Gloria’s Panties Ch. 06

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.

Chapter 6 – Ashley’s Panties

I was lying in bed, thinking about what had happened earlier today. Gloria had dressed up as a schoolgirl for me. It was easily one of the best sexual experiences of my life. To top it off, she gave me another pair of panties. They were striped cotton panties with various shades of purple and some gray and white mixed in. They had deep purple trim and a little purple bow. They were cute and sexy all at the same time. And of course she had worn them before changing into the schoolgirl outfit so her scent permeated the soft cotton material.

You would think I would have appreciated all that Gloria had done for me today, and would be thinking of her, as I stroked my cock. It was a great afternoon, however the only thing I could think about was the maroon silk panties I had found in the hamper at her client’s house. The panties belonged to the nineteen year old daughter of Gloria’s friends whose house we have been using for our little affair. So as I brought myself off, I thought about Ashley and her panties.

As I drifted off to sleep I chastised myself. It wasn’t for my impure thoughts that didn’t involve Gloria, it was for letting the opportunity to steal those silk panties slip away.

The following morning I got a call from Gloria. I felt a little guilty, however I focused on telling her how wonderful yesterday was. As we talked a little about how naughty she was with her dirty talk yesterday, she informed me something had come up and she had to travel for work. She’d be gone tomorrow through the weekend and not be back until next Wednesday. That meant a week would go by without me seeing her. I was not happy to hear that, however she said she could drive out this afternoon if I could get out of work early. I told her I would and we agreed to meet about four in the afternoon.

When I arrived at the house, Gloria met me at the front door. She was wearing a plain white dress. It was cut like the gray floral print dress she had worn last week. The only difference was that the line of buttons along the front ended at her waist. It reminded me a little of a wedding dress. She looked sexy.

After a quick kiss, Gloria led me upstairs. I assumed we would go to the master bedroom, however we went to Ashley’s room again. She told me to lay on the bed. After I had laid down, she got on the bed and knelt near my hip. She immediately undid my belt and dress pants, then pulled my pants down past my hips. I was already excited, just from the sight of her in the white dress, so my hard cock was barely restrained by my underwear. I was thinking maybe I have a thing for wedding dresses as well.

“I don’t think I’ve had the chance to play with your underwear.” Gloria said as she ran her hand over my dark blue briefs.

“It’s a good thing they are made the way they are, so they can expand.” Gloria said with a smile. As she ran her small hand over my cock, I ran my hand along her thigh enjoying the feel of the white cotton dress. I wanted to touch a lot more of her, but she was just out of reach.

Gloria then grabbed the waistband of my briefs and pulled them halfway down my thighs. She then sat back on her heels and gently wrapped her hand around me. I just watched as she started to slowly pump her hand up and down. It felt so good, the light caressing of my cock, interrupted at times by gentle squeezes.

Gloria rubbed my cock for a little while, neither of us talking. I had closed my eyes, enjoying the wonderfully slow and erotic hand job when finally she asked, “Does it feel good?”

“It feels wonderful.” I replied, then added, “But what about you? You are too far away for me to return the pleasure.”

“I’m okay for the moment. Over the last few days it’s been you that has been doing things to me. I want to do this for you. I have never been so excited or enjoyed sex so much. Your whole fascination with panties, and the things we’ve done have been such a turn on.

I feel like you have opened up this whole new side of me. I feel so naughty at times, almost ashamed, but at the same time more alive than I ever have. God knows I have had more climaxes since you stole my bright pink panties than I’ve had in the last five years. So I want you to enjoy this and know I’m willing to do whatever you want. I can be your little schoolgirl, your secretary, your co-worker, your mistress, even your little girl if that excites you.”

Gloria then leaned over and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. That was a first for us. I hadn’t had my cock in a girl’s mouth since I met my wife. Although I would regularly go down on my wife, she wouldn’t return the oral favors.

Gloria’s warm wet mouth felt so good. She gently sucked on my cock, at times swirling her tongue around the head. I was so turned on I started to rock my hips forward slightly, trying to get her to take more of me. She teased me though by pulling back slightly every time I pushed upward. After a few more agonizing minutes of pure ecstasy she took me fully in her mouth. She did it slowly, gliding down my shaft until her lips were at the base of my cock. She held me there for a moment then slowly pulled away, her lips tight against me as she dragged them back up my shaft and over my sensitive head.

