My College Years Pt 1

To be quite frank, I was a nerd in high school. I was in AP math, I enjoyed physics, and I could take a PC apart and put it back together; and most of the time it still worked. I was average height but no matter how many hours I spent in the weight room, I never could add any muscle mass to my slight frame. I was captain of the swim team in a school that worshiped football and basketball. I dated a bit, but I never could get up the courage to ask any of the hot girls out. I dated the “good girls” whose idea of a good time was holding hands and perhaps a quick kiss at the end of the night.

To make a long story short, I was one of the only guys who never got laid in high school. It’s wasn’t from lack of desire. I guess I just considered myself too much of a geek to make any moves. That all began to change the summer after graduation. And it was all thanks to a woman 15 years my senior who was kind enough to initiate me into the art of sex.

‘Mrs. C’ was older but she was red hot. She managed to keep a slender waist, had long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and had a great set of knockers, and was beautiful. Oh’ she was also the mother of my best friend, Josh. She had married very young and had Josh. Or the other way around; I was never quite sure. But after she had Josh’s sister, Dawn, she divorced. Looking back, she had always had a very tight body and never seemed to attempt to conceal it. Around the house she either was bra-less with a t-shirt or sports bra and generally wore tight shorts or sweat pants. If we went to the beach, she would wear a two-piece suit that barely managed to cover more than her nipples, which usually stood erect. I guess around 12 or 13 years of age I started to notice these things, but stored it far to the back of my mind as this was my best friend’s mother. I did think of her from time to time when I masturbated, but tried to push thoughts of her body out of my mind.

Meanwhile, her son was bonking just about every babe in school. He as on the football and basketball team. He was doing three or four of the cheerleaders along with his girlfriend of the month. He used to brag about doing a cheerleader before a game and then put it to his girlfriend after the game. He was both my friend and hero. I never dreamed I’d ever make it to his league, but thanks to his mother, in some ways I’ve eclipsed him. This is the story of that journey.

The summer after graduation Josh got a job but I didn’t have to because I had a scholarship to college. I may not have gotten laid in high school, but at least I had earned a free ride through college. Anyway, one morning I was hanging around the house trying to decide what to do when the phone rang. It was Mrs. C. Her computer had died and she wondered if I could come over and take a look at it. “I know you’re good with computers, “she said. “So perhaps you could take a look at it and tell me what’s wrong.” I told her no problem and headed over.

Mrs C led me into the rec room where the computer was. Josh was working and Dawn was at band camp, so it was just the two of us. I sat down and fired up the computer. “I hope you don’t mind if I work out while you look at it, ” she said, hopping onto the tread mill. “No problem.” I sat and watched her while the computer booted up. She was wearing a white cut off t-shirt and shorts. Her boobs bobbed up and down as she jogged on the treadmill. I must have been staring in awe because she smiled and said, “I usually don’t wear any top when I exercise but I thought I’d better throw this on due to company.” I shook myself from my stupor and told her not to go to any trouble on my account before turning back to the computer screen. I felt my cock start to grow as I heard some rustling and then her sigh, “That’s better.” I could only imagine her jogging topless and was afraid to turn around. I didn’t want her to see my swollen cock. I put all my powers of concentration toward the computer, trying to block out the sounds of a topless lady breathing heavily 3 or 4 feet behind me.

Being the geek that I was, I actually managed to push her out of my mind for a few moments as I concentrated on the screen. I jumped slightly as she must have walked up behind me and laid a hand on my shoulder. I felt a few drops of sweat hit me as she asked, “Can you find anything wrong with it?” I felt her naked boobs press into my shoulder as she bent over and peered into the screen with me. It was my turn to start breathing heavy. This was the closest I had ever been to a naked breast in my life and it was my best friend’s mother. I didn’t know what to do, but my cock certainly did. It was bursting at my pants, trying to get out. “Well perhaps you can help me with something else then, ” she said, spinning my chair around and standing up. “Anything,” I mumbled trying to swallow.

“Do I look old to you?” she asked. I looked up and down her body. She was covered with a glistening coat of sweat. She had let her hair down. Her breasts sagged only slightly. They looked to me nearly as perfect as the Penthouse pictures which were the only thing I had to compare them with. As I stared, a droplet of sweat ran down one boob and dropped from her nipple to the floor. “You look wonderful.” I managed to finally say. She locked my eyes with hers and slowly pulled down her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties. “How about now?” she asked. I stared for several moments in disbelief before managing to mumble, “You look perfect.” She tossed her head back and laughed, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“No Ma’am,” I replied as my face reddened. “You’re the first naked female I’ve ever seen in person.”

“Really?” she said, “A young man as cute and sexy as you? I don’t believe you.”

“I never thought of myself that way.” I replied.

“Well,” she winked, “I can see we’re going to have to enroll you in ‘Mama C’s Summer Sex School’ and teach you to be more confident.”

“That sounds like fun,” I managed to smile back. “First let’s get you out of those clothes and evaluate your equipment,” she said, helping me to my feet. By this time my cock and hormones had taken over and I grabbed her monstrous tits and squeezed them and sucked her nipples as she removed my shorts and shirt. She stepped back and I once again grew embarrassed, as she looked me over. When her eyes got to my waist they grew wide and she caught her breath. “Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed. “That may be the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. How big are you?” she added as she took my cock into her hands and was gently stroking me. “I’m not sure, ” I replied through clenched teeth. “We’ll just have to find out, ” she laughed. “I think there’s a ruler in here somewhere,” she added, rummaging through the desk.

