Gloria’s Panties Ch. 09

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Chapter 9 – Kathleen’s Panties

It was Sunday morning and my wife had just left to spend the day with Gloria. I know awkward right. Gloria had said to me on Thursday that she had some issues to deal with at home. I learned from the wife yesterday, what the issue was. Gloria had thrown her ex-husband out again. Although Gloria’s sister Kathleen was now staying with her for a few weeks, the wife wanted to go over to show her support as well.

I was happy for Gloria. Her ex wasn’t that great to begin with. I also figured it would make things easier for us to get together more often. I know, I have issues. Regardless, I was looking forward to having the house all to myself for most of the day. I’d spend a little quality time with my panty and photo collections. Then I would sit back and watch football.

I started with laying out my growing panty collection. I had ten pairs now, six from Gloria, one pair from a girl named Ashley, and three pairs from Erica.

I laid out the panties that belonged to Gloria first, in the order I had taken or received them. The first pair was the white satin panties with lace around the waistband, that I had stolen from her years ago. The second pair was the bright pink cotton panties, that I had also stolen just a few weeks ago. The next three were all cotton panties that she had given me. A white pair with little purple flowers and dark purple trim, a pair with large horizontal white and light pink stripes, and a pair of thin striped panties of various shades of purple with some white and grey stripes mixed in. The sixth pair was the cotton panties with the large white and light blue stripes, that I kind of took from her last Thursday.

Next I laid out what was still my favorite. A pair of maroon silk panties that belonged to the nineteen year old daughter of a friend of Gloria’s. Gloria had stolen them for me after discovering I’d been in the girl’s hamper. They were actually made of nylon and some other material that I couldn’t pronounce, however they felt as soft as silk.

The last three pairs I laid out were Erica’s. The panties were all cotton and all had thin strips of white embroidery along the waist bands and leg openings. They were identical, except for their color. One pair was a pale yellow, one was white, and one was a pale blue. I thought for a moment about the missing pairs that Erica had teased me about. My guess was they were a pale pink and a pale green. Hopefully someday I would find out.

After admiring them for a moment, I leaned over to enjoy the aroma of each. I skipped several of the pairs that belonged to Gloria, as those had been washed, lingering the longest on the most recent additions to my collection.

As I was trying to decide which pair I would use to masturbate my cell phone rang, it was my wife. She wanted me to come over to Gloria’s. Kathleen was having a problem with her laptop and needed it fixed so she could do her homework. Given it was a Sunday, there wasn’t anywhere they could take it. In addition to that, they had a clogged bathroom sink that they wanted me to try and clear.

I started to say, “I didn’t want to miss…” However my wife cut me off by saying Gloria would record the game for me so I wouldn’t miss it. She also said I had to leave right away so I could get there before they left to bring Kathleen to her soccer practice. So much for my peaceful day at home.

After a quick shower, and about a 30 minute ride, I arrived at Gloria’s house just before noontime. I brought some tools for the sink, and my laptop in case I needed to download any software. My wife met me at the door and thanked me for helping out. She brought me to the kitchen, where Kathleen’s laptop awaited me. My wife told me they were going to bring Kathleen to her practice, and then go to the mall, so I would be left in peace to watch the game. She added that Gloria had already made me a sandwich for lunch, and that they would be back around five and we could order a pizza or something.

I started with the laptop first. I needed the password so my wife went off to find Kathleen. Gloria walked into the kitchen as my wife was leaving. She was wearing her sexy black leggings and a long sleeve buttoned blouse. The blouse had vertical stripes of various widths that alternated randomly between shades of brown, tan, and white. The blouse ended at the middle of her hips, not quite covering her luscious lower body. I swear she was wearing the leggings just to tease me, knowing how much they turn me on. As my eyes traveled down her sexy legs, I could just make out another pair of those sexy lace socks, that were visible along the top edges of the black flats she was wearing.

Gloria leaned forward and gave me a quick, rather platonic hug. As she did though, I got a great view down her shirt, the tops of her sexy little breasts on display for me. She was wearing the white satin and lace bra I had bought her. I was now sure she was going out of her way to tease me. Most likely she was wearing the matching panties as well. It turned me on knowing what her bra and panties looked like.

Needless to say, between the leggings which I find so hot, picturing Gloria’s feet in just her lace socks, and the glimpse down her shirt, I had stiffened. As she was thanking me for coming, my wife came back into the kitchen with Kathleen.

