My College Years Pt 4 – The Party

It is not too often in life that something you look forward to so much, even lives up to, let alone exceeds, your expectations. The forevermore-famous party of the 4th did exactly that though. That is if you consider getting laid by four different chicks in one night satisfactory. I certainly did. It was a record of mine that would stand for nearly two years. But I get ahead of myself. Perhaps you’d be interested in the details. I got to Josh’s just after supper so I could get there early. I found that when I arrived, the party was already in full swing. The house was filled with college kids, there was a keg in the garage and beer cans piled high. I found Josh and he told me some of the gang had dropped by in the early afternoon to help him set up and one thing led to another. I drew a beer from the keg and told him it was cool with me. At least I got to miss all the work. Someone else had the fine job of conning someone’s older brother into buying the keg and several bottles of tequila, which I noticed on the kitchen counter.

I drank my beer and circulated. I pretty much knew everyone there but had never been to one of their parties. They knew me as the quiet math guy and so, while friendly, I was not the life of the party. That was cool. I got to hang out and talk with all my friends who had graduated and would soon be moving on. By sundown, I had downed several glasses of beer and a shot or two of tequila. I didn’t want to get too drunk. I had seen Debbie at the party and didn’t want to pass out before Josh had a chance to set us up. It must have been about 10pm when I ran into Josh’s girlfriend Brenda in the kitchen while filling up my beer. “Have you seen Josh?” she slurred. She had apparently passed out for a while and was now looking for her boyfriend. The way she had her shirt unbuttoned and her tits spilling out, I got the distinct impression she was looking to get laid. She wasn’t under dressed.

About half the chicks were topless, most of them making out with their boyfriends. Brenda was one of the class hotties. She had long blonde hair and nice pointy tits (which I saw for the first time and noted they were larger than they appeared when clothed). She was cushy without being heavy and she had a nice full ass and hips. From what Josh had told me, she loved to fuck like a mink. “Not for awhile, ” I replied, “want me to help you look for him?” “Sure, ” she smiled, filling up her beer. She grabbed a bottle of tequila, “One for the road, ” she added; taking a good, long pull. She handed it to me and I took a smaller swallow and set it down on the counter.

I suggested we start upstairs and work our way down. She grabbed my arm and I led her through the assembled bodies. She leaned into me unconsciously and rubbed her tits against my arm as we stepped over and around the half naked couples on the stairs. I had never seen so many naked tits in my life and my cock was getting excited. We started in Josh’s room and found a couple making it on Josh’s bed. Brenda recognized the girl. “Hey Missy,” she hollered, “have you seen Josh?” The only answer she got was, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” so we moved on. There were two couples doing it in Dawn’s room. They were so noisy that we didn’t bother to ask. “I gotta pee,” Brenda said. “Come on and hold my beer,” she added.

We pushed into the bathroom and found a naked babe sitting on the sink while her boyfriend put his stones to her. Brenda just slapped him on the ass, pulled up her skirt and sat down. She wasn’t wearing panties. I got to stand there and watch the couple fuck while Brenda peed. Naturally when she got done, I had to go so I handed her my beer. She leaned against the shower stall while I whipped out my growing cock. “Very nice,” Brenda observed, “can I hold it?” “Be my guest,” I replied, hoping she wasn’t too drunk to miss the toilet. This was another first for me, as Brenda stroked me a few times when I finished before I put it back in my pants. “If we don’t find Josh, ” she smiled, “I think I’ll do you.”

We made our way back down stairs and found 6 or 7 more couples screwing, but no Josh. Someone said they thought they had seen him out back a while ago, so we headed outside. They had a huge backyard ringed with large bushes and trees. There were more kids playing around and fucking on the back yard. The night air was cool so Brenda once again held me close to her while she rubbed her erect nipples against me. I was starting to hope we wouldn’t find Josh. Because it was quite dark we went from couple to couple to see if any included Josh. We worked our way all the way to the back of the yard without finding him. Then, we heard some fucking noises coming from behind the bushes. We peaked around the edge and there was Debbie with her shorts down around her ankles, bent over, and Josh, with his pants around his ankles, pounding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Both were moaning heavily so we didn’t interrupt, but I could tell Brenda was pissed. “Come on Ken,” she said, dragging me to the other corner of the yard, “I’ll show him who can fuck around on who.” We didn’t quite make it all the way to the other side when Brenda stopped and threw herself to the ground. Her shirt was open and she hiked her skirt up and spread her legs. “This is good enough,” she sighed, “Now get that big bone of yours out and make me forget about Josh.” I tore off my shorts and dropped on top of her. She grabbed the shaft of my throbbing cock and eagerly guided me into her pussy. “Shove it home, baby,” she urged me, “I can take it.” I did as directed and she let out a muffled cry. “Sweet fuck,” she moaned, “your cock is bigger than I thought. It feels so good. Fuck me baby.” She pulled my head into her wonderful tits and started rolling from side to side, moaning, as I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. She was hot and wet and ready to fuck and was cumming in no time.

