Gloria’s Panties Ch. 03

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.

Chapter 3 – White Panties

The prior weekend had been amazing. After all these years of fantasizing about my wife’s friend Gloria, I finally had the chance to act on it. Even better, I got two pairs of her panties, to add to a pair I had stolen from her dresser years ago. It was now Monday and I had arrived at work a little after 8. About an hour later I got a call from her. She had to do a showing for a house that was near where I worked. She was a realtor so her work took her all across the region. Luckily today was bringing her close to where I worked.

Gloria recommended we meet at a local diner around 11. I was a little disappointed we weren’t going to meet somewhere a little more private. I wanted to be alone with her so we could pick up where we left off yesterday. Just the thought of seeing her was causing my cock to harden. I needed to control myself though, because my dress slacks and underwear weren’t doing a good job of hiding my arousal. I then tracked down my boss and told him something had come up and I had to take the rest of the day off.

I arrived at the diner early, got a booth in the corner, ordered a coffee, and waited. Gloria walked in just after 11. I waved to her and she made her way to my table. She had on black leggings and an off white thin knit sweater. The open stitching on the sweater was revealing a black long sleeve shirt underneath. She was carrying a bag along with her purse. She said hey, set down her purse, asked me to order her a tea, then said she needed the ladies room. As she walked off with the bag she had brought, I watched the curves of her ass in the tight black leggings.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Gloria is a petite brunette, who has filled out nicely over the years. I guess we all put on a little weight as we age and she was no exception. For her though, it meant a more shapely and sexy figure. I ordered her tea and adjusted my arousal. The sight of her, even in such a simple outfit, was turning me on. As I waited, I thought about the snug fit of her leggings, the slightest hint of panty lines, and how it would feel to run my hands over that soft black material.

A few minutes later Gloria appeared in front of me in a light grey and lilac, floral print dress. The dress had gentle pleats, that flowed from her waist to just below her knees, while the soft cotton material was almost form fitting from the waist up. The short sleeve dress had a wide neckline that dipped slightly along the front. A row of small buttons ran down the entire front. I was positive that the bra and panties she was wearing, was the white silky set I had bought her, because I could see a little bit of lace peeking out near her right shoulder.

Gloria looked stunning. I love a woman in a dress or skirt. It’s the next best thing to just a bra and panties. Her floral print dress was cute, however her shapely figure made it look sexy.

“You look absolutely gorgeous!”

“Thanks, I wanted to dress up, but I couldn’t leave the house like this without having to answer a lot of awkward questions.”

Although she had been single, Gloria was trying to fix things with her ex-husband. I learned from my wife, just last night, that they had started to live together again, however things weren’t going so well. We made small talk until her tea arrived. Once the waitress left, she wasted no time and asked, “Do you steal panties often?”

“No it was only my second time.”

“When was your first?”

“Another pair of yours a few years ago.” Gloria just looked at me with no response, so after a moment I added, “I took them out of your dresser. They were white with lace around the waistband.”

Gloria blushed and looked away from me. I reached across the table and put my hand over hers. I then said, “You can’t be upset with me because I believe you are wearing their replacement right now.” She seemed to blush a little more, however she didn’t move her hand away.

“How do you know?”

“I can see some lace peeking out near the shoulder of your dress, so I am assuming you have on the white set I bought you.”

After a moment of silence I asked her if she was upset. Gloria then smiled slightly and said if she was being honest it kind of excited her that I took her panties. I decided then to be honest myself. I didn’t tell her everything, because I didn’t want to scare her away, however I admitted most of it.

“I have always been attracted to you. I have fantasized about you more times than I can count. Every time I see you I memorize what you are wearing, then imagine I’m undressing you as we do everything imaginable. It’s always been extra exciting when I’ve caught a glimpse of your bra down a loose fitting shirt, or seen your panties peeking out the top of your pants, because I can imagine what’s underneath as I pull off your clothes in my fantasies.

“I have a thing for panties so I couldn’t resist taking yours the two chances I had to do so. I saw the waist band of the bright pink panties you had on Friday night when you reached down for your phone. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get into bed and image how you looked in just your panties and bra. And as you know, I couldn’t stop myself from taking them.”

Gloria sat there in silence with her lips slightly parted taking slow deep breaths. She then said, “You must fantasize about other women don’t you?”

