My College Years Pt 3

Mary and I fucked well into the night. I was finally able to get out of there around midnight but not before I promised to come over and work on her computer at least one more time before her husband came home.

I tried to sleep in the next morning but the phone woke me. It was Cindy calling to let me know that her aunt was sick and she’d be out of town for a few days. I’d have to come over and work on her computer when she got back. I had been looking forward to fucking her that afternoon but I could probably use a few days off to recuperate.

That night Josh and I went out partying. I told my parents I was staying at his house over night and since his mother was gone we partied late into the night. Poor Josh had to get up the next morning and go to work but I had planned on being able to sleep in. I had crashed on the couch in the rec room.

Early the next morning I awoke to the sound of the treadmill. I knew it couldn’t be Mama C so I forced my eyes open to find it was Josh’s sister, Dawn. She was a couple years younger and had always been a pest. She had her mother’s taste for bikini tops, as the one she wore barely did more than cover her nipples. She was built like her mother and just as cute. Her hair was longer, her tits a bit firmer and already as big as Cindy’s. Her ass was tighter and she may have been an inch taller than her mother.

“What are you doing here?” she asked with a peevish grin. “Josh and I were out late,” I replied, “I’m trying to sleep. What are you doing in here?” “I thought I’d come in and tease by brother’s virgin friend,” she replied. Ever since she had grown a set of boobs and started running with the cool she had never missed a chance to let me know she was getting laid on a regular basis. She seemed to delight in the fact that I wasn’t. I had always done my best to ignore the little pest but today, with my new found confidence, I made up my mind to actually do something about it. “Well you just might get more than you bargained for,” I told her. “Oh yeah?” she replied, brazenly, “Do you think you could handle me?” She stepped off the treadmill and I discovered she was only a string thong that looped around her waist. The string that looped between her legs did little more than accentuate her shaved, young pussy and push apart her pussy lips. She was fucking hot, twice as hot as her mother and then some.

I stared transfixed and nearly panicked but took a deep breath and decided there was no turning back now. “The question is, little girl,” I told her bravely, “can you handle me?” I sat up and slowly pulled down my shorts. When my eleven inch, fully engorged cock sprang free it was her turn to stare in a mixture of shock and amazement. My swollen cock waved back and forth for several moments while she stood frozen. “I had no idea,” she whispered almost to herself as she sprang to life. She fell to her knees before me and took my throbbing cock into her mouth, kissing, licking, and sucking it. Just like her mother before her, she almost made me cum instantly.

She was eager and willing but she didn’t have quite the cock sucking experience of her mother. Plus I was bound and determined to show her I was the one in control of the situation. “That’s right, bitch,” I urged her, “Suck my dick. If you’re a good enough cock sucker, I may just let you feel my cock inside your pussy.” “Please,” she begged between sucks, “my pussy is on fire already. I’ll be good. I’ll even let you cum in my mouth. Just promise you’ll fuck my pussy.” “Do all your boyfriends cum in your mouth?” I asked, curious. I was still learning after all. “I’ve never let anyone cum in my mouth before,” she admitted, “You’ll be my first. I’ll do anything to get your cock inside my pussy.” I stroked her long, blond hair as she went back to work on my cock, licking down the shaft and taking my balls one at a time gently into her mouth. “Well then,” I relented, “you’ll be the first 18 year old pussy I’ll fuck.” “Oh thank you, Kenny,” she smiled. Then she licked back up the shaft of my cock and took me into her mouth. Like I said, she lacked the skills of her mother; she couldn’t deep throat me. But she more than made up for it in eagerness.

She sucked me hard while bobbing up and down as deep as she could while pumping my shaft with both hands. Even though I tried my best to remain in control, it wasn’t long before I was telling her, “I’m cumming, baby. I’m cumming.” She pulled back a bit as the first shot exploded in her mouth and the next shot missed her mouth and ran down her cheek. But she quickly recovered and shoved my cock back into her mouth and took the rest of my load like a champ. She smiled as she swallowed than licked the cum from her cheek and chin. She took the tip of my cock back between her lips and sucked every last drop before licking my shaft clean. “That tastes great,” she grinned, “I’m going to have to let more guys cum in my mouth. Delicious! Thank you.” “Thank you,” I replied, “I think you earned a ride on the Kenny express.” “Mind if I sit down?” she laughed.

