Step Daughter Pt 2

To say I was intrigued by Nikki’s comment about her and some of her friends licking and fingering each other to orgasm when they were younger was an understatement. I knew that Stella had had a few flings with women as well as men but it never crossed my mind about Nikki and I was eager to find out more.

A couple of day’s later I was working from home, it wasn’t very busy and I got a call from Nikki asking me if I could take her to see the florest about the flowers for the wedding after she finished work, my wife was on duty fetching the grandkids from school so I hoped I’d get the chance to at least pose the question.

I drove into the local town and arrived a couple of minutes early to pick Nikki up so I waited in the car part, a couple of minutes after finishing time she came out and headed to my car. She got in and said, “I’m glad that shift is over.”
“Was it a bad one?”

“I never thought it would end, after you said you were picking me up time seemed to drag.”

“I know what you mean love. Where are we heading? Is there an issue with the flowers?

“No, I think we need to talk about the other day.”

My heart sank.

“Ok, let’s get out of the car park first then.”

I headed out of the car part and start making my way towards the outskirts of the town on the opposite side to where we lived. That way we could have some privacy as we talked.

“Look, I’ll never tell anyone what happened the other day and if anyone does find out then I’ll say it was my fault. That way Steve can’t blame you.”

Nikki looked over at me, “Thank you, that means a lot to me.”

“If you want I’ll keep my distance for a bit, give you some space, etc. That way you won’t feel guilty everytime we see each other.”

“Do you feel guilty about it?”

Now that question caught me slightly off guard, if I said no would she take that as I didn’t love her mum but if I said I did feel guilty would she take that as I never wanted it to happen again. I didn’t answer the question straight away, we were getting close to an area I used to take girlfriends as a teenager when I first learned to drive, I wanted the ability to look at her as I gave her the answer and explain it. The place was quiet even for week day afternoon, a little used parking space for a local wooded area.

“We’ll park up here if that’s ok with you, we’ll be able to focus better.”

Nikki accepted that as a short term answer to the question she’d asked. Even if this was the end of the intimate side of our relationship I really couldn’t get the thought of her and her friends making each other cum out of my head.

I parked up and stopped the engine, shifting slightly in my seat so I was facing more towards her, “Right, let me answer the question you asked, do I feel guilty about what happened. Let me answer in full before you comment please.”

Nikki nodded, she looked like she was sat waiting to hear the results of a medical test.

“Right, first off, I don’t regret what happened, from my side it was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it.” A slight pause, it looked like Nikki was about to say something, I lift my hand slightly, “Let me finish please. secondly, do I feel guilty about it? To be honest, I felt a little guilty about the fact you are my step daughter and I was concerned that what happened will affect our relationship, that’s something I’d never want. Like I said, I’ll never tell anyone what happened.”

Nikkia sat there a minute, letting my answer sink in, head slightly down. She started a little quietly, “I’ve never cheated on anyone before and the first time I do it’s literally just before my wedding. I love Steve and still want to marry him.” she dropped her head a little, here comes the it can never happen again speech, “I regret and feel guilty for cheating on him in one way but in another I got to feel something I’d been wanting to feel for years.”

I left a couple of seconds and chimed in, “Look, it’s simple, let’s chalk it up to a minute of foolishness, your pre-wedding fling if you like. No one every needs to know about it and let’s agree it’ll never happen again.”

Nikki looked me straight in the eyes, “Is that what you want?”

“It has nothing to do with what I want, it’s what you want to do is all that matters. If you want we’ll never speak about what happened and it’ll never happen again.”

“Is it bad that I want to marry Steve and have you too?”

“You will always have me, I’m not going to either stop talking to you or keep out of the way unless you want me to. Our relationship will go back to how it was and that will be that.”

Nikki smirked a little, “No, I want to HAVE you. You know, doing me. The question is, do you feel guilty enough not to want to do it again?”

I gave it what seemed like a couple of minutes to let me heart restart, “I’m not sure I like the term but to use your words, do you want me to do you again?”

Nikki beamed, “I was so scared that our relationship was ruined, that I’d caused you not to love me any more.” Tears welled in her eyes, “I thought you’d never want to be as close as we were or as close as we were the other day.”

I chuckled a little, “Even if you never wanted me to ‘do you’ again, I’ll always be here. I was worried that you were regretting what happened to the point you were going to tell everyone about it.”

Now it was Nikki’s turn to giggle, “Oh what would I say, oh sorry Steve, I cheated on you, I gave them a blow job and even swallowed some of their cum. Oh and by the way his cock made yours feel like a pencil. I’m sure that’d go down brilliantly.”

I started laughing, it was quite comical the way she’d put it, well, it was at the time.

“I wanted to kiss you as soon as I got in the car but I didn’t want anyone to see me do it and I didn’t know how you were feeling about what happened.”

“You can give me a peck on the cheek whenever you want, you’re my daughter.”

“No, I mean, I wanted to kiss you.” she leaned forward and kissed me like a lover, not as a step daughter. When the kiss broke she sat back, “Are you sure you’re alright with it?”

“Darling let’s say this, I’m happy for whatever type of relationship you want, this is totally up to you. If you want to stop then that’s ok, I can wank off to the vivid memories of what happened and the thought of you, Stella and Emma making each other cum. I would never mention it again, scouts honor!”

This made Nikki laugh, “Two things, one – you aren’t a scout and as far as you’ve said you have never been a scout. Two – what is it men find appealing about watching women?”

“As you know, yes it did excite me a ‘little’ when you said about it and the thing with watching women, I really don’t know, it’s fucking horney as hell.”

Her hand reaching out, touching my left leg, “I know that it excited you, I got the benefit from it. But did it surprise you?”

