Sex with a Mature Lady

Hey, everyone! This is a story is about how I lost my virginity. At the time I was 6 feet tall, about 78 kilo, with brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a sun tan. In time I’m gonna tell you about how I was in pretty good shape. I spent most of my summers working on a farm. So I had and I still have a nice body, and although I’m not a very big guy down there, I have significant 9 inches to be proud of! Now you may think that my first time is a bit nasty, but I disagree. I lost my virginity to a 50-year-old woman. Dona, let’s call her Dona, is my boss’s wife. I spent a lot of time after school doing odd jobs for Dona. When things were rather ok at work, my boss sent me to do some work on his backyards or make small repairs at his house. Dona was always there helping me out. If I was working in the backyard, she would bring me something to drink. Beer or juice. Or if I was working in the house, she would make me a snack.
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