Playing With Fire At Christmas

Hi, my name is Samantha. My husband and I live on a 200 acre horse property with our 3 kids about 1/2 an hour out of Bathurst. My husband, Jason, does fencing for a living. I like to think of him as my White Knight and he is very protective of me. Some of my friends say that he is just insanely jealous. It has gotten to the stage that we can’t go out to pubs and clubs because if another man talks to me, even if they are business associates of mine, he wants to fight them. He has openly said that if any man tries to seduce me, he will kill them.

Last year we had Christmas at our house and my husbands family came to stay with us. There were 9 adults and 10 children. The kids all slept in caravans outside and the adults slept in the house.
It was Christmas Eve and we were all relaxing with a few drinks. My sister in law’s husband, Peter, was out in the kitchen cutting up carrots for the reindeers with some of the kids. My mother in law, who had probably had too many to drink, started an argument with him saying that it was a waste of good carrots. She had been on his case all afternoon and this was the last straw. He snapped and yelled at his wife to get their kids as they were going home.(They lived 6 hours away) He stormed into their bedroom and started packing their bags.

I said to Jason that he should take his mother outside and I will try and smooth things over with Peter. I walked up to the bedroom where Peter was packing his bags and stood at the door. I was trying to calm him down but I was not having any luck. He picked up two bags and started towards the door. Now Peter is a well built man. He is over 6 foot tall with wide shoulders and a barrel chest. He used to play football in his younger days and has stayed in shape. I stood in the doorway and blocked his path. I’m only 5’3” and weigh 60 kilos. He could have easily shoved me out of the way, but I suspected that he was not the type of man to hit a woman. He asked me to step aside, so I folded my arms and stood my ground. I begged him not to leave. He asked me again more forcibly to move and I said that he would have to put the bags down or make me.

I could see the wheels turning over in his head trying to decide what to do. He took a step closer then he leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the lips. I reeled back in shock and he burst out laughing at me. I was indignant. This prick had gotten the better of me and I didn’t like him laughing at me. I folded my arms again and stood right in front of him, blocking his way. This was all happening in the hallway only meters from other members of my husbands family.

He leaned forward to kiss me again and this time I was ready. I never moved a muscle. He stopped the kiss and looked at me in surprise. I could tell that he thinking about his next move. He dropped the bags on the ground and I grinned slyly at him thinking that I now had the upper hand.
He started to kiss me once more. Again, I never moved a muscle. He now started to run his lips along my jaw and then down my neck. An electric shock ran through my body straight to my clit. I was hoping that Jason would come along and put a stop to this, but he never did. Peter continued to softly nibble on my neck. He was watching me intently while he did this and I never moved.

He moved his way back up my neck and he started to nibble on my ear lobe. I could not control my muscles any more and I involuntarily flinched. A wicked smile came over his face. He continued his assault on my ear and I flinched several more times. He then made his way back to my lips. I don’t know what came over me but I started to return his kiss.

He then grabbed hold of my belt buckle and pulled me into the room and around the corner. Now with less chance of being seen, he held my face and deeply kissed me. My head was in a whirl. My mind wanted to stop and yell out but my body had other ideas. My pants were on fire.

He started to kiss my neck again and this time I arched it to give him better access. He spun me around and pulled me back into him. I could feel his erect cock pushing into the small of my back. While he continued kissing my neck, one hand was diving into my shirt and the other was going into the top of my jeans. The feeling of strange hands roughly pawing at me was incredible. The hand that was in my shirt worked its way into my bra and found my nipple at the same time that the other hand found my clit. The whole time, he continued kissing my neck, ear and shoulder. I was racing towards an orgasm with a strange man and I loved it.

When my orgasm arrived it was so intense that my legs started to buckle. Peter held me up until it subsided and then lowered me to the floor. He left me kneeling and panting on all fours. He then straightened himself up and walked out to the living room to join the others. I heard him announce to everyone that “Sam has convinced me to stay.” Once I had sorted myself out and got up off the floor, I walked out there too. Peter was sitting next to Jason on the lounge when I arrived. He was drinking a beer and acting like nothing had happened.

That night, I wanted Jason to reclaim me as his. I wanted him to make me come like Peter had earlier and I wanted to push him from my mind. After all, no real harm had been done. Jason wouldn’t make love to me because he was frightened that other people in the house might hear us. That is exactly what I wanted to happen. I wanted Peter to hear that I was Jason’s wife.

Next day was Christmas Day. The kids woke us up early and we unwrapped the presents. I’m a Jeans and Boots girl but my kids got me a daffodil yellow summer dress with blue flowers on it which they insisted that I wear. I’m not into fancy underwear and the dress showed off my unflattering bra. Jason loved the dress and told me to do him a favour and not wear a bra at all because it would make me look sexy and he wanted to see if he could catch a glimpse of my B cup boobs and nipples. I protested saying that his dad and the other men were in the house. He said “Good, I want them to be jealous”.

I walked over to the stables to let the horses out. While I was walking back, I noticed Jason and Peter standing at the kitchen window drinking their cups of tea watching me walk back. Judging by the looks on their faces, I think that they were both having the same thoughts.

We prepared the traditional Christmas lunch, played cricket and drank plenty of beer and wine. Just for those who don’t know, Christmas in Australia is hot. We had bad bush fires burning last year. Jason’s Dad fell asleep in the shade. The kids were swimming in the dam. Jason’s Mum had been drinking too much again and was starting to get on Peter’s case. The other women were sitting inside with the air conditioning on. Peter announced that he was going for a walk down by the river to work off the big lunch. I was just relaxing with a book I got for Christmas in the big chair under the mulberry tree.

