Gloria’s Panties Ch. 02

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.

Chapter 2 – New Panties

I was sitting at the kitchen table with my wife and her friend Gloria. Gloria had spent the previous night with us. While they were out, earlier this afternoon, I had stolen a pair of Gloria’s panties from her bag. She discovered they were missing, shortly after they had got back, and knew I had taken them. She had just asked me why, while my wife was out of the room for a moment. I was still trying to figure out how to explain it, when my wife came back to the table. Luckily at that point my wife asked that I run to the store, so I gladly accepted to get a few minutes to clear my head.

As I was driving to the store, I got a text from Gloria. “Size 6 Cotton.” I couldn’t believe it, she must want me to buy panties for her. I took it as an okay to keep the soiled bright pink panties I had stolen earlier in the day. I was excited and embarrassed all at the same time. How was I going to buy panties? I would have to find them, then take them to a checkout. I would probably be hard the whole time.

I got to the store and found the items the wife wanted, as well as a movie for them to watch tonight. I then went to the lingerie department. All the cotton panties were in multi packs. As I looked for her size I found a three pack with a bright pink pair, a white pair with purple trim and little purple flowers on them, and a yellow pair with pink trim and little pink polka dots. I couldn’t believe my luck, Gloria must have bought the same package. Hopefully I could get the white panties with the purple flowers, that she was currently wearing, and replace them with the new ones.

I couldn’t believe I might soon get a second pair of Gloria’s panties this weekend. I also knew what another pair of her panties looked like, and could hopefully get those as well at some point, preferably after she had worn them. I was way too excited. I decided to get another package as well. There were so many choices I couldn’t make up my mind. I was trying to picture how she would look in each pair. Lost in my erotic fantasies, I was startled when a sales associate said to me, “Can I help you find something?”

Standing next to me was this cute little redhead. She must have been in her teens or at least she appeared to be. She was young, and because of that I felt a little more comfortable. So I said, “Yes, I was instructed to buy these for my wife, however I thought I should also get her something a little more…” I couldn’t get the word out.

After a moment the little redhead said, “Sexy?” with a small grin on her face.

I smiled and said, “Yes sexy.”

The little redhead then proceeded to explain comfort versus sexy, and why I was probably instructed to buy the ones I had picked out. As I listened to her, I ran my eyes over her body. She had on tight grey slacks and a black sleeveless blouse. Every time she reached for an item, I could just make out the edge of her bra at the bottom of the arm opening of her blouse. The bra was white satin with small black polka dots. As I ran my eyes over the swell of her breasts, I noted her name was Amy from her name tag. I thought for a moment that the way this is going, she may make it into one of my fantasies.

Amy then led me to some racks where the panties were on little individual hangers. I admired her tight little ass and panty lines as I followed her. She then pulled out a half dozen different styles, all silky, with various amounts of lace or little bows. One of the styles looked just like the pair I had taken all those years ago, so I said definitely that one.

Amy then blew my mind when she recommended a white pair with small black polka dots on it. She leaned in close and said, “I have on this exact same set and they feel great.”

Playing dumb I then asked, “Set? Do you mean there is a matching bra as well?”

Amy replied, “Yes they are in the next aisle. We can probably find a nice bra to go with those white panties as well.”

Did I mention how hard I was? Amy then led me to the bras and I picked up the appropriate matches. Luckily I remembered Gloria’s bra size from this morning. The white bra with the black polka dots was sexy, however the white bra that matched the white panties with the lace trim was the most exciting. The silky cups had a thin lace trim than ran under and around the outside of the small cups. The lace continued over the straps, ending at the clasp in back. As I imagined Gloria’s wonderful little breasts covered by the sexy bra, I decided it was time to go.

Luckily Amy was able to ring up my purchases right there so I didn’t have to walk through the store with a handful of panties and a massive hard on that I couldn’t control. Holding my bags in front of me, I exited the store as quickly as I could.

On the way home I was trying to figure out how I was going to get Gloria’s presents into the house. I had five pairs of panties and two bras. I decided to leave the bag in the garage. When I got inside, I handed over the stuff the wife had wanted. When she saw the movie she was happy. Gloria waited for my wife to bring a couple of the items upstairs, then asked, “Did you get everything?”

I replied, “Yes, I will get them into your bag while you guys watch the movie.”

Gloria then said, “They better be as good as the pair you stole.”

I responded with, “I think you will be pleasantly surprised, in fact you are going to owe me the cute little flowered pair you’re wearing right now.”