I told her I do, however it has always seemed more real with her. I think it’s because I always felt the attraction was mutual and some day it wouldn’t be just fantasies. I think that’s why most of my fantasies involve her. We sat in silence for a few moments, then I asked, “You think I’m a pervert don’t you?”

Gloria responded with maybe a little, then laughed and said she didn’t mind so maybe she was a little perverted to. She then admitted that she may have had a fantasy or two, however we shouldn’t have done what we did. I was married to her friend. That her and my wife used to be best friends. And finally, that she shouldn’t even be here right now. When she stopped talking I knew that she, like myself, had never cheated. Even though she had been divorced for almost a year, I was starting to wonder if she even had a relationship with anyone else, before getting back together with her ex.

At that point though, the only thing I wanted to do was to get Gloria to someplace where we could be alone. She had to be excited like I was. She had even put on a dress for me. I wanted to lift up that dress, pull her panties aside, and fill her wet little pussy with my hard cock. I was such a pervert. I genuinely cared for her, however I couldn’t think of anything other than having sex with her. What was wrong with me?

I told Gloria I know this is wrong, and I know we shouldn’t be here right now. I then said, that it also felt right and nothing was going to change how attracted I was to her. I then asked, “What happens now?”

Gloria was silent a moment, then said, she didn’t know, she needed time to think. She also had to go because she had a showing in a little while. I was disappointed she was going to leave, however I didn’t know how to stop her. I then asked her when I could see her again. She said she didn’t know, then grabbed her stuff, gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and left. I watched her leave, the bottom of her dress moving back and forth as she walked. When she turned to walk out the door, she waved and gave me a small smile.

I watched her walk through the parking lot to her car. Gloria looked beautiful in that floral print dress. I could have watched her like that for hours. After she got into her car, I expected her to drive away, however she just sat there. It may have been just a few minutes, however it seemed like she had been sitting there forever. I wanted to go out to her car, however she had said she needed time to think.

I finally was about to leave when I got two texts from Gloria in quick succession. The first stated the appointment was rescheduled. The second was an address. I responded with okay, threw some money down on the table, and ran out the door. As I got outside, she was driving away. I was excited and nervous, all at the same time. As I drove to the address I forced myself to focus on driving, I didn’t want to get into an accident as my mind kept wandering to how she looked in that floral print dress, and how she would look in the white lace and silk panties that I knew she was wearing.

Although I had a good idea of where the address was, the erotic thoughts running through my head made it hard to concentrate and I got lost on the way. I finally figured out where I had taken a wrong turn and showed up at the house. When I knocked, Gloria opened the door and said she wasn’t sure if I was coming or not. I told her I got a little lost. Once the door was closed we stood there awkwardly for a moment then I stepped up to her, lifted her chin, and kissed her. Being taller than her I had to bend over as we kissed. She put both her arms around my neck, while I had one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her waist. The kisses were gentle at first almost hesitant. I could tell Gloria was as nervous as I was. After a moment she pulled away, grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to a bedroom.

I asked her if she was worried someone would catch us. She said no, the family was in the process of a relocation and were only back every other weekend. She added, they were friends of hers and had given her an exclusive listing. So only she does the showings. So no one would surprise us.

The house was still fully furnished. It made sense. It would probably stay that way until it sold. Still holding hands, we entered what must have been the master bedroom.

Gloria let go of my hand and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat down on her right side, turned her face to me, and kissed her again. After a moment she pulled back and laid down. I moved around the other side of the bed and laid down next to her. I placed my left arm under her neck and my right hand on her waist. As I leaned in, to kiss her again, she turned her body towards me. My hand went to the small of her back and I pulled her against me. I was already fully erect and knew she could feel me pressing against her.

As we continued to kiss my hand went lower. The feel of the soft cotton dress slipping across Gloria’s silky white panties was heavenly. I wasted no time moving my hand below the hem line, then ran it up the back of her thighs and started to caress her wonderful ass through the sexy white panties. I could image how they looked as I traced her curves.

Gloria had a hand on my waist and was pressing her lower body against me as I gently squeezed and rubbed her ass and the backs of her upper thighs. At times my fingers would slip partly between her thighs, finding the edge of her most intimate part. She began to moan softly and surprised me by slipping her hand between us and pressing it against my hardened cock. At that point I moved my hand around her hip, tracing the lace border of her panties with my fingertips. As I did this, it pulled her dress up, exposing the silky white panties.

