Parking Lot Fun

Recently married Carla and I liked to play nasty. We had been sexually adventurous even while dating, but tonight would take us to a whole new level. Several times we’d teased each other about being out at a club or bar, and Carla’s inviting some guy out to the parking lot for a blow job, or a quick fuck. Hell, just the tease alone had led us in to a few nights worth of smoking hot sex.

So, this particular Saturday night we didn’t have any plans. More for the Hell of it then anything else, I suggested we give that little fantasy a try. Carla gave me this devilish look, and says “You’re on, but I get to choose. And, I’m going to pick out some guy with one monstrously big cock”. Not biting at her little tease, I told her, “OK, you’re on; let’s go for it”. She rushed off to change. I waited in our den; and for once I didn’t have long to wait. Carla came strutting back in, looking drop dead sexy, and got an appreciative wolf whistle from me. Her short leather skirt actually covered her ass; well, it did if she stood up real straight in her three inch heels. And, I wouldn’t be the only guy checking out the size 36 C tits, so nicely pushed up by the black lace bra she wore under her sheer and very low cut blouse. That whistle earned me a quick kiss, and a chance to grab a double handful of her very bare young ass. Carla suggested we try a bar that would have a lot of college age guys. And, I knew just the place; from my own not so long ago college days.

We danced a few times, when we weren’t to busy scoping out the guys from our seats at the bar. She swung her stool around and whispered in my ear. “Look at the table over by the window, the one with four young guys. I want the big one, the one that looks like he plays football or something”. So, I suggested, “Well then, maybe you should ask him to dance, before you proposition the lucky guy”. Yeah I’ll say, she’d made her choice alright, because she was off and running. He was all grins as she leaned over the table, apparently inviting him to dance. The first song was fast, but the next one was slow and they danced close. And, Carla spent a whole lot of that dance whispering in his ear, and he spent most of it with his big hands cupping her bare ass.

She led him over by the hand, and they joined me at the bar. Carla introduced us, his name was Phil, and he sure was eyeing me skeptically. He offered to buy a round of drinks, but insisted that I verify what Carla had told him. So, I did, explaining that we liked to play little sexual games, and that their were no strings attached. Phil wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be any more involved then just watching. Impatient, Carla jumped in wanting to hurry us along. “Come on already, I’ve got Phil all nice and hard, and oh my god he feels big, real big”. It only took a quick glance to convince me, because her hand was sliding over his crotch, and caressing a damn big bulge. Phil needed a minute to go over and let his buddies know that he would be back. While we waited Carla wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a long hot kiss. My hands slid down her back to her ass, only to discover that with her arms up around my neck her skirt had ridden way up. So, a whole lot of bare ass, and probably her pussy too, was on full view for anyone who happened to look her way. “Baby, I love playing the little slut”, she whispered in my ear. “And, I know that it’s all hanging right out there, and I don’t care. Bob honey, my pussy is absolutely soaking wet. Promise me that you’re going to fuck me real good when I’m all done swallowing Phil’s load”. That question didn’t need an answer, besides Phil was back.

Anticipating good hunting, we’d parked in the furthest row, and over next to an adjoining building. It sure wasn’t private or even real dark, but it was perfect for our needs. It was a warm night, so I was hoping that Carla wouldn’t want to do it with Phil sitting on the passenger seat of our Honda. I stopped not to far away from them, and leaned against the building. Phil gave me a look then, but I flashed him a grin and a thumbs up. Carla was giggling, as she playfully pushed him back against the car, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. So, I enjoyed the same view of her hot little ass that most of the bar had so recently been enjoying.