Gloria seemed momentarily surprised by the fact that I knew what her panties looked like. I was so horny talking to her about her panties I was going to explode. By the way she was now blushing and squirming in her chair, I am positive she was getting hot to. I ran off to get the movie in, as the wife came downstairs. Shortly after the movie started, I told the wife I was beat and was going to go to bed after I checked the garage door.

The door to the garage was off the main hall, so I could easily get upstairs without being seen. I stepped into the garage, hit the switch to close the door, and then retrieved the bag. Not wanting to be caught with the bag, I stuffed the bras into a pocket of my cargo pants. I then took the cotton panties out of their package and put them in another. I was out of large pockets, so I took the two silky pairs of panties, and stuffed them down my pants. The material felt good, rubbing against my cock, as I made my way back into the house. I peeked my head into the living room to say goodnight, then headed upstairs to the bedroom.

On my way to bed, I ducked into the guest bedroom and quickly found Gloria’s bag. First I put in the white silk panties and bra, followed by the white set with the black polka dots. Over them I placed the cotton panties, first the yellow with the pink trim and pink polka dots, then the white with the purple flowers and finally the bright pink pair.

I then found my bed. I was contemplating masturbating with the stolen pink panties, however I was so turned on, I figured I could save them for later. So I thought about the panties Gloria was currently wearing. I forced myself to rub my cock slowly so it would last. I thought about how she had looked when she was sitting on the couch. I thought about running my hands up the outside of her legs and grabbing the waistband of her soft pink pajamas. Before she could stop me I pulled them down first exposing her white flowered panties then pulling her pajamas down past her knees.

Gloria tried to stop me at first and half shouted, “What are you doing? Stop this!”

I pulled Gloria’s hands away and continued to remove her pajama bottoms. Once I had them completely off I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to the edge of the couch. She said again, “Stop this! Please stop!”

I then kissed Gloria to quiet her. She was hesitant to return the kiss, however she didn’t turn away. While I held her around the waist with my left arm, I freed my hard cock and pressed it against her panties. I drove my hips forward, my cock rubbing across the thin layer of soft warm cotton. The only barrier between her hot little pussy and my raging hard on.

I then grabbed the front of Gloria’s top and pulled it over her head. I stopped half way down her back restricting her ability to move her arms. Her breasts were now exposed. They were beautiful. Small round mounds with puffy nipples. I took a nipple in my mouth and started to suck and nibble. I was out of control.

Gloria kept telling me to stop, but she started to grind her breast against my mouth in slow sensual movements. As I sucked on one nipple and then the other I looked back and forth between her panty covered crotch and her face. Her eyes were closed and her breathing had increased. She continued to say stop, but was no longer doing anything to stop me. My right hand then found its way between her legs and she gasped when my fingers found the soft white cotton that covered her now wet… Suddenly the door opened, light from the hallway exposing me with my cock in my hand.

I was afraid it was my wife, then I heard Gloria whisper, “You are so bad.”

Gloria then handed me a warm bundle of cotton. It was the white panties with the little purple flowers that she had been wearing all night. I asked where my wife was and she responded with, “Out walking the dog.”

I brought the panties to my face and inhaled. I was treated once again to the intoxicating mixture of baby powder, soap and her scent. They smelled heavenly. Gloria seemed to be torn between watching me with her panties on my face, and watching me as I started to rub my cock again. I had been so turned on the last few hours that I couldn’t control myself and came all over my stomach within minutes.

Gloria said, “You like it when I watch, don’t you?”

I responded with, “I think you like to watch.”

Gloria just smiled, then said, “I can’t believe what you bought me.”

I then asked her, “What panties are you wearing right now?”

Gloria pulled down the waist band of her pajamas slightly and I saw the pink trim first then the yellow cotton with the pink polka dots. She then left, quietly closing the door.

I just laid there thinking about what had just happened. I thought about Gloria showing me her panties just now and wondered how far things could go. I was rock hard still, even though I had just shot a load of cum all over myself. I put the white and purple panties back to my face and inhaled her scent. She had just taken them off. They smelt unbelievable. She had definitely been turned on. I wondered if the thought of giving me her panties had made her so wet. One could only hope. I cleaned myself up and hid the new pair of panties with the pair I had taken this morning. I then fell asleep thinking about Gloria in her new yellow panties.