I hadn’t seen Kathleen in probably six or seven months. She was nineteen now and was as cute as hell. She was a little on the heavy side, however like most girls her age she liked to wear tight fitting clothing. Clothing that was easily, a size or two, too small for her. She also gave me a quick hug, but much more energetic, while thanking me for helping her out. As she hugged me, I took in the wonderful scent of soap and baby powder that was always prevalent with Gloria.

My wife and I used to spend a lot of weekends here when things were better between Gloria and her husband. A lot of cookouts, afternoons by the pool, and late night card games. Quite often Kathleen would be over, especially in the summer. Even then she was a little heavy, but a pretty girl, always quick to smile. I used to call her my favorite little sister, which usually got me a hug. Gloria would tease her about having a crush on me and she would blush. When she did her cheeks would become a crimson red.

Although a little heavy as I mentioned, Kathleen’s body felt firm as my hand lingered for a moment on her waist during our quick embrace. A full sized yet firm body, I guess that’s one of the benefits of youth. I quickly ran my eyes over her cute little soccer outfit. She had on a tight red t-shirt, tighter black shorts, and red athletic socks that went up to just below the knees. I started to wonder if I should ask Gloria to dress up in the same type of outfit sometime.

Kathleen was a little taller than Gloria, with much larger hips and breasts. She had black hair as well, only longer. They resembled each other enough to tell they were sisters. Only their age and the obvious differences in body size, distinguished the two apart.

Kathleen gave me her password then knelt down to look into a gym bag, that she had dropped on the floor just before giving me that hug. I watched her as her tight little red shirt lifted slightly, exposing the waistband of a pair of white nylon panties that were peeking just above her shorts. I couldn’t help but stare. The tag at the back of her panties was curled up and sticking above the waistband. “Size 9”, in upside down lettering was clearly visible on the tag. God she was a healthy girl. I realized then I would have plenty of time to look through her panty drawer while everyone was gone and actually got stiffer.

Gloria and my wife were now standing across the table from me, having a conversation I wasn’t hearing. I continued to glance at Kathleen’s backside, mesmerized by her tight black shorts and her exposed panties. Above the exposed panties, her t-shirt hugged her round waist line, tapering slightly as it reached above her hips, then widening again as it covered the back of her bra and up to her shoulders. Even her bra appeared to be a size too small, leaving indentations in her flesh that were clearly visible through the red t-shirt.

Figuring it was safe, I grabbed my phone and stealthily took a couple of pictures of Kathleen, just before she stood. I continued to snap away, getting a great view of the backside of her shorts and then her profile as she turned to join the conversation. No one was paying attention to me, so I took a few more pictures of her standing next to Gloria. At one point she looked right at me as I snapped a picture, which only added to the excitement.

Feeling like I was pushing my luck, I slipped my phone back into my pocket, and turned my attention back to Kathleen’s laptop. I actually had some butterflies in my stomach from my perverted picture taking.

The only problem with the laptop was Explorer, which was frozen. I tried to close it through the task manager without any luck. I asked Kathleen when the problem started, and she said this morning when she clicked a link on Facebook. I tried Facebook and the page opened without a problem, however when I tried a link it wouldn’t load. It appeared that all I needed to do was to unfreeze Explorer. I went to the backup program and selected an entry from yesterday to restore the laptop to the settings at that time.

“It should be all set in a few minutes.” I said.

Kathleen gave me a big smile and said thanks. Gloria then said she would show me the problem with the sink, then they were going to head out.

I followed Gloria down the hall with my tools in hand. The look of her ass in her black leggings was fabulous. I could just make out some telltale panty lines as her body swayed seductively in front of me. She stepped into the guest bathroom which was on the right. As I turned in myself, I glanced back to the kitchen to ensure Kathleen and my wife were still talking.

Knowing we didn’t have a lot of time, I walked up to Gloria and gave her a quick kiss. It was only for a moment though as she pushed me away and said, “Stop that, you’re going to get us caught!”

I knelt down then, opening the vanity doors to have a look under the sink. Gloria had already removed everything and placed a bucket under the sink for me. As I stood back up, Gloria said, “I saw you checking out my sister.”

I could tell by the little smile she had, that she probably wasn’t mad at me, however I decided to play dumb, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do! She accidentally flashed a little panty and it turned you on.” Gloria responded, as she reached down and gave my now hard cock a squeeze. It throbbed in her little hand, getting harder. She squeezed again, holding it for a second, and said, “See you’re hard. I bet you’d just love to pull down those tight little shorts of hers and get at her panties.”

