Mother & Lover

I went to visit my mom. She had been a widow for three years and she lived alone. She was wearing a silk black dress that showed her chest clear down between the swells of her breasts. Her large tits looked like two melons trying to escape from their confinement. She excused herself and told me she was invited to one of her friends’ birthday. At the age of 51 mom looked gorgeous! As she realized she was being sized up, she stuck out her breasts a little further. I found myself increasingly turned on. I was feeling excited and embarrassed all at once. My cock started to grow. n “How do I look?” “You’re beautiful!” I blurted. I blushed bright red, embarrassed when I softly said “You look … sexy” She smiled. “Why THANK you, baby. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in a long time.” She was staring at the bulge behind my zipper while she came over to me. She hugged me, saying “It is so nice having you here. Thank you.”

I felt her soft body against mine. I felt her large soft breasts. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, but I took a moment to enjoy it. She kissed me lightly on the lips, not a passionate but not an innocent mother-son peck either. My physical body was already taking its own course of action in handling the ongoing situation. She was no more my mother, she was a woman, a woman I wanted to fuck. I wanted her and couldn’t deny that. I was sure she could feel my erection against her tummy. I increased the pressure on her lips. I sampled the exciting taste of her lipstick, and my tongue was trying to enter her mouth. Willingly, she opened her mouth, consenting to the stimulating assault.

Happily I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue. She responded to my daring act, pushing her tongue into my mouth as well. She captured my tongue between her lips and suckled it. I pulled back, to stare into her wide eyes. “Wow,” she said breathlessly. “We probably shouldn’t do that anymore.” “I rather liked it” I grinned. “We probably shouldn’t do it again. I liked it … too much.” she said. “You make me feel strange,” she commented. “I’m glad that you liked what we just did,” I said. “Why don’t you kiss me again?” she asked. “You said we shouldn’t,” I responded simply. “Maybe once more wouldn’t be so bad” she responded. I held her more closely, in a full body embrace, and kissed her lips. Her mouth was closed, but after a moment I felt her part her lips. I did the same, and we kissed, quite gently.

“Nice,” she said, closing her eyes. I probed gently with my tongue, feeling hers against mine. I opened my mouth wider, curling my tongue down, feeling hers respond. I lifted my left hand and rested it on her breast, and stroked her breast with my thumb. Drawing back my tongue, I closed my lips against hers again, and our lips moved together. An invisible force set my hands into motion. I caressed the side of her right breast as I pressed my stiff cock against her. Cupping her breast, I squeezed, stroking her nipple with my thumb. Our tongues met again, extended, and we licked each other with enthusiasm. Then my hand stroked the round, firm surface of her ass, feeling the fabric slipping over her panties. I found her panty line and ran my finger along it, streaking across the expanse of her cheeks. My hands cupped the bottom surface of her ass, squeezing and pulling her cheeks apart.

A soft moan of excitement and pleasure rose softly from her throat. I had often fantasized about what it would be like to see mom naked “I want to see you buck naked!” I grinned. “I feel so strange,” she explained. “OK, I’ll go get changed, and then you can see me,” she said shyly. She took my hand and led me to her room. Mom ducked into the bathroom. She came back wearing a thin, almost see-through robe. She took her robe off. She was wearing high heels, black stockings and suspender belt, black lacy bra and matching panties. The crotch of her panties had sunk between her fat cunt lips. I let my eyes drink in the lusciousness of her full matronly body. “You look so beautiful!” Reaching behind her she unsnapped her bra and let it fall off. Her breasts were big. They stuck out like big firm melons. I feasted my eyes on her naked breasts. Full and firm, they jutted out magnificently, and her dark nipples were engorged. “You like my breasts?” she preened. “Your ‘breasts are perfect” I said, taking a step closer to her. “They’re the perfect size …” I took another step “The perfect shape …” I took another step and was now right in front of her. “The nipples … they’re erect.”

I placed my hands under her enormous breasts, and lifted them. Then I began to cup and caress them. I stroked, squeezed and kissed her beautiful breasts. My lips captured her nipple. I bit it gently as I sucked and she shuddered with the joy it caused. Her hands came up and she held my head to her breast. I continued loving her nipples, back and forth until she was constantly moaning. “Ohhhh yessssss” My hands slid around and cupped her naked buttocks and I kissed her chest right between her heaving breasts. Then I kissed downward, licking her belly button, then tracing my tongue tip all over her abdomen. She pulled down her panties, turned and went to the bed. Laying on her back, she pulled her feet up to her ass and spreading her knees apart, exposing her bald pussy to me. I stared at her pussy. The split of her cunt without hair above it looked like it bulged from her loins. Her pussy lips were long.

“God, Mom,” I whispered, “you have a beautiful cunt.” She was enjoying my admiring look. “Take off your clothes!” I stripped myself naked immediately, exposing my hard cock. Her pussy was shaved smooth as a baby’s, and as if drawn by a magnet, without any hesitation I climbed onto the bed and, placed my face between her legs. She spread her legs apart even more. I happily placed my mouth on her cunt. I pulled her fat pussy lips apart, exposing the dark space that was her fuck tunnel. She cried out as my lips and tongue split her vulva and I plunged my tongue into her cunt. “Oh god!!! Lick me pleeease!” I licked and sucked her pussy then I licked upward and sucked her clit. Almost instantly she had an orgasm. She squeezed her thighs around my face and ground her pussy into my face and tongue as much as she could.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck your mother! Now!” I rose, positioned myself between her thighs, and held my cock against her vulva. I pressed my cock against the lips of her pussy, letting it just part them. I rubbed the head of it into her lubricated opening, coating it with the slippery juices of her body. I pushed. As the head of my cock slowly entered her pussy, a gasp of exhilaration escaped from mom’s throat. My cock slipped in and disappeared, its length swallowed up by the engulfing cunt lips standing open. “Oh, you feel so good. You are so hard, I love it!” I rammed my cock into her hole as hard as I could. My dick was embedded in her ripe slit, and my shaft was pulsating. Grabbing her behind her knees, I spread her legs apart even further. Her crotch lifted higher still into the air as the hole between her legs gaped opened beneath me.

As I continued to thrust my cock into her cunt, grunting she met each of my firm drops into her cunt with an equally solid, upward thrust of her own hips. Her buttocks slowly moved to the rhythm of my thrusts, pushing upwards to complement my penetration. I plunged deeper and deeper into her. “Ah…..oh God….!” she cried out as my cock seemed to reach the depth of her womanhood. Her arms spread out like a body crucified as her fingers dug into the bed sheets. “Oh, fuck me. Harder…Harder,” she grasped. My pace increased and I continued pounding into her, harder. She was making a low, growling, animal-like noise in her throat. “Oh, baby, that’s it, fuck me! Fuck me harder. Please don’t stop.” My cock continued to assault her pussy, again and again and again. I whimpered, “I can’t hold it much longer”.

Finally, I let myself go and I spurt violently into her. I came, my cock throbbed powerfully and sperm shot deep inside of my mother.

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