My College Years Pt 4

That weekend Josh and I went out both nights. Of course Josh got laid both nights and I went home alone, as usual. We were sitting around talking Sunday playing Xbox and he started badgering me about getting laid. “Dude,” he teased, “We’re going to have to get you laid.” “I hear you. Perhaps at the big 4th of July party. It sounds like it’s going to get pretty drunk out.” “That might work,” he agreed, “I have a few friends I might be able to drop some hints with.” Josh was dating a Hottie named Brenda but he was doing two or three other babes on the side that I knew of. “Don’t do me any favors,” I laughed. “We’ll see,” he replied, “Debbie is a hot piece of ass. How would you like it if I set you up with her?” Debbie was a fine girl. She was cute, had long dark hair, nice, full tits and had a wild reputation. “I guess I wouldn’t turn her down,” I agreed. We shut up when his mother came into the room. She sat down and chatted while we played the video game.

Eventually Dawn wandered into the room. I heard Mrs. C. tell Dawn that she and Mary were going shopping tomorrow and Mary was going to drop off her kid for Dawn to baby sit. Dawn didn’t protest too much. Mrs. C. glanced over my way and added,” She’ll probably be here around 9 or so which would put us at the mall around 9:30.” That was my clue to be at Mary’s at 9:30. We played video games for another hour or so and before I headed home. Dawn walked me to my car and asked if I might be able to stop by when she was baby-sitting tomorrow. I frowned and told her I had to go to the college I was attending next fall and fill out some papers for my scholarship. She seemed disappointed, but I told her we’d get together soon.

I got up the next day and headed over to Mary’s house. The garage door was open for me so I parked beside Mary’s car and shut the door behind me. The door to the back yard was open and I heard Mary shout,” We’re back here.” Mary and Mrs. C were sitting on the deck of the pool sipping Martinis. “Would you like to join us in a drink?” Mary asked. “Sure,” I replied, joining them at the table. They had a huge back yard that had a high privacy fence around it. “We like to have intimate pool parties,” Mary said as I looked about. “Usually it’s Cindy, my husband Bob and I. But this ought to be a fun change for us.” The gals looked at each other and laughed. They must have had several drinks before I got there.

The sun was high and it was already shaping up to be a hot day. “It certainly is a nice day to be hanging out by a pool,” I agreed. “I hope you don’t mind,” Cindy added,” but Mary and I like to tan all over.” She locked her eyes with mine as she reached back and undid her top, letting it fall to the ground. Mary did the same. The horny ladies weren’t wasting any time. Cindy stretched out on a lounger and asked if I’d rub some oil on her back. I walked over and started rubbing oil into her back. Mary wanted me to do her too so I started on her next. As I got toward her waist she murmured,” Lower.” So I continued down to legs. “Higher,” she urged me. So I reached into her bottoms and started rubbing her ass cheeks. “Why don’t you be a dear and slide my bottoms off for me,” she sighed. I helped her out of her bottoms and started rubbing oil into her ass cheeks. It was a beautiful sight.

About that time Cindy said she needed some more oil. I looked over and she was naked, laying face up. “Do my front,” she winked. I grabbed the oil and turned to where she lay and started massaging oil into her tits. As I worked my way down her stomach I heard Mary say, “You don’t look too comfortable; why don’t you let me help you?” And I felt her reach around and unbutton my shorts and pull them from my body. When I finished rubbing Cindy’s thighs and legs Mary said she was ready for her front. She had spread a blanket on the pool deck and was lying there waiting. While I worked on her tits and tummy, Cindy reached over and started caressing my throbbing cock. She lay down beside Mary and gently sucked my dick as I finished covering Mary with oil. “What do you think, Mary?” asked Cindy when I was finished “should we teach the lad how to eat pussy today?” “That sounds like a wonderful idea. Can I go first?” She spread her legs and Cindy and I nestled down between them. “We’ll start with the pussy,” instructed Cindy.

I watched while she darted her tongue out and gently stroked each pussy lip with the tip of her tongue. Next she took a long lick between them before taking each pussy lip gently between her lips and tugging slightly. “Hold these apart for me, will you, Kenny,” she said, indicating Mary’s pussy lips. While I gently spread them for her she shoved her tongue in and out of Mary’s pussy several times. “Now you try it,” she told me. She sat beside us while I went to work on Mary’s pussy lips. Mary was already getting wet. “That tastes great!” I observed as Cindy spread Mary’s pussy lips for me. As I drove my tongue deep into her pussy, she grew wetter. I licked and swallowed, licked and swallowed while Mary’s body shook with pleasure.