I thought I’d tease Gloria a little so I said, “Your sister is getting prettier and prettier all the time.”

“I knew it, my little sister turned you on.” Gloria said as she squeezed my cock a little harder, then ran her cupped hand across its length with a few wonderful strokes.

I just stood there, enjoying the feel of Gloria’s hand, then said, “Maybe you like the fact that your sister and her panties might have turned me on. Maybe it turns you on.”

Gloria actually blushed a little then. I wondered if she really was turned on so I reached down and pressed my hand against her mound. I could feel her warmth as I gave her a gentle squeeze that caused a little whimper to escape. She gave my now fully erect cock another squeeze in return, then let go. As she stepped back, pushing my hand away from her, Kathleen was in the bathroom doorway half shouting, “You fixed it!”

Gloria and I practically jumped at the sound of Kathleen’s voice. I didn’t think she saw or heard anything, however her cheeks were a little flushed. She came up to me and gave me another one of her energetic hugs. She pressed against me as she said, thank you, thank you, thank you. My hands went to her hips, more to hold her back than to return the hug, because I was worried she would feel my arousal as she pressed against me.

It was no use. The pressure from Kathleen’s body caused my cock to involuntarily twitch as she was saying her second thank you. I’m sure she felt it, however she didn’t pull away. Either she understood what was happening or she didn’t. Either way the feel of her young body against me was turning me on even more.

“Time to go sis.” Gloria said, as she left the bathroom and went back down the hall. Kathleen let go of me as Gloria was leaving. As she stepped back slightly, she looked up at me. She had a big smile on her face, her cheeks now clearly a crimson red. I was positive then that she had felt my cock pressing against her. I still had my hands resting lightly on her hips. She thanked me again and I told her, when they got back, I would show her how to fix her computer herself.

Kathleen then surprised me with a peck on my cheek. It was quick, and a little awkward, but it was sweet. As she turned away to the right, my left had slid across her little belly and then fell away. It wasn’t on purpose, it was just because she had turned away so quickly. Normally it wouldn’t be anything that even caused a second thought. For some reason though, the brief feel of her soft midsection was erotic as hell.

I watched Kathleen’s gorgeous plump ass, in the tight black shorts, as she walked out of the bathroom. I think she caught my wandering eyes, as she glanced back before disappearing from sight. I was now very glad that I had come over. As soon as they left I was going to find a pair of her panties and rub my over excited member for all it was worth.

My wife poked her head in the doorway soon after Kathleen had left. Fortunately I was already kneeling at the sink so my arousal wasn’t noticeable. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek as well, saying thank you again. Then she left. I quickly undid the clean out and let the sink drain. Fortunately the fitting was in good shape so it would be a quick fix. I actually had the hair, and who knows what else, cleaned out and the plumbing back together in minutes. I cleaned up, then brought my tools back to the kitchen.

I now had hours to look through Kathleen’s and Gloria’s rooms and satisfy my panty cravings. I decided to start with Kathleen’s room first. As I opened her bedroom door, which was across from the guest bathroom, my phone buzzed. It was a text from Gloria, “I know you’re going to misbehave. I want all the details later.” God she knew me too well.

I hit pay dirt as soon as I entered Kathleen’s room. Sitting on the floor in a puddle was a pair of light blue cotton pajama bottoms. The pajama bottoms had a random pattern of little yellow stars of varying sizes. They were cute. What was really exciting though was the pair of light yellow nylon panties that were inside them. By the way the panties fit inside the pajamas, it was obvious she had pulled them off together. Without disturbing where they were, I knelt down and brought my face to the white cotton liner that was at the center of the open panties.

I inhaled, excited that I would finally get a hint of Kathleen’s most intimate smell. I could almost taste her as I inhaled her earthly scent which included the smell of soap and baby powder as well. The overall scent was exhilarating, making my cock throb. I stood then and striped from the waist down. My hard cock, now standing out straight, just waiting for some relief.

I took a picture of the yellow panties and pajamas, then started opening drawers to Kathleen’s dresser. I quickly found what I was looking for in the top two drawers. The left was full of bras and the right was full of panties. I took a picture of each open drawer, and then pulled out a bra. It was made of nylon and was white just like the panties she currently had on. I immediately looked inside and found the tag, 34C. Yes, much bigger than Gloria. The bra wasn’t thickly padded so I wondered then if she had hard little nipples like Gloria.