Carla really surprised me when she stepped back from that kiss; pulled her blouse off over her head, followed it with her bra, and tossed them both on to the hood of the car. She’s justifiably proud of her luscious tits, and just stood there with her hands on her hips, and waited for Phil’s move. His big hands reached right out, capturing one tit each. His big thumbs stroked over her nipples, ripping soft moans from deep in her throat. And then he bent and sucked one in to his mouth, and I clearly heard her tell him to do it hard. Whatever, sucking, biting, or some of both; he had his mouth very busily working over one tit. He had Carla’s other tit’s nipple in a full on pinch, between a big thumb and finger. When he switched off, and sucked that hard pinched nipple in to his mouth, her moans weren’t soft anymore, but sharp gasps of pleasure.

Carla said something then that I didn’t catch, but it had Phil moving back to lean against the car again. Carla unbuckled his belt, and then squatted to pull down his zipper. She didn’t bother trying to pull his pants down, just reached in with one hand, and pulled out his hard cock. She’d gotten her wish alright; he was big, and thick, and very hard. It was no monster, porn star sized cock though, but it could have been a solid ten inches. Carla had an absolutely “shit eating grin” spread across her face, and she took the time to flash it my way. And then, she had her lips closing over that thick head, and slowly sliding on downwards. She stopped a couple of inches short, lifted just as slowly back off, and set to work with her tongue. She had her hands braced against his thighs, and seemed intent on using only her very talented mouth. By the time she slowed her fast flicking tongue his whole cock shone, wetly glistening, even in the dim light of the parking lot. With his cock now all wet and slippery, she took the head back in to her mouth, and then she just slammed her mouth down and buried it deep in her throat. She held it there to, and I knew that her eyes at least, were grinning up at him. She used her mouth then, to fuck his thick cock, hard and fast, every long stroke of her mouth lifting clear, only to slam back down again. I was impressed, and lucky Phil had his head thrown back, and his fingers tangled in her hair.

Her next little trick was to hold his shaft just under the head with two fingers. Then, she flicked her tongue up and down the under side of his shaft right from that big head down to his balls. She had them cupped neatly in the palm of one hand; well, she did until she sucked them both in to her mouth. That sure managed to rip a loud “oh fuck”, from Phil. Balls all nice and secure in her hot little mouth she got a hand wrapped around that thick wet shaft. And, it positively flew, pumping up and down its full hard length. Finally, letting loose of his balls she sucked that big cock’s head in to her mouth, without missing a stroke. I was betting that her mouth would stay locked right there, until she had him right on the verge of shooting his load, and then she’d be driving her lips to the base of his erupting cock. Darling Carla really does love having a guy blow a big load right in to her throat.

Beats me why, but Phil was yelling for her to “Do it, don’t stop”. Gosh, did he really think that she’d stop; not fucking likely, I figured. Any one in the parking lot would have heard him crying out, “Fuck yes, I’m cumming”. It looked like Carla took that first blast with him deep throated alright. But surprise, she came back up, only holding the head in her mouth while she took the rest of his load. My guess was, that our boy was really blasting out a massive load, and it was too much going straight in to her throat. Anyway, apparently Carla couldn’t swallow fast enough, because a whole lot of the stuff squirted out, most of it smearing all over the bottom half of her face. Other times I’ve really like seeing her take a huge load splashed all over her face, but seeing Phil’s cum squirting out past the lips she had wrapped around his cock, was somehow, really erotic. Phil was saying, “Oh shit, fuck me, just fuck me”, while Carla worked to lick up the cum still trickling out of his cock. When he just couldn’t take any more, he stepped back, and helped her to her feet. He was already starting to put his equipment away, but Carla told him, “hey, don’t be in such a hurry, I just might not be done with that beautiful thing”. And then, she was turning to flash me her happy cum smeared grin, carefully licking her lips while holding her eyes locked right on mine.