“Did you like that?” Gloria asked as she pulled away and returned her hand to my rock hard cock.

“It felt so good. I haven’t had someone do that to me in years.”

“I know. Your wife and I have known each other a long time, I know she isn’t a fan of doing that.”

Gloria rubbed me slowly, gently, providing just enough excitement without putting me over the edge. She just watched me with a little smile on her face, enjoying the fact that she was driving me crazy.

“It feels so good Gloria, you are wonderful.” I said.

“I’m open to anything to make you happy.” Gloria replied, then asked, “Did you like me in the schoolgirl uniform?”

“Yes! You looked so sexy.”

“Did you like seeing me with my shirt unbuttoned?”


“Did you like seeing my little pink bra exposed?”


“My skirt lifted up so you could see my panties?”


“Did you like being in Ashley’s room?”

“Yes, it made it even more exciting.”

“Anything else happen that excited you?”

“All of it did.”

“Anything in particular?”

“The naughty talk. You telling me to do it harder and to fuck your little schoolgirl drove me crazy.”

Gloria just smiled, her face blushing. She then said, “Maybe there was something else?”

As I thought for a moment about what else to say, Gloria continued.

“I told you the owners of this house and I are friends. One of the things I do for them, after they have been home for a weekend, is to make sure the house is ready to show. It usually is in pretty good shape, except for Ashley’s room. She’s a typical nineteen year old, she always leaves me something I have to straighten out. Of course yesterday morning was no exception. Her bed was half made, clothes on the floor, and the bathroom was a disaster. So I made the bed, cleaned the bathroom and threw her clothes into the hamper. When I did that, I’m pretty sure that the last thing I threw in there was her night shirt. In fact I know the last thing I threw in there was her night shirt.”

At that point Gloria stopped rubbing my cock. I knew I was caught, but I didn’t know what to say.

“Any idea what I found after you left yesterday?” Gloria asked as she gave my cock a hard squeeze. I was still trying to think of something to say when she continued.

“Ashley’s panties were the first thing I saw when I opened the hamper. I thought I heard you open and close her hamper while you were in there. My only surprise was that you didn’t steal them. You were in her hamper weren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.” I said as she started to slowly rub my cock again.

“So what did you do with her panties?”

I felt ashamed, however I didn’t think Gloria was mad at me so I said, “I looked at them.”

“Just looked?”

“I …” Was all I got out as Gloria started to rub my cock a little faster.

“You picked them up didn’t you?”


“Did you touch yourself with them?”


“Are you sure?”


“I bet you wanted to, didn’t you!”


“You didn’t take them, but you wanted to, didn’t you!”


Gloria began to rub my cock even faster.

“You wanted to steal Ashley’s panties and use them to masturbate! Didn’t you!” Gloria almost shouted.

“Yes I did!” I shouted. I was ready to cum, Gloria was pumping my cock so hard now her hand was almost a blur.

“You wanted those soft panties wrapped around your cock! Didn’t you!”


“You wanted Ashley’s panties! Didn’t you!”


“You wanted to rub the silky material up and down your hard cock! Didn’t you!”


“You wanted to cum on them! Didn’t you!”

“Yes! I shouted as I erupted. I came so hard, my seed landing all over my stomach, chest, and Gloria’s hand. She continued to pump my cock, my cum making her hand slick as she drained me. I thought she would stop then but she didn’t. She went back to a slow steady stroking of my cock. My climax was so intense I thought I was done, but the slow stokes kept me hard.

After a few moments Gloria released me, got up on her hands and knees and straddled me. She lowered herself onto my cock and began grinding her panty encased pussy against me. I could feel her warmth through the fabric as she leaned forward and kissed me.

“You liked talking about Ashley’s panties.” Gloria said with a smile before kissing me again.

I placed my hands on Gloria’s hips and pulled her against me, in rhythm with her movements. She then leaned back and began to unbutton her dress, while she continued to slide her panty encased pussy back and forth against my cock. As the buttons on her dress came undone, I finally saw the bra she had on underneath. It was the white silk bra I had bought her with the small black polka dots. I pushed her dress up then to see the matching panties. The site of the white silk and black polka dots rubbing against my over excited member was so erotic.