Other than a little lace applied over the area where the cups met, it was a pretty basic style. What made it sexy was that it belonged to Kathleen. I wrapped one of the soft cups around my cock and started to stroke myself, while returning my attention to the drawer. Most of her bras were almost identical, so I was willing to bet she was currently wearing a bra that was just like the one wrapped around my cock. After a few strokes, I laid the white bra on her bed, then went back to the dresser drawer and pulled out a couple more bras. First a bright pink bra, and then a light yellow bra. Both bras were the same style as the white bra that I was just wrapped around my cock. Near the bottom of the drawer was a white bra in which the cups were made up entirely of lace. It was definitely the sexiest looking bra in the drawer.

I laid out the lacy white bra, the yellow bra, and the bright pink bra next to the white bra that was already on the bed. I took a picture of each, giving my cock a few squeezes and rubs as I pictured how Kathleen might look in each of them. I then went to her panty drawer.

Like the bras, most of Kathleen’s panties were similar in style. I pulled out a white nylon pair first. It was size 9, and identical to the pair she was wearing. The tag was the same and it had the same triangular stitch along the waist band. With my left hand I wrapped the white nylon panties around my cock and started to gently stroke it. The material felt great against my cock which was now as excited as it gets.

I quickly pulled out a white pair in which the entire top half of the front panel was made of lace. It was a match to the sexy white bra. I threw it on the bed along with the white pair that I had been stroking my cock with. At that point I had to stop rubbing myself or I would have cum a lot sooner than I wanted to.

Most of Kathleen’s panties were pretty plain, however I did find I nice white cotton pair with “Hanes” printed in pink letters along the waistband. I don’t know why a simple pair of white cotton panties turns me on so much. I also pulled out a pair of older looking kids panties that were near the bottom of the drawer. They were cotton, light pink, and had a darker pink trim. I say they were kid’s panties because they had three little Disney princesses on them, and a faded tag with, “Girls 14”, on it. I was pretty sure that translated into a size 6 or 7 in a pair of women’s panties.

My wife is a Disney fan, so not only have I seen all the movies, but I knew the names of the three characters now staring back at it me. I chuckled when I realized it was the sluttiest three of all the Disney characters. Rapunzel was on the left, Jasmine was on the right, and Ariel was in the middle. Rapunzel had on a green, ankle length, peasants dress. Jasmine had on light blue silk pants, and a matching halter. Ariel, in human form, was wearing a lilac colored southern bell gown with a sloping neckline. So maybe Ariel isn’t slutty, however she was easily the sexiest of the three. The clothing for each character was form fitting and actually sexually alluring, something I think is done for dads who have to sit through endless replays of the movies.

The princess panties must have been Kathleen’s favorite for a long time. They were really worn with the stitching coming loose at the seams. I had to imagine they were too small for her now, but I couldn’t help thinking how she would look in them. I wondered then if she actually still wore them.

I laid out the princess panties along with the others I had selected and took a picture of each. I then put everything back, except for the princess panties. I then grabbed the yellow satin panties from the floor and laid down on Kathleen’s bed. I wrapped the soft pink cotton princess panties around my cock and started stroking myself, while I brought the yellow satin panties to my face.

It was so wrong, but so exciting, to be masturbating with a pair of Kathleen’s panties while enjoying the scent of a pair she had worn. Even more exciting was how wrong it was to be masturbating with a pair of panties she had worn when she was younger.

At that moment I remembered being here for Easter about six months ago. Kathleen would have been eighteen then. She had worn this cute pastel green dress with small white polka dots all over it. I remembered it, because I had masturbated for weeks after as I thought about her in that dress. Of course it helped that Gloria had shared a photo of her in that cute dress on Facebook.

The dress had fit snugly around Kathleen’s chest and midsection, then flowed from her hips to just below her knees. The dress was sleeveless, with a high neckline, and had a zipper that traveled halfway down her back. At the time, I had imagined doing all kinds of taboo things to her young body. I also remembered, that in my fantasies, she had been wearing a pair of white cotton panties and a white cotton bra.