Her cries of pleasure mixed with the rest of the couples in the back yard, making a joyous sound. To this day, when ever I think about it I get a smile and a twinge at the base of my cock. Brenda cumming like a wild animal, combined with the thought of fucking my best friend’s girl, limited my ability to hold back. In only 5 or so minutes of good hard animal fucking, I found myself beginning to unload deep inside her pussy. We finished cumming about the same time and lay for a while on our backs looking up at the stars, panting heavily. “Come on,” she finally said, “let’s go back inside and rub it in Josh’s face.” I could tell she was still pissed off. I pulled my shorts on while she pulled down her skirt and half buttoned her shirt so that only half of her boobs were visible and we went back into the house. We didn’t find Josh immediately so we went into the kitchen to grab another beer.

We were filling our glasses when Josh and Debbie walked in. “Hey Ken,” he said smiling, “this is the girl I was telling you about.” “Deb’s looking for a date tonight,” he added. I suppose if she had been sober and not flushed from just having fucked Josh, she may have blushed. As it was, she barely had a chance to say hi before Brenda opened up on her, “So this is the babe you were fucking out back?” “How could you be out there fucking this stick woman while I was horny as heck looking all over for you?” Deb was indeed on the skinny side. She had on a tight pink skirt that was probably a size one and a white lace halter-top. The top was translucent so I could see her breasts flash as she moved. From what I could tell they were nice, but quite a bit smaller than Brenda’s knockers. “I was just out back talking to her, seeing if she wanted to help out my friend Ken,” he started to protest. “We saw you,” Brenda interrupted, “and then I fucked Ken, so we’re even.” In a lower voice Josh said to me, “Better get Deb out of here.” I grabbed Deb’s hand and led her out back while Brenda lit into Josh.

Deb was laughing her ass off, “that was a close one,” she said. I could tell Deb had been drinking heavily too. “Thanks for saving me,” she laughed, “my knight in shining armour.” She hugged me and rubbed her boobs up and down my chest. “Josh tells me you’re a virgin,” she continued, “I’d love to help you get over that.” “Actually,” I confided, “Brenda sort of helped me get over that after we found you and Josh fucking. But I’m still horny as can be and would love another adventure tonight.” I didn’t think it was necessary to mention Josh’s mother and sister and mother’s friend. “What the fuck?” she agreed, “all Josh had time to do was get me warmed up. He was so afraid of getting caught that he came the second he slid in. And we got caught anyways.” We laughed as we headed to the back of the yard.

Quite ironically we made it to about the same spot where Brenda I had made it when Deb turned to me and said, “This spot looks good to me.” She turned to me and we kissed for several moments. I took the opportunity to untie her halter-top and let it fall to the ground. Her tits were much smaller than Brenda’s but they were nice and firm. Her nipples were large and firm and she began to moan as I played with them. “I like that,” she sighed as I bent down to suck them. She pulled my head into her tits and tossed her head back and moaned loudly as I nibbled and sucked her tits. This babe was hot. If she was going this crazy over me sucking her tits I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when I ate her pussy.

Deb finally came to her senses, “You passed that exercise with flying colours, let’s see what else you bring to the table,” she said with a sly grin as she unbuttoned my shorts and slid down the zipper. Her grin changed to a look of amazement as my cock sprang free. By now I was getting used to my cock having that effect on girls but it still pumped me up. “Where have you been all my life,” she said, gently stroking my cock, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” “I don’t know if I can fit that inside me but I sure am going to try.” She fell to her knees in front of me and took my swollen cock gently between her lips. Having just fired a load of cum into Brenda’s sweet pussy, I was able to hold off while Deb sucked my dick. I stroked her hair while she stroked my cock. After working me over for 5 or 10 minutes she looked up at me and smiled, “I need to get you inside me. Please fuck me baby.”