I pressed gently on Gloria’s hip and she rolled onto her back. I then lifted her dress a little higher, to completely expose her panties. The lace trim along her waist was sexy, however the silky white material that wrapped around her hips and mound, ending in a rounded v shape between her thighs, was even sexier. I caressed the silky patch of material with my hand, relishing the feel of her warm softness beneath the panties.

When my fingers found Gloria’s pussy she moaned louder, and spread her legs slightly, allowing to me to feel all of her. As I gently caressed her pussy through her dampening silk panties, she rubbed my cock through my pants. It was amazing to feel her press and rub harder whenever I did.

I wanted to feel Gloria’s hand wrapped around my cock, so I pulled back and undid my belt and pants. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. I then turned back to her and thought I was going to cum when she wrapped her small soft hand around my cock.

As Gloria slowly squeezed and rubbed my cock, I reached up and began unbuttoning her dress. It seemed like it took me an eternity, to undo enough buttons, to fully expose her bra. She moaned again as I found her left breast and began to rub the firm little mound through the silky white bra. Being taller than her, she had to release me as I moved my mouth to her silk encased breast. She then put both hands on the back of my head, and pressed her breast against my mouth, as I worked her hardened nipple with my lips.

I reached down and found Gloria’s pussy once again. As I rubbed her now soaking wet panties, she moaned even more, forcefully pressing herself against my hand. After a moment she moved her hands to the side of my face and pushed me slightly away.

“Sometimes when I cum it’s so strong I faint. So if that happens its okay, just give me a couple of minutes and I come around.” She then added, “I want to make love but I am not sure. Maybe we can make each other happy for now by doing other things.”

I responded with, “I’m okay with whatever you feel comfortable with”

“I want to see you touch yourself. When I caught you the other day that was the first time I had ever seen someone doing that, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.”

I told her only if she touched herself for me, then I got up to remove my pants and underwear. I then got back on the bed and knelt between her legs which she willingly spread. As I wrapped my left hand around my cock, I reached down and touched her panties again with my right. She smiled then slid her hand under mine and began to touch herself. I moved pulled my hand back so I could have an unobstructed view of her hand pressing against the sexy white panties.

Gloria and I stared at each other’s hands as we masturbated. I was so turned on I had to force myself to slow down so I wouldn’t cum to soon. I then sat back on my heels and moved a little closer so that the head of my cock was only inches from her hot wet panties. It was so erotic watching her fingers move in an almost random pattern across the silky material. Up and down slowly along the hidden folds of her pussy. Then small quick circles over her clit. Each motion causing her hips, thighs and mound to move as if someone was inside her.

When Gloria moved her hand inside her panties, I had to see more, so I grabbed the waistband and started to pull them off. A sexy patch of dark hair came into view just below the gentle roll where her belly ended and her waist began. Her wonderful untrimmed hair formed a triangle that neatly covered her mound. I had to move back, so she could momentarily close her legs, as I slowly pulled the silky panties down her legs. Once her panties were off, I moved back between her legs and purposely pressed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. She moaned and quickly moved her hand in the way so I sat back slightly and wrapped her silky white panties around my cock.

I could not believe what was happening. Gloria laying before me in a sexy floral dress that was pushed up around her waist. Seeing her completely naked, for the first time, from the waist down was like a dream come true. She had one hand on her pussy and the other was now rubbing her left breast through her silky white bra. If that wasn’t enough I had her soft white panties wrapped around my cock. The feel of the material slipping back and forth across the head of my cock was amazing.

Gloria definitely liked the sight of me masturbating with her panties, because she started to furiously rub herself. The sight of her fingers that were now going in and out of her pussy, then rubbing her clit, then moving back inside was so erotic. Coupled with the feel of her panties on my sensitive cock I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last. As we continued to watch each other I would rock my hips forward and contact her pussy lips with the head of my panty encased cock. Although it seemed to excite her even more, she continued to put her hand between us each time I did it.

