Gloria’s Panties Ch. 08

Gloria’s Panties is about my obsession with panties. I’m not sure when it started, however as I get older the most intimate of a woman’s garments, just seems to fascinate me more and more.

This series is also about Gloria, a woman who I’ve fantasied about for years. I like to think that she may be out there, right now, anxiously waiting for the next chapter to appear.

There may be other women that find their way in here, or perhaps the hint of other fetishes, however at the end of the day most of my fantasies are about Gloria and her panties.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Chapter 8 – Office Panties

I was sitting in my office at work, reliving what had just happened with Erica. The sex was nothing short of amazing. The light green satin panties she’d worn were so sexy. The look of her big beautiful ass covered in green satin, as she was bent over my desk, was such a turn on. The feel of her panties when I ran my hand and then my cock across them, was still fresh in my mind. Her taking me in her mouth was an unexpected pleasure that I now wish had lasted longer. Taking her wet wonderful pussy from behind was incredible. The feel of the powerful orgasm she had, followed by me filling her with cum, was pure ecstasy. It was all a cascade of fresh erotic memories that I didn’t want to ever forget.

I was so turned on still, that I probably could have masturbated, however my desk phone rang, interrupting my thoughts of how fantastic the sex had been with Erica. It was Gloria. She was finally coming back tomorrow. After we said hello, we talked for a few minutes about how her trip had been. I then asked, “When can I see you?”

“I’m not sure.” Gloria responded. After a moments pause she added that she didn’t want to bother me with it, however there were some issues at home she had to deal with. I asked her if there was anything I could do, however she said she could handle it.

Gloria then asked, “So have you missed me, or have Ashley’s panties been enough to keep you occupied?”
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