I awoke early and headed for the guest bedroom. The door was closed so I quietly turned the knob and looked inside. I was already excited just thinking about what I might see, however I wasn’t expecting the best view I had had to date. It had really warmed up after the rain had stopped yesterday afternoon, making it warm in the house, even in the early morning. Gloria was laying on her left side facing away from me. Once again she had her right knee bent, however this time no pajama bottoms on. Just the top and her new yellow panties, with the pink trim and little pink polka dots. The yellow cotton hugged her gorgeous ass and mound, which was fully on display. As I stood there I felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I stepped into the guest bedroom and quietly closed the door.

I walked up to the bed my heart hammering in my chest. My cock was rock hard. I pulled it out of my pajamas and slowly rubbed it as I took in the sexy yellow and pink panties. I wanted to touch them, however I hesitated. Gloria knew how much she turned me on. She had watched me masturbate, let me steal her panties, hell let me have another pair of her panties, and even showed me the panties she was wearing. How could she deny me just a quick touch, a light caress? I continued to rub my cock as I reached out and gently cupped her ass cheek. The feel of her warm skin and the soft yellow cotton was better than I thought it would be. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. It was so wrong, yet I was as excited as I have ever been.

I gently caressed Gloria’s ass, then let my fingers wander to her hot little mound. I gently ran my fingers across the soft yellow cotton that covered her pussy. I continued to gently rub back and forth, while applying a little more pressure. I then felt her stiffen under my touch. I pulled my hand away and froze as she awoke and turned towards me. It seemed to take her a minute to realize I was there. She then whispered, “What are you doing?”

I didn’t know what to say. Gloria then looked at my hand that was still around my hard cock. I started to rub my cock again and watched with amazement as she moved her right hand between her legs and pressed it against her pussy. She started to gently rub up and down, her middle finger falling into the folds of her pussy lips. I had to stop rubbing my cock or I would have cum. I was mesmerized by the sight of her touching herself through her yellow and pink cotton panties.

Gloria stared at my hand wrapped around my cock while she masturbated for a few moments then asked, “What’s wrong?”

I responded with, “You look so sexy that I’m afraid I’m going to cum.”

Gloria rubbed even harder then, and I started to slowly rub my cock again. She then hooked the waist band of her panties with her left thumb, stretched the pink elastic band away from her body, and plunged her right hand inside, while drawing her knees up slightly and spreading her legs. As her fingers started to work in and out of her pussy, they pressed against the front of her panties, highlighting the fact that the material had become wet from her excitement.

I focused on Gloria’s hand inside her panties, looking up from time to time to see her staring at my hand as I rubbed my cock for all it was worth. I was beyond reason, beyond control. I thought about just ripping her panties off, forcing her legs apart, and burying my cock in her now wet pussy. That was it, I started to cum. I shot it all over her thighs and panties. I had never done anything so erotic. Standing over the woman I had fantasized about so many times, watching her masturbate and cumming all over her. The amount of cum was unbelievable. What a mess.

Gloria responded to the feel of my hot cum spilling over her because her whole body tensed, she arched her back clamping her legs together and gasped, “I’m cumming!”

Gloria held her body rigid for what seemed like forever, her hand slowing, then stopping, then she relaxed her whole body and collapsed into the bed. I just watched as she withdrew her wet fingers from her panties and stretched her legs back out. Finally she said, “You have to leave before we’re caught.”

I looked at Gloria for a moment then bent down and kissed her. I had kissed her a hundred times in my fantasies, to finally have a real one was pure heaven. She kissed me back, our tongues touching briefly, then she pushed on me gently and said, “Please go.”

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then checked to see that the wife was still asleep. Thank god we weren’t caught. I was on cloud nine. I went to the basement and thought about what had just occurred. A few minutes later I heard the shower running and guessed it was Gloria. A short time later she found her way to the basement. She had on the light blue shorts and white blouse again. As she walked up to me I undressed her with my eyes wondering what she had on underneath. She looked at me for a moment and said, “I can’t believe what we did, we shouldn’t have, it was wrong.”

I responded with, “I know it was wrong, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m attracted to you. I have always been attracted to you.”

Gloria made no response. I reached out and grabbed her hands and pulled her in front of me. I spread my knees apart allowing her to stand with her legs touching the chair. I put my hands on her hips and looked up at her. I told her I’m not sorry about anything that happened this weekend. In fact it was the most excited I have ever been. I only wish we had some time alone, really alone. I told her I wanted her so bad it hurt. She seemed confused. I wasn’t sure what else to say. She then reached out and put her hands on the sides of my face and leaned forward. I saw a quick glimpse of her new white bra with the black polka dots and then she kissed me. I kissed her back while I pulled her sideways onto my lap.