A while later, it looked like a thunder storm was building so I went over to the paddocks to bring the horses in and feed them. No sooner did I get them in, and it started to rain. I entered the feed room and as I walked over towards the drums, a voice from behind startled me saying, “I didn’t think that you would ever get here”. There was Peter, sitting on a bag of chaff.
My mind was racing with fear. How was I going to get out of this? Even if I wanted to yell out no one would here me over the rain. I asked him what he was doing here and he simply said “Waiting for you. After last night I needed to talk to you without being interrupted.” I told him that last night was a mistake and we should just forget about it, no harm had been done. I wanted to be faithful to Jason and if he ever found out, he would kill him. Peter got up and walked over to me. He towered over me as he cupped my face with his hands. He then said that it had started out as a bit of a joke and he never meant for it to go as far as it did but when I returned his kiss he knew that it was something that I wanted as well. I protested and said that it was the alcohol that mad me do it and I didn’t want to do anything else. He said “OK, I believe you and we can call it quits but your nipples are telling me a different story.”

He let go of my face and I looked down at my dress. The top was gaping open and my very erect nipple could clearly be seen. He slowly brushed my nipple with the back of his hand through the material. He asked me if I was still sure and i just looked back up at him dumbly. He cupped my face again and this time I knew what was about to happen. My whole body tingled and I opened my lips. He kissed me softly this time. The urgency of last night was gone. I returned his kiss this time. He slowly took his hands away from my face and allowed both of them to drop down my front with the back of both of them brushing my nipples on the way down. His palms then rested on my hips and slowly moved around to my bum. He grabbed a handful of cheek in each hand and pulled me towards him, our lips never leaving one another. I had my hands laying flat against his chest. I wanted to push him away but something inside stopped me. I could feel his hard cock pushing into my stomach and I dearly wanted to grab it but he had other ideas.
He reached down and grabbed me by the back of the thighs and lifted me up so that my legs were wrapped around his waist. My Pussy now resting against his hard cock.

He walked me over to a 44 Gallon Drum and sat me up on it. He pulled the hem of the dress up and pulled my knickers aside. He inserted a finger inside my already soaking pussy and started to finger fuck me. He pushed me backwards so as my hands were resting on the drum behind. With his finger still inside me he used his upper arm and other hand to spread my legs further apart. He continued to finger fuck me and bent his head forward to kiss around my pubic mound and thighs. When his tongue found my clit I let out a squeal that if it wasn’t for the rain, could have been heard across the paddocks. This caused him to stop. He got up and started to walk towards the door. I was confused and started to think that he was leaving. I jumped down off the barrel and told him to come back. I wanted him to finish what he had started. I wanted him. He gave me the shoosh sign with his finger and lips, walked to the door and closed it. He grabbed a sack of oats and propped it against the door to stop it from opening. By this time I was over near him. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him down to me and I started kissing him. I wanted him and I wanted him to know it.

His hands were everywhere and he was still in a rush. I rubbed the front of his shorts and felt his cock with my hands for the first time. The head was nearly sticking out of the top so I peeled the zipper down but couldn’t get it out. He undid the button and opened them up. He then put his thumb under the band of his undies and pulled them partly down so that they rested under his balls. I stared in amazement. This was the first strange cock that I had seen in years and it was bigger than Jason’s. It flinched at my touch and all I could do was hold it and stare. He grabbed me at this point, spun me around and made me lean with my hands against the wall. He said that we had to hurry so as I was not noticed missing too long. He lifted the hem of the dress and pulled my knickers aside again. He rubbed the head of his cock from front to back along my slit for a minute or so then he suddenly pushed it inside me nearly all the way to the hilt. It felt wonderful and he built up a steady rhythm all the way in and nearly all the way out. It didn’t take long for another orgasm to build inside me and as I came for the first time he quickened his pace and started to fuck me roughly. I was still leaning against the wall with my hands but my knees were now leaning against another sack of feed. His legs were spread wide so he could get low enough to fuck me and his hands were holding the front of my hips pulling me back hard to meet every stroke. He announced that he was going to cum and he pulled out and started wanking. He turned away and shot rope after rope onto the drum that I had been on earlier. I got down on my knees in front of him and started to suck the last of the cum that was still coming out of his cock and lick my juices off as well. He pulled me up and started to kiss me again while he did his shorts up. I tidied my dress up and we kissed again. He told me to quickly start feeding the horses and to let him know if the coast was clear. He pulled the bag of oats away from the door and I walked out with a biscuit of lucern. It was still raining and the house was barely visible. He kissed me again and walked out the back of the stables and headed away from the house. He must have walked the long way around, because he came back to the house from the complete opposite direction. The rain had stopped but he was dripping wet.
That night, Jason was drunk and he was the one who was feeling horny. I was the one who didn’t want to do anything. I was frightened that he might notice my pussy was red and stretched from the afternoons activities.

Next day was Boxing Day and everyone had a bit of a sleep in. Boxing Day in Australia is a public holiday and most of the stores are closed. After breakfast, Peter announced that he was going to go into town to get some more beer as bottle shops were going to be open. His wife wanted some female products from the Chemist. So the two of them were going to go. Jason’s Dad wanted something as did his other sister. Peter was asking for directions as he is not familiar with Bathurst. Jason, who was still hung over, suggested that I drive into town in our ute as I knew where I was going. Peter’s wife said that it was going to be too cramped in the front of a ute with the three of us so could I get what she wanted from the Chemist instead. Jason thought it was a good idea and I detected a sly smile creeping across Peter’s face. He realised that we were going to be alone together for a couple of hours. So I started to drive the ute into town with Peter in the passenger seat. He wound the window down as I drove off and called out something to Jason. All the while his hand was rubbing my pussy through my jeans.

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