My Shy Wife

The first time it happened we were at a party and the wife was getting well lubricated with drink and I noticed her watching a surfer dude dancing and I suggested she go and have a dance with him.
She took up the challenge and walked straight up to him and asked for a dance,pretty soon I noticed that he had dropped his hands down to her ass and was slowly and softly massaging her buns and I was surprised that she didn’t object.

After a while she came back to me ,looking flushed and informed me that he had been holding her close and she could feel his erection through his jeans pressing into her stomach.She seemed strangely excited and told me she was going back for more and I told her to enjoy herself but we would have to be going soon.

I watched them dance for another half hour or so and noticed that they were keeping very close to each other and decided it was time to get moving and walked over to them.I told her it was time to go and she replied that surfer dude needed a lift home and I agreed to take him.On the way we found out he lived a fair way past our place and since it was getting late we asked if he would like to stay the night at our house.He was agreeable and we soon found ourselves at home with him and her on the lounge while I got us a few drinks.

We chatted and they seemed to flirt a bit and when I said it was time for bed I invited him to join us as the spare room was a mess.He agreed and soon we were all together and I was enjoying the feel of another mans hands bumping into mine as we caressed my wife’s petite body.I was enjoying the feel of her erect nipples and slowly rubbing her pussy lips when I found his hand join mine.

This was a moment I will never forget as my wife had never had another man and here she was with me rubbing her pussy and his fingers were probing past them and bringing copious amounts of fanny juice with them on every withdrawal.From her movements and moans we could tell it was show time and he positioned himself above her with her legs draped over her shoulders and his big knob slowly moving up and down her wet slit.

I asked if she was ready for this and she screamed for him to do it,I watched as this big cock started to push apart her lips and his knob started to disappear inside her.
I think this was when she experienced her first orgasm and I looked over at her angelic face as he pushed more of that glorious cock into her tight hole.

She had only ever had me and this was a new feeling to her as his cock was at least double the width and length of mine and was going places no cock had ever gone before.She was in ecstasy and enjoying inch and thrust that he could give her and I was also enjoying myself finding it extremely exciting to watch her taking so much cock.

He had miles of stamina but after a while and a few orgasms for my wife I could tell he was about to cum and he grunted and filled her pussy with slow purposeful thrusts.I felt her pussy as he withdrew his cock and was surprised at the amount of cum leaking out of her red and inflamed pussy.

When he said he was going to clean up and cool off in the shower I went straight in and started to eat his cum out of her still pulsating vagina.She was still prepared for more sex and was thrusting her hips into my face when I got the shock of my life as I felt his knob probing at my ass.I kept her legs in the air and got up on my knees as I continued to eat her soaking pussy and prepared myself for his big dick.

It was very hard at first but after he had slipped the knob past my ring it started to feel a lot better and he worked that beautiful cock as far as he could into my near virgin ass (Previously I had only ever been fingered by my wife and four fingers was no comparison to this cock from heaven).

I too was in heaven as I had a mouthful of cunt and an assful of cock and didn’t want it to end any time soon but as they say, all good things must come to an end and I felt his pace increase until he grunted again and filled me with his cum while my wife filled my mouth with her cum too and I was left to cum all over the sheets.

After a good nights sleep I woke him by sucking on his cock and being amazed as it grew to full size and he wasted no time in giving her another good fucking before saying his goodbyes.
Now was my time for her pussy but I didn’t get much reaction as my little cock sloshed around in her well oiled pussy,this didn’t worry me as I found it so exciting to be fucking her with a vagina full of another mans cum and was soon filling her with my own.

Unfortunately we never repeated the performance but I did buy her a big dildo which I pleasure her with when she has been drinking and bring back those wonderful memories of the night the biggest cock we had ever seen invade her near virgin pussy.

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