My College Years Pt 2

I basked in the glow of my belated first sexual experience with Cindy, ‘Mrs. C’ for a couple of weeks. I was dying to expand on my new found talents but still a bit intimidated by girls my age as they all knew me as the class brainiac (read nerd). Josh, Mrs. C’s son, and I went out drinking about every other night. I confided in him that I had finally gotten laid. He tried his best to get me to tell him who the babe was, but I certainly wasn’t going to let him know. He was planning a big party over the 4th of July at his house as Cindy was going to be away and he’d have the place to himself. Everyone that was in the cool crowd would be there and I really wanted to get my noodle wet a few more times before then. I had three weeks to get lucky.

About that time Cindy gave me another call. I felt a twinge at the base of my cock when I heard her voice. I was hoping she’d call me again, but was too shy to call her. “Hey,” I answered, “how have you been? Do you need your computer fixed again?” “Actually,” she replied, “I was out drinking with a good friend of mine and I happened to mention how great you were with computers and she asked me if there was any way I could talk you into fixing hers. Her husband is on a business trip for another few weeks and she needs it fixed in a bad way.” “I suppose I could take a look at her, I mean it,” I laughed. Cindy laughed with me, “The only thing I ask is that after you fix Mary up you promise to come back over and work some more on mine again.” “That sounds like a deal,” I told her, “I’ll take a look at Mary this afternoon and drop around tomorrow morning to work on yours.” “That should work,” she agreed, “Josh will be at work and Dawn is going to the lake for the day with friends. Come early and we can spend the entire day working.” She gave me Mary’s phone number and we said good bye.

I dialed the number and a sweet voice said, “Hello.” “Hello,” I said, “My name is Kenny. Cindy told me you were needed some help with your computer.” “I’m so glad you called,” she exclaimed, “Cindy told me how good you were. When can you come over and take a look?” “This evening?” I asked. “Great,” she said, “come around 7 or so. I’ll be putting the baby to bed. I’ll leave the garage door open. Just drive right in and let yourself in the side door. You can close the garage door if you want, I don’t need all my neighbors to know I’m having my computer worked on.” I told her that would be fine and spent the rest of the afternoon playing Xbox.

Josh called after work and asked if I wanted to go out partying. I told him I had to help out some friends of my parents with their computer. “Too bad, man,” he commiserated, “I’ll try not to have too much fun while you’re bored out of your mind at the old folks place.” “You do that,” I told him. If he only knew. I grabbed a shower and headed over to Mary’s house.

They had a very nice brick ranch with a huge 3 car garage. I drove in and shut the door behind me. Mary met me at the door. “The baby’s asleep,” she smiled, “and I was just about to change out of my mommy clothes. Come on in.” Mary was, if anything, cuter than Cindy. She seemed about the same age. She was a bit shorter and even skinnier than Cindy. Her tits didn’t seem quite as large, although it was hard to tell under the sweat shirt she was wearing. She did have a nice ass. “I can’t believe you’ve had a baby,” I said, “How old is the he or she?” “He is 14 months now. The good thing is he sleeps through the night and we shouldn’t be interrupted.”

My eyes fixated on her nice, round ass as she led me to the huge master suite, “just have a seat on the bed and make yourself comfortable while I change.” I was still naive enough not to know if that meant to remove my clothes or what, so I just unbuttoned my shirt and sat on the bed waiting. It wasn’t long before she stepped out of the walk in closet wearing a black skin tight body stalking. There were circles cut in front for her tits to jut out and while they might have been half a size smaller than Cindy’s, they were impressive indeed squeezing out of the tight holes in her outfit. She notice my jaw drop and my eyes open wide. “You like?” she winked, “I bought it for when my husband returned home but I decided I just couldn’t wait.” “Oh yeah, ” I replied, licking my lips. She spun around for me revealing a cut out for her wonderful ass. She bent forward and shook her ass at me and I could see her pussy was also free.

“Now,” she asked, sitting down on the bed beside me and pulling my shirt off and rubbing her hands over my chest, “would you rather work on my computer or work on me?” My cock was once again bursting to get free from my jeans. Instead of answering her, I pushed her down on the bed and slid my tongue into her mouth. She responded in kind and we kissed and rubbed our chests together.

Finally we broke for air. “Let’s get you out of those pants,” she sighed, “I just have to see if Cindy was lying.” I lay back and let her pull off my pants. It was her turn for her jaw to drop and her eyes to grow wide as my rock hard cock sprang free. “Oh my!” she exclaimed, “for once Cindy wasn’t lying. You’re huge! Mama want!” She tossed aside my pants and lay down beside me, taking my cock into her mouth. I was a little more prepared this time and didn’t cum immediately.

It took a whole lot of trying but I managed to contain my cum as she worked her lips and tongue up and down the shaft of my cock. “Be careful,” I said as she took the tip of my cock into her mouth and began running her tongue around it, “I’m pretty new at this, I’d hate to cum in your mouth.” “Honey, I insist upon it,” she smiled, “but we’ll see how long we can make it last.” With that she took my cock back into her mouth and began sucking up and down my shaft.

Since the blow job Cindy had given me lasted all of about 15 seconds, this one had to count as my best blow job ever. I felt almost like an old pro at it when suddenly I felt the cum rising. “I’m cumming,” I cried, grabbing the back of her head. “Don’t spill any, I want it all,” she mumbled and went to work catching my cum and continued sucking until the very last drop was squeezed from my cock to her lips. “Yummm,” she purred as she swallowed, “very good.”

She returned her lips to my cock which had started to lose a bit of its strength and kept sucking me until I was as hard as ever. “Let’s fuck,” she whispered as she crawled up my body. She spread her pussy lips with one hand and used her other to guide my swollen cock into her wet, slippery pussy. Once the tip of my cock had penetrated her pussy lips, she held them wide with both hands and slowly slid her pussy down around the shaft of my cock. “Oh that’s good,” she just kept chanting. Apparently she had never had an eleven inch cock either which she confirmed by saying, “I’ve never had a cock this big inside my pussy. It feels so good.

After several minutes of sliding and backing off and sliding again, she eventually worked my cock all the way home. She sat on my hips and ground her pussy into me for several moments as I reached up and grabbed her tits. I massaged them and squeezed her nips between my fingers while she closed her eyes and concentrated on my cock. “So fucking good,” she kept murmuring. Eventually she began riding up and down my rod as I continued to play with her titties.

To be continued …

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