She reached down and slid aside her thong as she climbed into my lap. I spread her pussy lips with the tip of my cock as she ever so slowly settled down. “You realize I’ve never fucked a dick like yours,” she sighed, “most of the boys I fuck don’t have cocks half as big.” And, as if to bear that out, when she got about half way down my cock, she closed her eyes and rode up and down the top half of my shaft. I took the chance to rip off her top and started squeezing and licking and sucking her luscious, young tits. When I bit into her nipples, she let out a soft cry, held me tight, and let her body shake with orgasm. “Now we’re even,” she sighed when she finally opened her eyes. She smiled and kissed me deeply. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths while she slowly but surely lowered her pussy down around my cock, taking more and more of me inside. Her pussy was hot and tight and juicy and felt great as it slowly engulfed my throbbing cock.

When she finally reached bottom, she ground her hips around in a tight circle, squeezed me again and softly came once more. “I’m one up on you now,” she grinned. “Your cock feels so fucking good inside me. I’ve dreamed of fucking you ever since I hit puberty but I never dreamed it could be this good.” “You certainly had a strange way of showing it,” I replied. She smiled as I grabbed her ass cheeks to help her slowly begin to ride up and down my cock. “Well you were my brother’s best friend and you were so shy and I didn’t know how to get you to fuck me. But I sure am glad I finally did.” “Me too,” I agreed, “me too”.

We were fucking like that I’m not sure how much later when her mother walked in on us. “Just what the fuck is going on here?” she shrieked. “Mother,” screamed Dawn as she sprang off my cock and covered herself with the blanket I had been sleeping under, “what are you doing home?” I just sat there with my cock weaving in the air, not knowing what to do. “Young lady,” Mrs. C. continued, “you’re in so much trouble. I can’t believe this. You go to your room and think about what you’ve done and don’t come out. I’m going to have a talk with young Kenneth and then I’ll be in to deal with you.” Dawn sprang up and ran off to her bedroom while I pulled on my shorts. I started to apologize but she just put her finger to her lips, took me by the hand, and said, “Come with me.”

She led me to her bedroom at the other end of the house. I started again to apologize again as she closed the door behind her but she just turned and laughed, “Don’t worry about it, hon. I just had to pretend to be the mother to keep her from getting too uppity. I’ll go in later and let her down easy. I have two questions for you. Number one, what are your intentions with my daughter?” “Well she’s awfully sweet. I’ve known her all these years and had barely considered her as a girl, let alone a sex partner. But …” I trailed off. “That’s OK dear,” she interrupted, “I don’t mind if you continue to see her. I’d rather have you doing her than some of those idiot boys she brings home. Just promise me you won’t lie to her or hurt her or abuse her.” “No problem,” I smiled, “I can do that. What was your other question?” It was Cindy’s turn to smile, “My next question is do you want to go home with a hard cock and masturbate or would you rather fuck me a quick one while Dawn is punishing herself?”

She didn’t wait for an answer as she started peeling off her shirt. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down at the same time I wiggled out of my shorts and we collapsed on the bed. “Seeing you fucking my daughter already has me hot and wet, baby,” she purred as she spread her legs wide, “slide that monstrous cock right inside me and let’s fuck.” I climbed on top of her and did as ordered. “I talked to Mary on the way home and she said she loved your work,” she told me as we fucked, “she wants you and I to come over for a pool party next Monday if you think you’re up for it.” “I think I could handle that if we took it slow and you helped me,” I replied. “Great,” she purred, “I’ll make part of Dawn’s punishment that she has to baby sit Monday because Mary and I are going shopping. I think everything should work out fine. Now fuck me hard and fast, big boy. I don’t want Dawn to get restless and come find us fucking.” We laughed as I steadily increased my pace until I was slamming my cock into Mama C’s wet pussy like a jack hammer. It only took 10 or 15 minutes of good hard fucking until we were both cuming furiously.

When we finished Cindy kissed me and told me to let myself out as she was going to have a talk with her daughter. Later that afternoon I got a call from Dawn. “My mother was really, really pissed,” she told me as I laughed to myself. “She grounded me for a month and I have to baby sit for her friend Mary whenever she needs me, but she didn’t absolutely forbid me from seeing you.” “That is if you want to see me again,” she added shyly. “Are you kidding me?” I replied, “I can’t wait. This is going to be the longest month of my life.” “Who knows,” Dawn suggested, “maybe we’ll find away around my mother. She can’t watch me 24/7.” “Sounds like a plan,” I agreed. Cindy, Mary, and now Dawn; my “dance card” was starting to fill up nicely. This was going to be a pretty good summer.

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