I pushed a finger into her and went to town licking her clit, flicking it with my tongue while I fucked her with my finger. The results were spectacular, Nikki virtually exploded into an orgasm, her hips bouncing up and down, her back arching and eyes rolling. I’m pretty certain that she would have been heard in the hotel reception.

When she’d finished cumming, I worked my way back up her body, causing mini spasms as I went.

Nikki just looked at me, “What the fuck did you just do to me? I can’t feel my legs.”

I just laughed and said “You wanted to cum, I only did as I was asked. I hope your legs come back soon, I want them over my shoulders later.”

“Shit, just give me a minute, they’ll come back, if not just lift them up.”

A couple of minutes later Nikki’s legs must have been feeling better because she threw he left leg over me and lowered herself onto my cock. She was wet but very tight so she took it steady working her way down.

“Now I want to ride you and you can’t cum yet.”

“I know your not on the pill, don’t worry I’ll tell you when I’m going to cum.”

“I finished my period last week, I want you to cum inside me tonight but I don’t want this to be a wham bam thank you mam thing, I want to take my time on you.”

With that Nikki start slowly raising and lowering herself on me while kissing my neck and lips, I held her ass cheeks, making sure she went slowly. She came again and I could feel her pussy juice running over my balls and down my ass crack.

Nikki sat bolt upright and began grinding her clit on my pubic bone again, her hands on my chest and my hands playing with her tits. When she came again it was another convulsive, explosive orgasm, she lay forward onto me. I started slow, steady strokes from beneath her. I wanted to make her cum again, I started gently rolling her onto her side and then over onto her back, lifting her stocking covered legs onto the inside of my elbows as I sat back on my heels. I looked down at the beautiful ginger pussy hair that lead the way to a tight wet pussy.

Starting slowly, a nice slow pace, taking my cock virtually out of her pussy, pausing a second and then easing it back in all the way, Nikki’s hands squeezing and playing with her tits, “Of fuck that feels soo good, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I carried on, slowly building momentum and pace, from a slow easy push to a slightly faster, slightly harder push, working up to a slightly faster stroke, leaving my cock all the way inside her for a second before pulling virtually all the way back out again.

Nikki started shaking again, mumbling that she was cumming again, her eyes rolling up, her back arching again, I kept the same pace while she came.

As she came down from her orgasm, her arms flopped out to the side, “I can’t keep cumming like that, I’ll pass out.”

I leant forward and kissed her, my cock moving in and out of her at a slow, steady pace. Nikki’s arms wrapped around my neck, her legs pointing out to each side.

After the kiss broke Nikki looked me in the eyes, “Please cum inside me, I want to feel you cum inside me. Make me cum again.”

I stayed forward, kissing her neck, ears and lips, my cock picking up speed building tension in both of us that would hopefully end with us cumming together. Nikki came first, releasing a stream of obscenities that matched the stream of pussy juice she released as she came, just as she was coming down I thrust as far as into her as I could and came. I came like I’d never came before.

Nikki’s eyes shot wide open “I can feel you cumming, I can feel you cumming!”, with that she started cumming again, it took all I had just to keep her from bucking out from under me.

I kept my cock inside of her for as long as I could, which wasn’t long, I was deflating quickly, so I eased over to her side and pulled her to me. We kissed and held each other, I ran a finger down the center of her back causing her to shudder.

I’d like to say we fucked all night long, we didn’t, we curled up together and slept.

In the morning I woke Nikki by teasing her nipples and stroking her ass cheeks but that’s another story, of which there are plenty more.

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