By the time I came up for air, Cindy was fingering her own pussy, sighing softly. “Would you like me to do you now?” I asked her. Her face lit up, “Please!” was all she said as she lay back and spread her legs. Mary was fingering her pussy as I climbed between Cindy’s legs. She sat up and observed to make sure I was getting it right. “This boy is a quick study,” Cindy sighed as I greedily attacked her pussy. She tasted different from Mary but still great. After I had eaten her pussy for several minutes Cindy asked Mary, “Would you like to show him my clit?” “Certainly,” agreed Mary. This time she mounted Cindy with her pussy in Cindy’s face in the classic 69 position. I remained between Cindy’s legs. While Mary demonstrated the clit and how to lick, suck and tease it, Cindy began doing the same for Mary.

When Mary’s eyes rolled back and she stopped to experience her orgasm, I took over and took Cindy’s clit between my lips. I teased and pulled it between my lips and repeatedly darted the tip of my tongue against it. It wasn’t too long before Cindy was cuming also. When they finished cuming Mary got up and repositioned herself, laying face up on top of Cindy. Now both pussies were staring me in the face, begging to be licked. I went back and forth between pussy and clit and clit and pussy, licking and sucking and nibbling and teasing until both ladies were once again cuming in unison. The sights and sounds and tastes and smells of two babes cuming was nearly overwhelming.

We all had to stop and get a drink to allow our senses to calm down. I sat in the sunshine, barely able to believe the turn of events that had led me to be sitting between two gorgeous, horny, oil covered ladies, gently fingering their pussies while we got drunk. “Here’s to the best drink of all,” I raised a toast, “Pussy juice!” We laughed and downed our drinks and I returned to playing with their pussies and making out with the naked ladies. Eventually Cindy sighed and asked, “How should we reward this wonderfully talented student of ours?” “I suppose we could both suck his dick,” Mary answered. “Would that be all right with you?” she asked, grinning. “No way,” I joked, “I absolutely forbid you two babes from sucking my dick.” They laughed as they pushed me back on the blanket.

Cindy got between my legs and started licking my balls and the base of my shaft while Mary lay beside me and took the tip of my cock into her mouth. I fingered her pussy for her while she sucked my cock before asking if she minded if I ate her pussy again while she worked on my dick. She didn’t take my cock out of her mouth for a reply, rather climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my waiting lips. As I licked her pussy and clit she continued to suck my dick. I flinched and almost exploded when Cindy lifted my balls up and licked behind them down to my asshole.

I somehow managed to hold off long enough for Mary to cum and the girls to trade positions allowing Cindy to lower her pussy for me to me to eat. Mary went to work on my balls and shaft while Cindy started sucking my cock. I must say of the three gals I had had suck my cock, Cindy was the best. It wasn’t long before I felt the cum starting to rise from my balls. Cindy felt it too and after I shot the first squirt into her mouth, she graciously shared my cock with Mary who sucked down a couple of squirts before giving my cock back to Cindy to finish sucking me dry.

We sat around in the sun for a while chatting and drinking. “You do tasted sweet, Cindy,” Mary observed, “But I must say, Kenny tastes better.” “I can’t argue with that,” Cindy agreed and they drank a toast to my cum. I was lying between the two babes, gently stroking their pussies while they stroked my cock. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard and ready to go again. “The only problem I can see,” observed Cindy, “is how we’re going to decide who gets to fuck the boy first. Would you like the honors?” “Oh no,” replied Mary, “You’re the guest and besides you discovered him. You go first. I’m pretty sure a young stud like Kenneth will have enough left to do us both.” “I certainly hope so,” I laughed as I lay back and Cindy started lowering her pussy over my cock. “Would you like me to eat your pussy while Cindy and I fuck?” I asked her. She just purred and straddled my face. She slowly rubbed her pussy up and down my lips as Cindy started riding up and down my cock.

They reached out and began massaging each other’s tits while we fucked and it wasn’t too long before they were sucking each other’s nipples and making out. I felt like I was in a fuck film as I fucked Cindy’s pussy and ate Mary’s. The gals each came several times and after an hour or so of good, steady fucking I began depositing a load of hot, sticky cum into Cindy’s pussy. Mary bent down to lick up any cum that managed to leak out around the shaft of my cock. She alternated her tongue between the shaft of my cock and Cindy’s clit and soon Cindy too was cuming. When we finally stopped cuming, Cindy winked at Mary and asked, “Want some more cum?” Mary beamed and lay back on the blanket. Cindy squeezed her pussy together as she pulled off my cock and straddled Mary’s face. She let go of her pussy and my cum soon started dripping from Cindy’s cunt to Mary’s waiting tongue. She swallowed it all before licking Cindy’s pussy clean.