We lay back on the grass and I pushed her skirt up. I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties when my hands found her dripping wet pussy. “Yum,” I said, “mind if I have a quick taste?” She just sighed and pulled my head down between her spread legs. Her sighs turned to moans as my lips found her lips and I started sucking and probing her pussy. I found her juices to be another variation but just as tasty as the other pussies I had eaten. As I licked her pussy and sucked her clit, she squeezed my head between her legs and came wildly. “You’re good,” she sighed, stroking my hair as I lightly stroked her clit with my tongue. “Want to fuck my pussy now?” she added. “I’d love to,” I replied. As I crawled up her body she grabbed my cock and gently helped introduce my cock to her pussy. She grimaced slightly and held her breath while I slowly slid inside. Her breath exploded in another orgasm as my cock drove home and we ground our hips together. Josh was right. This girl was a great fuck! I started slowly pumping her pussy and her cries grew louder. Finally, after one of the longest orgasms I had yet experienced, her body stopped trembling and her cries turned to sighs.

Her eyes opened and she softly spoke, “Thank you so much. That was so fucking good.” “You’re certainly welcome, my dear, ” I replied,” but I’m kinda not done yet.” “You’re not!” she said with a look of surprise. “Guys always finish cumming before I do.” A small tear formed in the corner of her eye as I slowly slid my dick in and out of her pussy. “A cock the size of a porn star and he knows how to use it,” she said softly, “I think I’m fucking my first man.” Her face brightened again, “Let me ride you!” I didn’t bother to tell her, as she rolled me over, that it was mostly due to just having fucked Brenda. The girl was small but she was strong. And she knew what she wanted. I reached up, grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples as she began to ride up and down my cock. She threw her head back and wailed as we fucked. No. I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t of shot a load of cum into Brenda’s sweet pussy twenty minutes ago, I would have cum the first time Deb had gone crazy on me. And the bitch was going crazy again.

Not only was she riding my cock wildly, she was rubbing her clit with one hand while the other she had on my thigh behind her to prop herself up. I held her titties tightly to keep her from fucking herself off into space. When she threw her head back and her body started shaking and she started wailing, I couldn’t hold back and I began to cum. She felt my hot cum squirting against the back of her pussy and screamed, “Fuck me!” after each squirt. She screamed seven or eight times before falling silently into my arms. I used my cock to slowly work my cum into her pussy while she purred softly on my chest, slowly rubbing her tits back and forth. We lay there for several moments before she opened her eyes and smiled, “Next Friday?” “What?” “Can you fuck me again next Friday?” she asked as she pushed down her skirt and I helped her tie her halter. “Sure,” I replied, “that would be great. I’ll call you.”

As we walked back toward the house we literally tripped over another couple fucking on the lawn. I looked down and saw it was Josh and Brenda. “I see you two managed to make up.” Josh was too busy fucking to do more than grunt but Brenda looked up and gave me a wink and blew me a kiss. “It looks like I’m going to have to share you with at least one other girl,” Deb laughed as we made our way more carefully back to the house. It was getting close to midnight and the kids who were not fucking were starting to leave. Deb’s ride was leaving so I kissed her goodbye and promised to call. “And who is that hottie?” I heard a voice behind me. I turned and there was Dawn and another girl giggling. “Just a friend from math class,” I lied. Dawn seemed to buy it. “Who’s your friend?” I added, changing the subject. They giggled again.

Apparently they had been there long enough to sample more than their share of alcohol. This is Susie.” “Hello,” she slurred shyly. Susie was short. She couldn’t have been much over 5 foot. She had extremely long blonde hair that hung down to the crack of her ass, and then some. She was scrawny and looked to have very tiny titties. She could have passed for a much younger girl.
She had nice, full lips and was cute in a plain, innocent way. “Let’s go to my room,” Dawn urged, “we have to get back before Susie’s parents miss us.” We made our way to the stairs with Susie in tow. “Are you coming with us?” asked Dawn. “If I stay down here I might get raped,” she grinned. “You say that like it’s a bad thing” I replied. We all laughed. “Besides,” Dawn added, “I can’t promise you’ll be much more safe around Ken.” We laughed again. “Sue’s a little shy, she’s a virgin,” she whispered as we made our way up the stairs. “I was thinking maybe, if we had time, you might be able to help her out of that condition,” she added. “I suppose I could help,” I whispered, “after all, you did the same for me.” “I knew you were a virgin,” she said out loud.

As long as it was leading toward fucking two young chicks, one a virgin, Dawn could think whatever she wanted. “What’s that?” Susie asked, joining us at the top of the stairs. “I told you so!” Dawn beamed. Sue looked puzzled. “You tell her,” Dawn said. “I was a virgin until Dawn and I hooked up a few weeks ago,” I said softly. “Well that makes me feel a little better,”said Susie. There was a couple existing Dawn’s room as we approached. “It’s all clear,” the dude said. Seeing two chicks, he gave me two thumbs up. “Isn’t that Josh’s nerdy friend?” I heard the girl say as I locked the door behind us. “Well?” I asked, sitting down on the bed. “We don’t have much time,” Dawn turned to Susie, “are we going to do this?” Susie pondered for a few heartbeats before starting to unbutton her shirt, “Let’s go for it!” she sighed. I pulled off my clothes and looked up to find two hot and horny naked babes.