I wanted to drive my cock into Gloria’s pussy more than I ever wanted anything. When she moved her hand back to her clit, I threw the panties aside, and started to rub the head of my cock, up and down, along her slick wet pussy. The feel of her warm wet lips on the head of my now bare cock was incredible. This sent her over the edge. Her fingers were now focused solely on her clit. They dug into her flesh in a fast almost circular motion. Her whole body tensed up as she arched her back and screamed, “I’m cumming!”

As Gloria arched her back, her lips almost engulfed my cock. Then her body just collapsed into the bed. Her entire body seemed to relax as she became completely motionless. I couldn’t believe it, she had actually fainted. I was now about to cum myself. My cock was still pressed against the opening of her soaking wet pussy. A pussy that I had taken in my fantasies more times than I could count. She had said we couldn’t make love. With her laying there, unresponsive, it felt so wrong to do what I wanted so desperately to do. It being wrong, excited me even more. I couldn’t stop myself. At that point I was beyond reason, so I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. Her wet lips parted and wrapped around the head of my cock.

There was no reaction from Gloria to my rock hard cock that was now in her soaking wet pussy. I wasn’t sure how long she would be out, but I knew I didn’t have much time. I pushed my cock in a little further, then pulled it almost all the way out. Her pussy provided almost no resistance. Her soft wet lips gently caressed the head of my cock as I began to move in and out of her at a quickening pace. It felt so wrong, but it felt so good. I was so excited now, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was wondering when she would wake up. I was wondering if she would know I had violated her.

The excitement continued to build. I was about to cum. I wanted to explode inside of Gloria. I pushed my cock in even further. I was now about halfway in. I wanted to feel her completely around me, so I buried my cock all the way and almost filled her with my load. Somehow a little reason took over and I was able to pull my cock from her as I came. I came all over her hairy mound, belly and part of her upturned dress. As I rubbed the last of the cum from my spent cock she began to come around.

Gloria came out of her daze slowly. She seemed to not know where she was for a moment then smiled. She reached down and ran her hand through the cum that I had left all over her. She then said, “I haven’t felt this good in years.”

I laid down next to Gloria and took her in my arms. We kissed for a few minutes then just laid there for a while. I was waiting for her reaction to my unspeakable act, however she just held onto to me with a small grin on her face. Finally she broke the silence and said we had to go. She didn’t want to leave, however she needed to get home. As I looked at her, with her dress still hanging partly open and part of her bra on display, I realized I had never pulled her bra straps down. So to this point I had not seen her naked breasts. I wanted to now, however she was already sitting up and gathering her things. She went to her bag and pulled out a small box. She came back to the bed and handed it to me.

“A small gift for you. Don’t open it until later. We shouldn’t call or text each other with our cell phones, we have to keep this a secret. I’ll try and call you at work tomorrow.”

Gloria then bent down, kissed me quickly, and went to the master bathroom. After I was dressed, I went to the bathroom door and said goodbye. When I got to the car, I opened the small box and found a pair light pink and white striped panties. The stripes were wide, and ran horizontally across the full cut panties. I exposed the soft cotton liner and brought it to my face. The material was quite damp meaning they had been against her hot little pussy not long ago. She must have worn them to the diner and changed them when she went to the bathroom. I inhaled her scent and wished I had seen how they looked on her.

As I drove home I thought about my growing panty collection and what had just happened. I felt bad for entering Gloria’s wet little pussy while she was passed out. It was wrong, but at the same time extremely erotic. As I relived every detail of what had just happened between, I rubbed my hard cock through my pants. Once I was on the highway I had about 30 minutes before I reached my exit. I wanted to pull my cock out right there and wrap the soft cotton material around it. Luckily a little common sense prevailed and I resigned myself to having to save them for later. It was only early afternoon, so I called the wife and told her I got out a little early and would be home soon.

When I got home I went upstairs and changed adding the new panties to my secret collection. The rest of the day just dragged by as I anticipated using the pink and white panties to masturbate. All I could think about was how Gloria looked earlier today while she touched herself. Her dressed bunched up around her waist, her bra exposed, her hand inside the silky white panties, pulling her panties off, her fingers inside her hot little pussy followed by my cock after she had passed out. I finally went to bed early. I was rock hard before I even wrapped the new panties around my cock. The soft pink and white cotton felt amazing on my over excited member. As I thought about entering her once again I exploded.

I couldn’t believe what had happened with Gloria over the last few days. I couldn’t believe she was okay with my panty fetish. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Story by murphybrown537

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