This was another first, Gloria on top and it was driving me crazy. I watched as she reached down and pulled her panties to the side. Shen then lifted herself up slightly and guided my cock into her pussy. She was soaking wet as she took me into her.

Gloria settled onto me, not moving for a moment as her tight wonderful pussy adjusted to my cock that was now completely hard again. I held the bottom of her dress up so I could see her panties as she began to rock her hips up and down.

“Do you like me with my panties still on?” Gloria asked.

“Yes, you look so sexy.”

“How about my dress, do you like my dress?”

“Yes, I love your dress.”

“Do you like it even more unbuttoned?”


As Gloria started to increase the movement of her hips, I reached up and cupped her breasts through the silky white bra. I gently pinched and twisted her wonderful little nipples through the silky material which caused her to increase the pace of our lovemaking.

“Did you like pretending I was Ashley when I wore the schoolgirl uniform? “Gloria asked.

“Yes… Was that bad?”

“No I thought it was kinky.”

Gloria was now driving her pussy onto my cock at a more vigorous pace. “Did you think about Ashley when you found her panties?”

I did of course, however I wasn’t sure what to say. Gloria leaned forward then and kissed me. She then lifted her head slightly and whispered, “Ashley is a beautiful young girl. I could understand it if you found her attractive. Did you think about her when you found her panties?”


“She’s pretty isn’t she?”


“Did you sniff her panties?”


My admission seemed to excite Gloria. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she started to move even faster.

“Did you like the smell of her young pussy?”


“I bet you would like to fuck her!”


“I bet you would like to stick your hard cock in her tight young pussy!”

“Yes Gloria, oh yes I want to!”

“Tell me! Tell me what you would do to her!”

“She’s on the bed. She’s wearing her little blue night shirt. She has on those maroon satin panties. I climb on top of her, forcing her legs apart. I press my cock against those satin panties. It feels so good, rubbing my cock against the soft silky material. She is just lying there, confused, afraid as I drive my cock against her. I am out of control. I pull the panties to the side and press against the opening to her pussy. She is wet. Her pussy is so wet. I drive my cock into her…!”

“Oh fuck me!” Gloria shouted as her pussy gripped me even tighter. I drove my hips upward, feeling her pussy spasm, then a flood of warmth as she came. Her pussy felt like a vice as she rocked her hips back and forth, collapsing onto my chest.

I was ready to come again and didn’t want to stop, so I continued to drive my hips upward, Gloria’s warm wet pussy still clenching me.

“I’m going to cum soon Gloria, I’m going to cum again!” I shouted.

“Oh yes, please, please fill me with your cum!”

Gloria drove her pussy down hard on my cock, each time I drove upward. My hands had moved to her silk encased ass, and I pulled her into me. I squeezed and caressed her wonderful ass, driving into her as hard as I could.

I’m not sure why I did what I did next. Our lovemaking had become so passionate, so forceful, that it seemed natural. I put one arm around Gloria’s back pulling her tightly against me, while my free hand delivered a hard slap to her unprotected silk covered ass.

Gloria let out a surprised gasp. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling pleasure, pain, or a little of both. I did it again. A hard slap to first one side and then the other. She let another gasp each time and screamed, “I’m cumming again!”

As the warmth enveloped my cock for the second time, I exploded. It wasn’t as powerful as a few moments ago but it was still amazing. As I released my seed inside of Gloria, I spanked her ass again, about a half dozen times in quick succession. It was so erotic, so kinky, and so naughty, almost wrong.

Gloria and I just laid there for a while, our breathing heavy and short at first, then slowing as our bodies relaxed. We didn’t talk, just laid there as my cock softened inside her. I wanted to tell her how wonderful it was, but I wasn’t sure how she felt about what I had just done.

Gloria finally spoke first. “You spanked me.”

I wanted to ask her if she liked it. I think she did, because she came for a second time after I had, however I wasn’t sure.

“I think I liked it.” Gloria said before I responded.

“Did you?” I asked, feeling a little guilty that I had enjoyed it more than I probably should have.