This time though, I thought about Kathleen’s cute little princess panties under that polka dotted dress. I was so turned on, my cock was throbbing constantly now. I would look down at the pink panties wrapped around my cock, then imagine her with that dress pushed up and the slutty little princesses covering her tight young mound. I thought about fondling her young pussy through those panties. I thought about her pressing back against my hand, her face turning flushed as she gave into my inappropriate touches. I thought about pressing my cock against those panties and how it would feel as the warm soft cotton caressed my aching member. I thought about her spreading her legs as I pulled the little panties aside, then yelling out as I drove my cock into her tight young pussy for the very first time.

The impure thoughts of violating Kathleen’s young body was so exciting, I came within minutes. It was incredible. It felt so good as I released the excitement that had been building since I had arrived here. I came so hard, lost in how good it felt, lost in my taboo fantasy of Gloria’s little sister.

Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about what was really happening and filled Kathleen’s sexy little cotton panties with cum. The light pink cotton turned dark in color as my cum saturated the material. I continued to slowly stroke my cock with the cum slicked material long after I was spent. As I finally came down I started to get nervous about what I was going to do about the mess I had just made.

As I was thinking about how I could clean Kathleen’s panties, my phone buzzed. It almost gave me a heart attack. It was a text from Gloria, “Have you been through Kathleen’s panty drawer yet?”

I responded with, “How did you know?”

“You’re so bad.”

“Are you mad?”

“No, tell me what you did.”

“Are you sure?”


Gloria was unbelievable with how she has been accepting of my panty fetish. I figured it might turn her on, so I took a picture of Kathleen’s cum filled panties that were still wrapped around my semi-hard cock. Then I sent it.

About five minutes went by with no response. I was thinking I had gone too far. I was thinking that Gloria was probably pissed at me. She was probably thinking I was a sick pervert who shouldn’t have been left alone in her house. Then my phone rang. It was Gloria calling.

I said hello. Gloria whispered a hello back then told me she knew I was going to masturbate with her little sister’s panties. I asked her where she was and she told me she was hiding in a bathroom stall at the mall.

“Did you like the picture?” I asked.

“Yes and no. It was kind of hot, but I think it made me jealous. Did you think about her while you touched yourself?”

Now I felt guilty. Of course I thought about Kathleen, however I didn’t want to tell Gloria about me imagining her sister with her dress hiked up and me driving my cock into her while she was wearing her little Disney panties.

After a moment of silence, Gloria added, “It’s okay, I honestly don’t mind. I was a little jealous about Ashley’s panties too, but taking them for you and imagining what you do with them, turns me on because it turns you on. So what were you thinking about while you used her panties, did you imagine her in her soccer outfit?”


“What were you thinking about then?”

“Last Easter.”

“Last Easter?”

“The green dress she wore.”

“You’re so naughty.” Gloria said.

“Are you turned on?”

“Yes, but I can’t do anything about it right now, I have to go. I hope you didn’t ruin those panties. Throw them in my hamper so she doesn’t find them. And try to be good.”

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I felt a little better that Gloria hadn’t totally freaked out on me, however I still felt like I had been pushing my luck. I cleaned myself up, then attempted to return Kathleen’s yellow panties to the floor. No matter how I tried to arrange them, so they would look like they did when I had entered her room, I couldn’t. After several attempts I thought the only way I could do it was to put them on, along with her pajama bottoms, then take them off like she would have.

The thought of putting on Kathleen’s yellow satin panties, actually caused my cock to stir again. I love women’s panties. I love everything about them. I don’t wear them though. I have to admit, I’ve tried on a few pairs of the wife’s panties over the years. But she’s a size 6, like Gloria, so they were always too tight. The size 9 panties I had in my hands though, would probably fit just fine. What the hell.

I pulled on the yellow panties and my cock came to life again. The soft fabric felt wonderful as I slid it up my legs and then pressed my cock inside them. My cock tented the satin fabric, however due to their size the panties still fit almost snugly around my waist. I felt like I was crossing some kind of invisible line that shouldn’t be crossed. I didn’t care though. The look and feel of Kathleen’s panties on me was so erotic. I knew then this wouldn’t be the last time I tried on a pair of her panties.

I quickly laid down on Kathleen’s bed and proceeded to rub my cock again through the light yellow material. The panties felt cool against my skin as I vigorously rubbed my full hardness. I had just cum moments ago, however this new depravity of mine, had me ready to cum again.