Dawn was as hot as ever with her nice full tits and wet pussy. Sue’s long hair partially covered her boobs so I couldn’t tell how large they might be. Her pussy was shaved and as they approached, I had to ask her again how old she was. “Eighteen,” she said. I didn’t see any reason to ask for I.D. They sat down on either side of me. Sue reached out and lightly stroked my long, hard cock. “I guess I didn’t realize how big they were,” she sighed. “Well don’t get used to it,” Dawn told her, “Ken is about twice as big as you’re likely to see again.” Sue gulped, “But will he fit inside me?” “That’s what we’re here to find out,” answered Dawn “Now why don’t you sit on Ken’s face and he’ll help make you’re nice and wet while I show you how to suck a guy’s dick.” I lay back while Sue climbed over me and slowly lowered her pussy toward my waiting lips. A few drops hit my face before my tongue even found her pussy, and when I finally made contact she started cumming. Dawn sucked my cock while she came.

After several moments she looked up and said, “Pay attention, I’m trying to teach you how to suck a guy’s cock.” But by that time my lips had found Sue’s clit and she was cumming again. She finally said, “Fuck it,” crawled up on top of my waist and swallowed my cock with her red-hot pussy. It wasn’t long before two chicks were cumming. I tried my best to shoot Dawn a load of cum but I was nearly fucked out. Fortunately, after a couple of orgasms Dawn seemed satisfied and crawled off my cock. “You’re turn,” she told Sue. She helped her crawl off my face and squat over my cock. “You spread your pussy lips and I’ll help support you. Then just lower yourself at your own pace.” She did as ordered. I reached up, brushed aside her hair and squeezed her tiny tits. Her tits were on the small side but her nips were big and hard. She gave a little cry and briefly hesitated when the tip of my cock spread her lips but she took a deep breath and continued.

A smile crossed her face and grew as my cock inched its way inside her. She paused a few times and eased her pussy up and down my shaft but. Like a trouper, she kept slowly working more and more of my engorged cock into her tiny little body. Dawn did her part to help by wetting the shaft of my cock with her tongue as I slowly disappeared inside of Susie’s tight little pussy. The way Sue was cumming, it wasn’t really necessary as her cum was running down the shaft of my cock. After what seemed like hours (but was actually several minutes), brave little Susie finally managed to work my entire cock inside her sweet, young pussy. When Dawn asked her how it felt she whispered, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk again but good.” “No … make that great,” she moaned. Her whole body began to shake. I rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples while Dawn massaged her clit and soon little Susie was cumming with the hardest, longest, and loudest orgasms of the night. I prolonged and intensified her orgasm by exploding a huge load of cum deep into her pussy.

Her screams grew even louder as she pumped every last drop of cum from my cock, tumbling to the bed beside us, panting heavily. “Is she going to be alright?” I asked Dawn. “She’ll be fine,” she grinned, “I remember my first time.” “Meanwhile,” she added, “someone owes me a load of cum.” “Do you have time,” I asked. “Probably not,” she replied as she got to her hands and knees, “but it’s going to take her awhile to recover and we may as well use our time wisely.” Amazingly enough my cock was still hard. I didn’t know if I had another load of cum in me but I was willing to try. I crawled up behind her, slid my cock into her warm, wet pussy and started pounding away. I reached around and grabbed her nice, full jugs. We were fucking for several minutes when Susie sat up in bed. “That looks like fun,” she sighed. Rubbing her pussy, she worked her way under Dawn, between our legs and began licking the shaft of my cock as it went in and out of Dawn’s pussy. “It looks like we created a real cock hound.”

I observed as my tongue moistened cock drove in and out of Dawn’s hotbox. She was too busy cumming to respond. Between Dawn’s pussy convulsing around my cock and sweet Susie’s darting tongue, I was surprised to find myself starting to cum. My balls were pretty well depleted so I didn’t have a large load of cum, but Dawn seemed pleased as her pussy wrung each last drop from my sputtering cock. The girls had to rush so we tossed on our clothes and I escorted them back downstairs. At first I didn’t comprehend the looks I caught from the dozen or so remaining partiers. After a few of the guys gave me the thumbs up, I recognized the look of respect. It was a new one for me. But I got a strong premonition that my summer was about to get a whole lot more interesting …

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