“About you and Emma, yes, Emma’s always seemed so straight laced, Stella, well I already knew about some of her relationships.”

Nikki’s hand was rubbing my fast hardening cock, “It will shock you then to know that it was Emma that started it all off, one night when they stayed over, when mum was away, we were talking about boys and sex when she started playing with herself, saying that sometimes she heard her parents in the next room. We knew she was playing with herself because Stella dared her to prove it, she threw the quilt back and she had her hand in her shorts. Stella being Stella said that proved nothing.” Nikki unzipped my jeans and took my cock out. “Emma then spread her legs, her shorts went to one side and she was busy playing with her clit.” Her hand was moving slowly up and down the length of my cock. “I better not go fast. Emma then dared us to do the same, Stella had her knickers off in a second and was looking at me saying I was a scaredy-cat, so I took my shorts off and we all watched each other.”

In my minds eye I could see the three girls, Nikki I’ve already described, Emma, the tallest of the three, long mousy brown hair, the largest tits of the three at the time and Stella, shoulder length black hair, small-ish tits and and ass to die for, all laying there playing with themselves, watching the other two at the same time.

One thing jumped into my mind, strange timing for what was happening, “Wait, if mum was away, where was I?”

“You were watching TV, we were trying to be quiet, I was whispering to the others, telling them that at times I could hear you and mum fucking, I had to keep telling them about it, Emma came first, Stella was so engrossed in what I was saying she didn’t notice that Emma was touching her thigh, she kept asking me questions on what I heard, did you fuck for long, was it loud, did it sound like you were fucking hard.” Nikki paused for a second, leant over and sucked my cock for a minute, she lifted her head. “By the time Stella came, Emma was fingering her and playing with her clit.”

“Can I sit on your cock?”

“Who am I to say no? We’ll have more room in the back.”, we got out of the front and got in the back, I must have looked funny with my cock bouncing around. I dropped my jeans to my ankles once I was in the car again.

Nikki undid her trousers and removed them, taking her knickers off at the same time, her pussy looked puffy and wet, I lay back on the rear seat, Nikki threw her left leg over and mounted me, guiding me cock to her pussy, “This is going to be soo tight!”

“Then go slowly, I know we haven’t got all afternoon but we have some time.”

Nikki lowered herself a little at a time, she was very tight. After a few minutes of raising and lowering herself she had managed to get about 3/4 of the way down me, “I know we can’t fuck for long, I want to cum on your cock and then suck you clean.”

Nikki finished getting all of my cock in her tight pussy and started to grind her clit on my pubic bone, working her way towards an orgasm, her eyes never left mine. Her hips started moving faster as she got closer to cumming, “It’s soo thick, it’s going to make me cum, I’m going to cum on your cock!”, Nikki started to cum and leant forward to kiss me as she did, I instantly took the opportunity and started thrusting into her from below sending her over the edge.

I slowed the thrusting as her orgasm subsided, I wanted to carry on and make her cum again but she lifted herself off of me, she must have saw the look of disappointment on my face, “I’m not on the pill and I’m going to be starting my period soon, I wanted to feel you inside of me before that started.” She scooted down and took what she could of my cock in her mouth and cleaned her cum off of me. I was surprised when she lifted her head up, her right hand started stroking me again, her left dropped to her pussy, showing me as she played with her clit.

“Do you want to know what happened after Stella came? They both came over to me and Emma started playing with my tits and kissing me while Stella fingered me, all I could think about was it was your fingers inside of me.”

Nikki started stroking harder and faster, “I want you to cum in my mouth again.”

I pulled her up and started turning her around, pulling her into a 69, at first she seemed reluctant, “I’m due on soon, what if..” I stopped her, “If you want me to cum in your mouth then sit on my face.” Nikki climbed on top, I watched in what seemed like slow motion as her ginger landing strip got closer and closer to my face.

I licked and nibbled at her clit, her pussy tasted as good as it looked, I sucked on her pussy lips and then focused on her clit as I pushed a finger inside her and curled it to rub her g-spot, Nikki’s head was pistoning up and down as far as she could, her hand wanking the rest of my cock in time with head.

We were both getting closer and closer to cumming, me satisfying her orally for the first time, her with her new found love of swallowing cum. I grunted that I was going to cum, my hips raising off of the rear seat to get as much of my cock in her mouth as I could, I shot stream after stream of cum, this pushed Nikki over the edge again and she came on my face, her juices running down my finger as she gushed a little.

When we’d both calmed down Nikki turned around and we did our best to cuddle on the back seat, ending up with us spooning, her naked from the waist down and my with my jeans around my ankles. I slowly rubbed her clit with my right hand while my left hand undid a couple of blouse buttons and reached in to play with her still covered tits.

Nikki asked almost sheepishly, “When my period has finished can we do this again but will you cum inside me?”

“I’ll cum where-ever you want me to whenever you want me to.”

I tried to word the next question in my head, it wasn’t sounding that bad so I blurted it out, “So when did it all stop with Emma and Stella?”

Nikki turned her head to kiss me, a long and passionate kiss, “I haven’t seen Emma for about 3 years, we did mess about sometimes after we’d been out.”

“And Stella?”

“Stella and me both let Steve do us not long after we got together, Steve as saying about Stella being bi, I let him think that he’d talked me into a 3 some with Stella. I’m not sure he liked the fact that Stella made me cum, I think it made him feel insecure as he’s never asked about it again.”

I was rock hard again by this point, we ended up with Nikki sucking me off, telling me about her and Emma while she played with herself, whenever I asked about Stella she just kept saying later. I watched as she finger fucked herself, her pale, freckled hand furiously fucking 3 fingers into herself as I pinched her nipples with one hand and held the back of her head with the other as I shot into her mouth again.

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