My cock hardened under Gloria as she sat on my left thigh with her legs between mine. I now had my left arm around her back and my right hand on her thigh. Her leg pressed against my hard cock as I pulled her close. We kissed passionately for a few moments and then she pulled back and said, “We have to stop, we can’t do this.”

I then asked her if she was attracted to me and she said yes. I then pulled her to me with my left arm that was still around her back and kissed her again. Gloria kissed me back. As our tongues met I took my right hand from her thigh and found her breast. Her soft white cotton shirt slipped across the silky bra beneath as I gently rubbed her wonderful little breast. At first she had grabbed my wrist as if to pull my hand away, however I could feel her nipple stiffening under the thin layers of fabric and she gave up any attempt at stopping me. I was rock hard, the pressure of her leg against my cock was driving me crazy. I then moved my hand to the opening of her shirt. I undid a button and then another. As Gloria pulled back and grabbed my hand I undid another.

Gloria’s white shirt was now almost fully open exposing the silky white bra with the black polka dots. “Please stop.” She gasped.

I was out of control again. I didn’t want to stop. I started to kiss Gloria again and grabbed her breast relishing the feel of the soft silky cup. I then trapped her nipple between my finger and thumb, and gently twisted and pulled on the hard little nub through her silky bra. She was breathing heavy now, soft moans escaping between kisses. I told her she was sexy and that I wanted her. I had hoped that she had become so excited that I could take things to the next level, so I moved my right hand to her mound. She responded by clamping her legs together and trying to pull my hand away. I pressed my hand against her pussy and felt her involuntarily press back as she pulled harder on my hand and said again to stop. I reluctantly pulled my hand away as she stood.

“We can’t do this here!” Gloria almost shouted, as she stood and buttoned up her shirt. She then ran upstairs.

I wanted to go after Gloria, however I was so excited my cock was barely contained within my pajama bottoms. If my wife was up I would have some explaining to do. I pulled it out and started to rub it thinking about the feel of her breast through the thin material, the kisses, my hand against her pussy, the look of her small white silky bra with the little black polka dots when I unbuttoned her shirt, her passionate reaction to me fondling her breast. I quickly hit the point of no return and climaxed. I cleaned myself up then went upstairs to the kitchen.

Gloria was upstairs getting her things. I heard her telling my wife, who had just got up, that she wanted to get an early start, she needed to get home. I guess I went a little too far because she now wanted to leave as quickly as she could.

A short time later they were eating breakfast. Gloria made small talk with my wife and acted like nothing was wrong. I couldn’t stop thinking about her open shirt and my hand on her breast. Or the feel of her pussy under her shorts pressing against my hand just before she made me stop. I needed to masturbate again in a bad way. Shortly after finishing breakfast she said her goodbyes and headed out the door. I helped with her bag, hoping to have a moment to say something to her, however I never got the chance. Shortly after she drove away I got a text, “Will call.”

I responded with, “When?” I checked my phone a few times over the next few hours, however no response as to when she would call.

I spent the day working in the yard with the wife, followed by relaxing for the night by catching up on some TV recordings. When I finally laid down I took out the stolen bright pink panties. They didn’t smell as strong as the white pair, Gloria had given me, however it was still enough to get me instantly hard. After a few moments of inhaling her scent I wrapped the soft cotton around my cock and rubbed.

It was such a turn on to see my cock encased in the bright pink fabric. The friction from the soft cotton quickly made my cock sensitive to even the slightest movement. I slowly pumped my fist and thought again about what had happened in the basement. I thought about cumming on Gloria’s legs and her yellow panties. I thought about her saying I’m coming and I lost it. I looked down at the pink cotton wrapped around my cock and saw the dark stain forming from the cum that kept flowing from my cock. I would have to wash them now. It was a good thing I still had the white panties with the little purple flowers on them. I cleaned myself up, stashed the pink panties, and then laid in bed thinking about this morning.

I was hopeful due the text from Gloria saying she would call, however with no response as to when, and her last words to me being we can’t do this, I was also doubting if there would be anything more between us. As I thought about it I seemed to recall that she said we can’t do this here. The more I thought about it the more sure I was she said, “here” at the end of, “we can’t do this.” Meaning she wanted to keep going only somewhere else. I fell asleep dreaming about what would happen next. In the morning it was back to work so a quick rub, while looking at porn and thinking of Gloria, was all I had time for.

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