I had been keeping one eye peeled for any one watching, but had somehow missed seeing one of Phil’s buddies lurking in the shadows. He came walking up, and I expected him to be begging for some of Carla’s attention. Instead he seemed interested only in teasing his buddy. “Well shit, I just had to check it out and make sure the stories were true. Damn, if that didn’t look pretty fucking fine though”. “Hi, I’m Alex”, he added with a wave. Carla looked him up and down, and then started issuing orders. “Well, hello Alex, how about you lean your ass over there next to your buddy. Yeah, I think that I’d really love another helping of hard dick. And, it’s pretty obvious that’s just what you’re packing”. Now, I know Carla; and I was betting that she was using Alex to keep Phil around long enough to get him all hot and horny again. And then, she was going to get herself thoroughly fucked by his big, freshly hard cock. But, in the mean time, lucky Alex was getting the blow job of his young life. And sure enough, Carla had one hand working Phil’s cock back to hard, long before she was swallowing Alex’s load. She even managed to keep a tight hold on Phil’s cock, while she allowed Alex to hold her head in his hands and fuck her mouth. And, their wasn’t much doubt that he was shooting his load when Carla let loose of Phil’s cock long enough to grab hold of Alex’s ass with both hands. Alex stayed put, cock buried deep in Carla’s mouth, while he blasted his cum in to her waiting throat.

Standing up, she spun to face me, flashing a wicked smile and a questioning look. She flicked her eyes towards the hood of our car, and then back to me with a wink. I figured that she was reminding me of my earlier teasing ; when I’d told her that I’d probably have to fuck her bent over that hood before I’d be able to drive us home. Well, that had supposed that she’d get lucky, and she sure had done that alright. So apparently, the hood was going to be saved for me. I grinned back at her smile, and said “Go for it baby”.

Carla was reaching for the zipper on her skirt even before I finished speaking. And wow, she was completely bare ass naked right out there in the fucking parking lot. Now that’s took balls, and big brass balls too. Tossing the skirt on the hood to join the rest of her clothes she spun back to face Phil. He reached for her ass, and she reached for his shoulders. He lifted effortlessly, and her legs wrapped around his waist. She didn’t bother waiting to see if he’d tease her pussy before he entered her. “Come on Phil, fuck me. Do it, fuck me hard”, she said, making it sound more like a command. Their was the loud slap of flesh slapping hard against flesh when he thrust up as he brought her crashing down on his cock. I loved the startled gasp that move ripped from her. But shit, anyone out in that parking lot would have heard her screams for “more, yeah fuck me hard. Come on, fuck me, fuck me”. Phil wasn’t thrusting, just slamming her up and down just about as fast and hard as he could manage. And, believe me hard and fast are total understatements.

Carla held one hand wrapped around his neck, and dropped the other one so she could put a finger to work on her clit. Discrete definitely isn’t something Carla’s known for. But, she was at least biting her lower lip in an effort to quiet her screams as she blazed through a string of intense looking orgasms. When Phil started bucking up, sending hard thrusts slamming up in to her, she had to use both hands to hold tight to his neck. I had to chuckle at the look on his face when she caught, and hell his eyes with her wicked grin. “Gosh Phil, aren’t you going to fuck me hard. Come on lover; really fuck me with that monster cock. Do it, cum in me, come on fuck me hard”, she teased in a voice gone all husky with passion. He managed to smile back, but then he did find a way to do it harder. And, that had him lifting her clear of his cock, and then bringing her back down, as he pounded back in to her. No man could keep that shit up and not blow his load, and for sure Phil was no exception. He threw his head back, bellowing out a “Yes, fuck yes”, as he held her locked down, fully impaled on his cock. I sure didn’t need to hear Carla panting out, “Yeah, that’s it, give it all to me”, to know that he was pumping blast after blast of hot cum deep in to her. He was laughing, when she lifted off him, and stood up. She still held him around the neck, as he reached out, taking her in his arms for one damn long kiss.

I loved watching her wickedly satisfied smile as she did her sassy strut over to me. And, the fiery kiss she delivered was, well, just smoking hot. And then, without a word, she spun on her heel, and did that same sexy strut over to the car. She bent, hand on the hood, and spread her legs wide. Looking back over one shoulder at me, she wagged her ass invitingly. Right, as if by then I needed an invitation.

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