“I actually did. Boy you are full of surprises aren’t you?”

“You make me do naughty things.” Was all I could think to say.

Gloria then said, “Maybe we’ll have to try that again.”

My cock actually twitched slightly then. Gloria just smiled, gave me a kiss then moved off me, laying on her side next to me. She then seemed to realize the time and said we should go. She was worried I was going to get home too late. I told her my wife had class tonight so I had plenty of time to get home.

After we were dressed, Gloria asked me if I’d miss her. As I told her, more than she would ever know, she pulled a small white gift box from her bag. It was about the size of a VHS tape and was held together by a white ribbon and bow.

“Open it later.” Gloria said with a devilish little grin on her face. I said thanks and gave her a hug and a kiss. As we said our goodbyes, she said she would call me at work while she was gone.

After I left I couldn’t wait to open the box. With the wife out until late tonight, I decided to wait until I got home. When I got home, I took care of the dog, had something to eat, then took a shower. The entire time, I was filled with a nervous anticipation. When I finally sat down at the desk in my office I was about as anxious as you could possibly be.

When I opened the box there was a light blue colored envelop on top. It had, “Open First”, written on it. Under the envelop, was white tissue paper, neatly folded, that hid the contents of the box. I opened the envelop to find a hand written note on light blue paper.

As I told you earlier today, I am willing to do anything you want to make you happy. I love what you do to me. I love making love to you. I love your panty fetish. I think I may even love panties as much as you do. They certainly have a whole new meaning to me thanks to you. While I’m gone I want you to enjoy this present. I’ll be thinking about the naughty things you will do with it.

Always G

The note only confirmed what I knew all along, the gift was a pair of panties. I could tell that by the weight of the box. I loved the gift box and note, it made it more personal. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of panties Gloria had given me, so I put the note down and pulled back the tissue paper. I almost fell over when I saw a maroon pair of silk panties. I pulled them from the box, the tissue paper coming out with it. I threw the tissue paper aside and held up the panties by the elastic waistband. I looked inside and saw the size 8 tag. I held them up to my nose and smelled Ashley. She had given me the panties from the hamper. I couldn’t believe how wonderful she was. I was rock hard.

Under the panties and tissue paper was another light blue envelop that had, “Open Last”, written on it. I tore it open, and found another note and a picture. A picture of Gloria and Ashley.

I am sure you would have enjoyed your gift by itself, however I wanted to make it a little more special. I couldn’t see you Monday because I was actually having lunch with Ashley. A belated happy birthday gift for her. The waiter took the picture of us. When I was about to tie the bow on your present I realized she was probably wearing the panties at the time the photo was taken. So here it is. Enjoy!

P.S. I have on my bright blue panties and bra in case you were wondering. G

In the photo Gloria and Ashley were standing next to each other. Gloria was wearing her black leggings and the long sleeve white shirt she wore the other day. Ashley was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a short sleeve yellow blouse. The blouse was half unbuttoned revealing a tight white tank top underneath. You could see a hint of her bra strap peeking out where the tank top reached her right shoulder. It was maroon.

I placed the photo on the desk, brought Ashley’s panties to my nose and started to rub my cock. I was so turned on, inhaling her scent, while I looked at her in the photo. I looked at Gloria for a few moments, the tight fitting shirt, the leggings hugging her thighs and mound. I pictured her half undressed when I was driving my cock between her blue panties and leggings.

I then returned my focus to Ashley. When I did, I wrapped her panties around my cock. I reveled in the feel of the soft silk as my eyes wandered over her beautiful face, her shirt and tank top fitting snugly over her nice size breasts. I then focused on the tight fitting jeans. I imagined my hands on them, caressing her thigh, then moving between her legs. Squeezing and rubbing her mound through the material, sensing the silk panties beneath.

Although I had already cum twice today, it didn’t take long, for the panties and looking at Ashley, to get me off. I threw the panties aside and came. It was unbelievable. Gloria was unbelievable. I felt more thankful than I ever have for what she did for me.

I cleaned myself up, then hid the wonderful gift. I went to bed that night thinking about what had happened the last few weeks. I thought of Ashley of course, but I thought more about Gloria and what I could possibly do to give her the pleasure she had just given me.

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