I relished the feel of the satin material against my cock and thought about Gloria being with me. I thought about her lying beside me. I thought about her rubbing my cock with her small hand. I thought about her reaction when my cock would start to spurt cum, soiling the sexy satin material. I thought about her rubbing even harder then, telling me how naughty I was for wearing her sister’s panties. I thought about her talking dirty about Kathleen, like she did with Ashley. About me wanting to fuck her little sister and I came. I came hard. Even harder than a few moments ago. It was unbelievable.

I just laid there for a while, again rubbing my softening cock long after it was spent. Now I really had a problem because I had easily unloaded more cum into Kathleen’s yellow panties than I had in the princess panties. I definitely needed to do a wash.

When you’re turned on you really don’t think straight. That was the case now. Without thinking about the consequences, I took a picture of myself laying there in Kathleen’s yellow panties. The view of the soiled panties and how they wrapped around me was kind of sexy. I then sent it to Gloria with a message that said, “I thought about you this time scolding me for fantasizing about Kathleen.”

Almost instantly, she responded, “OMG, I think you just made me wet my panties.”

Although I had been in Kathleen’s bedroom for a while, I still had at least three hours before anyone returned. I cleaned myself up again, got dressed, and then went in search of the washer with two soiled pairs of panties in hand.

After the washer was started, I thought about going through Gloria’s bedroom, however I decided not to. Part of the excitement of undressing someone is discovering what they have on underneath their clothes. I wanted to keep some mystery between us so I turned my attention to Kathleen’s laptop. I had seen her Facebook page on multiple occasions so there was nothing new there. What I really wanted to see was the picture folder on her hard drive.

Just as I thought, there were dozens and dozens of selfies and pictures with friends. There was even pictures from Easter and that green dress. Most of the pictures were harmless, however she had some bathing suit pictures and a couple of selfies with great cleavage shots that never made it to Facebook. In one of the photos, she was wearing a tight white tank top. Light yellow bra straps were visible as they wrapped around her shoulders, which kind of turned me on. I was sure it was the same yellow bra I took a picture of a little while ago.

I copied Kathleen’s entire picture folder to a stick, then pulled all the photos off my phone. The last thing I did was to erase the texts between Gloria and I. By then the washer was done. I threw the two pairs of panties into the dryer, then went and put on the game. I returned the panties after the dryer finished, and was done with the game by the time they got back.

I was calmer than I thought I would be given the unspeakable acts I had committed. I got a quick hug and a kiss from the wife and then more thank you’s from Gloria and Kathleen. My wife and I sat on the couch, talking about her afternoon, while Kathleen ran off to take a shower and Gloria went to change.

When Gloria returned she was still wearing her leggings, however she traded her blouse for a simple light blue t-shirt, and was now bare foot. She looked sexy. The wife then said she needed the restroom. Gloria told her Kathleen was using the guest bath, so use the master bathroom. As soon as my wife was gone, Gloria walked up to me and whispered, “How many pairs of Kathleen’s panties did you steal?”


“Are you sure? I checked my hamper, her panties aren’t there.” Gloria stated with a little smile on her face.

“I washed them. Besides you know I only steal panties from you.” I responded, flashing a smile of my own.

“But you wear my sister’s.” Gloria said with a wicked little smile, then walked off.

Shortly after, we ordered pizzas and made small talk while we waited. Kathleen eventually emerged looking cute as hell. She was wearing a pair of dark gray leggings that hugged her sexy thighs and beautiful large rear end. She also had on a tight white v neck t-shirt. Like the red t-shirt, the impressions from her bra were evident, only a little more visible, especially from the front.

The pizza eventually arrived and we sat at the kitchen table while we ate. I stole glances at Kathleen as much as I could. The look of the tight t-shirt molded to her breasts, hips, and little belly was turning me on again.

After we ate, Gloria and the wife went outside to sit on the deck. I had Kathleen log onto her laptop so I could show her how to restore her computer on her own. As I talked her through it, I stood beside her chair with my phone in hand. I took about a dozen pictures of her in that tight fitting shirt. Great shots from above her breasts, the sides of her hips, and even her belly when her arms were near her sides.

After Kathleen was done, she stood and gave me another hug. I was slightly aroused from more picture taking, but didn’t hesitate to press against her. I am positive she could feel me, but she held onto me anyway. I hugged her back this time, enjoying the feeling of her against my stiffening cock. We definitely hugged longer than was appropriate, however I didn’t care.