Mrs C was bending over and I stared at her perfect ass and pussy, which she playfully waved in the air as she searched. If I had known how, I would have mounted her from behind and fucked her ass off right then and there. Before I could do anything, she turned around with a ruler. “Let’s see,” she said, taking my cock in one hand. “Eleven fucking inches!” she exclaimed, “Honey, where have you been all my life? Sit down and let me see if I can fit that into my mouth,” she added, pushing me back into the chair.

While I had been masturbating since I was 12 or 13 I had never actually compared my dick to anyone. The guys in the fuck films we’d watch generally had dicks my size, some even larger. I guess I figured most guys had 10 or 11-inch cocks. “Honey,” Mrs. C told me as she took the tip of my cock between her lips, “If the girls at school had known this they’d have fucked you crazy. I’m just lucky to have gotten to you first.” With that she started licking the shaft of my swollen, throbbing cock. When she took me into her mouth, I closed my eyes and grabbed the back of her head and started cumming … and cuming … and cumming some more.

It had been a few weeks since I had beat off and I had a lot of cum. She just smiled, stroked me gently and sucked the tip of my cock. A little bit of cum trickled down her chin, but, amazingly, she managed to swallow nearly all of my cum.”I’m sorry,” I said sheepishly. “Honey,” she replied, after swallowing and licking her lips, “Never be sorry for giving a lady a load of cum. I loved it. You have very sweet tasting cum … and besides,” she added with a wink, “We’re just getting started. We have all day and, if we need to, all summer to get it right.” With that she took my cock back into her mouth and gently swallowed me. I massaged her tits as she did her part to keep my cock rock hard and ready. “I can’t believe this is happening, ” I told her as I stroked her hair. “Believe it,” she smiled, taking my cock from her mouth. She rubbed it against her tits as she added, “I think it’s time for your next lesson”

Mrs C helped me from the chair once again and we got down on the floor. She grabbed her ankles and spread her legs high and wide. I stared longingly at her beautiful pussy. She shaved most of her pussy area, leaving only a small patch of short hairs at the top of her cunt. “How does it look?” she asked. “Fucking amazing,” I replied. “We’ll call this position one, ” she continued. “Your job is to take that wonderful, monstrous cock of yours and slide it inside my pussy. I need your cock inside me bad; it’s been so fucking long. We can work on foreplay next time. Do you think you can do that? You’d better take it nice and slow,” she added. “Not only has it been a long time since I’ve been laid, but I’ve never had a cock that big inside me. I can’t wait to take you, but just the same, we’d better start out slow.”

The way she held her legs up and spread her pussy nicely, there was no problem for me to guide the tip of my cock between her swollen pussy lips. She caught her breath as I entered her warm, wet pussy and held it as I slowly inched my way inside. It was the most wonderful sensation of my life and it was all I could do to keep from ramming my cock home. As it was, when I was about half way inside, she let go of her legs, grabbed my ass and pulled my cock all the way in. As I hit bottom, she exploded in what I guessed was an orgasm. She started crying loudly, her body shook, and she held my cock deep inside her pussy while she came. I licked her nipples while she came, which seemed to enhance her screams of ecstasy.

Finally her body stopped shaking and she smiled and opened her eyes. She pulled me to her and we kissed long and deep. Her tongue darted everywhere in my mouth and I responded my shoving my tongue into hers. “Was that an orgasm?” I asked when we finally broke for air “Honey,” she sighed, “That wasn’t just an orgasm. That was one of the wildest orgasms of my life. Fuck me slowly now and let’s see if we can do that again,” she added with a grin. I responded as directed and began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her slippery pussy. “My oh my, but your cock feels good,” she said. “My pussy has never been filled like this. Do you feel like you have to cum?” she asked me. “I’m doing pretty good right now,” I replied, continuing to fuck her wonderful pussy. “Great,” she sighed, “You can cum whenever you have to, but the longer we can make this last, the better.”

I went back to work on her tits, rubbing them together and licking them and sucking her hard nipples. She grabbed my ass and helped draw my cock back into her pussy every time I slid it out. After about a half hour of good steady fucking she started rubbing her clit with one hand, the other still holding my ass. “You can fuck me a little harder and faster now,” she sighed. I picked up the pace and really started fucking her high and hard. Her moans grew louder as I felt myself getting ready to cum again. As if reading my mind she asked, “Are you ready to cum again, baby?”

“Oh yeah,” I smiled. “I want another load of your good, hot cum deep inside my pussy this time. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied.”Then fuck me hard, Kenny, fuck me hard!” I increased my fucking even more and really started slamming my cock deep inside her pussy. “That’s right babe,” she encouraged me, “Fuck my fucking ass off!” After that her moans turned to cries again and her words turned to gibberish as her body started shaking again. I barely noticed as by this time cum was starting to squirt from the tip of my cock. I slammed my cock deep inside her and held it there as my cum exploded into her pussy. She screamed each time a shot of cum hit the back of her pussy. I didn’t have quite as much cum left, but it wasn’t short by very much. Cum was dripping from her pussy as I collapsed into he, we lay panting on the floor.

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