Watching the two swap my cum made my cock instantly rock hard yet again. “Look,” said Mary, licking her lips and pointing, “The boy IS a stud. My turn!” I lay back and Mary mounted me, sliding her hot, wet pussy over my cock. Cindy took her place. We fucked much as we had before. This time it took me an hour to finally fill Mary’s pussy with cum. Mary allowed Cindy to lick my cum from her pussy before both ladies fell back exhausted. “You’re boy done wore me out,” sighed Mary, “And I still have to go over and get Bobby from Dawn. It was getting to be around 2 or so. “She probably just put him down for his nap,” Cindy replied, “She should be alright. “Besides,” she added, “She knows enough to call if there were a problem.” “I better check,” she said.

She grabbed her cell and called Dawn. She hung up satisfied, saying, “We have an hour or two to nap. Do you want to hang, Kenny?” “I think I’ll take a quick swim and head out,” I replied, “I have to drive over to the university this afternoon.” I grabbed a swim and headed over to Cindy’s house. Even though I had just about fucked my brains out, the thought of getting another shot at Dawn’s tight, young body gave my balls a twinge. On the way over I considered how clever it was to use the same excuse for mother and daughter. I let myself in and found Dawn in the rec room, Bobby asleep on a pile of blankets on the floor. “You look bored,” I announced, “Wanna play Xbox?” “Ken!” she exclaimed, jumping up and hugging me. “I can think of something I’d rather do,” she added, shoving her tongue into my mouth. “That sounds like fun too!” I replied.

I helped her peel off her shirt and began licking and suckling her tits while she shimmied out of her shorts. I worked over her tits for several minutes. “How long until your mother comes home?” I asked, feign ignorance as I worked my tongue slowly down her belly. “We have two hours, babe,” she sighed, as I fell to my knees. She spread her legs and leaned into me as I started caressing her pussy lips with my tongue. She started swaying back and forth as I began darting my tongue in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. Hers was the sweetest pussy yet and I eagerly lapped up her juices. When my tongue found her clit she started cuming so hard I had to steady her to keep her from falling down. She grabbed her tits, tossed her head back and started moaning so hard I thought she was going to wake the baby.

Her pussy started gushing so much that I placed my mouth over her pussy and did my best to suck up each and every drop. When she finally stopped cuming I helped her to the floor. “That was fucking marvellous,” she moaned, “Where’d you learn to do that?” “I guess it just came naturally,” I fibbed. “My pussy is on fire for your cock again, baby,” she said, “I need your monster inside me now!” With that, she rolled over on her hands and knees, shoving her wonderful ass up into the air. “Fuck me doggie, baby. Fuck me doggie! I need every last inch of your cock.” From the way she had her pussy positioned and waiting, it was easy to figure out she wanted me to slide my cock insider her from behind. “Obviously, doggie,” I thought to myself, “What else would you call it?”

I positioned myself behind her and she reached back and eagerly guided my cock into her wart, wet, waiting pussy. “Slide it in a little slow, baby,” she told me, “You’re still a whole lot for me to handle.” I did as ordered but by the time I was half way in, Dawn was pushing her ass back against me, forcing my cock into her to the hilt! She gave a soft cry as my cock hit bottom and began to cum again as I slowly cranked my cock in and out of her pussy. “This is a good way to fuck,” I told her as I slowly pumped her pussy. I think she was too busy cuming to hear me. I reached around and grabbed her mountainous tits and used them as leverage to help pull her pussy back against my cock. She began to cum again as I pulled and twisted her nips.

As I increased my pace, her arms collapsed and her top half fell to the floor. That served to raise her ass even higher, giving me an even better angle to pound my rod into her pussy. I got from my knees to my feet and really started slamming her ass almost straight down now. Dawn was screaming with delight and I found myself soon joining her. Even though I had spent the day shooting cum into her mother and her friend, I soon found myself blowing a load deep into Dawns hot pussy.

We lay on the floor panting and smiling. Dawn finally asked me if I could fuck her again but I told her I’d better scram before her mother got home. I’m glad I had a good excuse, because as hot a babe as Dawn was, I didn’t know if my dick could take another work out like the one I’d just had. “When can we get together again?” she asked, as we got dressed. “We’re having a big party the 4th,” I offered. “I know,” she pouted, “My mother is making me stay at my friend Sue’s house. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to sneak out. Her parents know about the party and will be watching, but we’ll get here some time before the night is over.” “It’s a deal,” I said, kissing her goodbye. Depending on the girl, Deb, Josh was going to fix me up with and his sister, the party was shaping up to be quite the event. I couldn’t wait.

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