Kathleen finally stepped back. She looked up at me like she did in the bathroom, her face again a crimson red. She then said thank you and gave me another kiss. This time though, it was right on my lips. It was another quick hesitant kiss that was even more awkward than the kiss on the cheek she had given me earlier.

Kathleen was really blushing now. She looked towards the back door, I guess expecting us to be caught by Gloria or my wife, then ran off to her bedroom. I just watched her disappear, her beautiful full ass wrapped in the dark gray leggings begging me to follow her.

I was surprised by what had just happened. Gloria was going to kill me.

Shortly after that, the wife and I got ready to leave. Before we did though I had to use the restroom. When I walked into the guest bath, Kathleen’s soccer outfit was in a pile on the floor with her red t-shirt on top. I pulled the t-shirt aside to first discover a white bra, followed by her black shorts with the white nylon panties inside. I grabbed the panties and exposed the cotton liner. It was damp to the touch, and clearly had the look of being more worn than the yellow nylon pair that she’d left on her bedroom floor.

I brought Kathleen’s panties to my face and inhaled her aroma. It was much stronger than the other pair, much much stronger. I then did something I never do. I took a little lick of the white cotton panel. There was a hint still of soap, and maybe a little sweat, but mostly the taste of young, vibrant pussy. It was one of the most wonderful things I had ever tasted.

I never thought twice, as I folded them up and stuck them in my pocket. I used the restroom, then went back to the kitchen. Kathleen was giving my wife a hug goodbye, then gave me one. It was quick with another thanks again. She never made eye contact with me though. Gloria gave us both a hug as well and then we were on our way.

Gloria called about five minutes after I was on the road. She was talking quietly, probably not wanting to be overheard by Kathleen. She teased me about what I did with Kathleen’s panties, then told me she wanted me to wear them sometime for her.

I told Gloria I would, then told her about what happened with Kathleen. I told her about the two kisses and that I’m sure she felt my erection when she hugged me in the bathroom. I didn’t tell her about how hard I was when we hugged in the kitchen before the kiss. How long we had hugged or how I had enjoyed the feeling of pressing my hard cock against her little sister.

Gloria just laughed, telling me that Kathleen has always had a crush on me, and that I probably made her day. In fact she was sure I made her day. I then told her about finding the yellow panties on Kathleen’s bedroom floor, and then about the white pair in the bathroom. I even admitted to taking the white pair.

Gloria told me that I was a perverted old man, and that she wasn’t surprised. She then surprised me by saying, that it was too bad she couldn’t tell Kathleen that I had just spent the afternoon fantasizing about her.

Gloria went on to say that today was the happiest she had seen Kathleen in quite some time. Kathleen had been involved with this guy who hadn’t treated her very well. When she broke it off he had given her a hard time, lashing out at her about how she looked. He was so mean to her, with the things he had said, that she has been severely depressed.

“He really hurt her self-esteem.” Gloria added.

“I’m sorry to hear that. She’s a beautiful girl, she shouldn’t let some jerk get to her like that.”

We talked then about getting together either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday. After we hung up I pulled out Kathleen’s panties and enjoyed their aroma as I settled in for the remainder of the ride home.

Gloria hung up the phone and just sat there, a mix of emotions coursing through her. If someone had told her a month ago she would be having an affair with her friend’s husband Kevin, giving her panties away, and constantly horny she would have never believed it.

Even more surprising was how turned on she was looking at pictures of Kevin with her little sister’s panties. In the first picture he had Kathleen’s Disney panties wrapped around his cock. The pink cotton was saturated with cum in places leaving the material a dark pink. In the second picture he was actually wearing a pair of her yellow nylon panties. Again the material was a darker shade of yellow where he had soiled them with his cum.

Gloria felt like she should be angry, however the pictures excited her. She absently caressed the warmth between her thighs as she thought about how crazy things had become.

That night in my basement office, I looked through the photo’s I had taken of Kathleen, while masturbating with her white nylon panties. After looking through all the pictures, I went back to the one of her kneeling on the floor with the waistband of her panties exposed. Panties that I now had wrapped around my cock. It didn’t take long for me to erupt. I was careful not to soil the newest addition to my collection as I came.

I was a little surprised by how much Kathleen had turned me on today. Gloria was easily more attractive than her, however Kathleen was still sexy. I think it was because she was so young, shy, almost innocent. Adding to the excitement was how taboo it would be to make love to her, how wrong it would be.

I went to sleep that night thinking about Kathleen and the kisses she had given me.

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