Secret Chest Pt 3

Elle’s tits appeared firm for a woman approaching sixty. At the epicenters of her pinkish aureoles, her nipples more resembled pencil erasers capable of poking out someone’s eye! Without my needing to ask, Elle then removed her panties too, revealing to me her brown, untrimmed pubic triangle, a sight I’d longed to see. Visually, I savored the moment, despite my inability to see her cunt beneath such thick pubes. Even if Elle ever became comfortable with her nudity, I could envision her keeping her legs together at all times, hindering my enjoying a gynecological view.

Mounted on the wall next to a Lazy-Boy recliner nearby, I noticed a reading light, one having an extension. For examination purposes, what more could I have asked for? When I asked her to sit, she had no clue what was coming next. “Now, recline the chair as far back as it will go, and spread your legs.”

Blushing deeply, Elle obeyed my command, but had modestly used both her hands to cover her vaginal area. Never-minding that she’d covered herself, I made full use of the light’s extension, and prepared for a close-up view. Flicking it on, I said, “Move your hands, so that I can get a good look at you. Or would you rather I leave?”

“What are you going to do to me?” Elle whined.

“Pretend that I’m your dentist, searching for cavities in need of filling.”

Sighing, Elle apprehensively moved her hands. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Immediately, I noticed her wetness. “That’s better,” I said.

For a fifty-nine-year-old woman with two children who was sitting spread-eagle, I expected her pussy to gape open on its own. Without thinking twice, I leaned forward, and from its source inhaled her femininity. How might an older woman’s pussy taste? I pondered. Feel wrapped around my hard cock?

“Was Joyce telling the truth,” Elle wanted to know. “About Robert’s tongue bringing her great pleasure?”

After forty-one years of marriage, Elle suddenly seemed anxious to have her pussy licked. And by me! “Yes. If your ecstasy proves lacking after two minutes, tell me to stop and I will.”

Without waiting for her to respond, I dove in face first. At the entrance of my friend’s birth canal, I began my tongue-led safari at his mother’s clitoral hood. Once I was done, however, I would later insist on her keeping shorter pubes. A pubic triangle trimmed more to my liking.

“Yes … yes … Oh Yes!” Elle bellowed repeatedly.

“You want me to stop?” I teased.

“Oh no, please no,” Elle insisted. “Ted never … Oh my, I’m coming again!”

After licking her twat for another ten minutes, I then concluded my oral assault by diddling her G-spot. “But this isn’t fair, I teased. You’ve come at least six times already, haven’t you? What have I gotten in return?”

“Okay, Les, I’ll suck your dick. Anything, if you promise to lick my pussy again.”

Somehow I couldn’t imagine Elle ever agreeing to a rim job, but I would keep her post-cunnilingus willingness in mind. Before helping her up from the La-Z-Boy, I gave her a minute to recover. While removing Ted’s thong, I demanded, “On your knees, then.”

Once Elle dropped to her knees and first looked at my cock, I’ll never forget her wide-eyed expression. “Wow, you are huge! Most plums are smaller than your glans! What if it won’t fit in my mouth?”

“I need a surefire orifice in which to ejaculate,” I said, attempting reverse psychology. “However, I see you as way too prim to allow ejaculate inside your mouth. So, just give me a hand-job like you used to give Ted, why don’t you?”

“Maybe I don’t want to be prim.”

“Okay, but after tasting your sweet pussy, I’m anxious to bust my nuts.”

With her left hand cradling my nut-sack and her right hand wrapped around my cock at its base, Elle then stuck out her tongue and lapped at my seeping pre cum. Smacking her lips, she accredited, “Salty, but not bad. I could get used to this.”

I cannot believe she’s actually doing this, I thought, despite such unexpected pleasure proving short-lived. Even as a beginner, of Elle I’d had higher expectations. Overshadowing the pleasure derived from having her lips wrapped around my glans, I felt her teeth, scraping me in a bad way! Without hesitating, I withdrew my cock from her mouth.

“Okay, how was it?”

As if her palette now required pre-cum whetting retroactive to her eighteenth birthday, Elle whined, “I don’t know. I just got started. Did I do something wrong?”

From the twenty-something babes with their pierced tongues, I knew I could always count on getting good blowjobs. Unplanned parenthood and child support payments, I’d leave for someone else. Meaning that Elle had other benefits I’d yet to consider: Both a lifetime of monogamy and her postmenopausal condition. Besides bareback fucking and ejaculating risk-free into a pussy as tight as hers, what more could any man ask for?

With a sense of urgency, I asked. “Where’s the guest’s bedroom?”

“Down the hall–third door on the left, why?”

“I’m thinking you’d rather not make love to me in the same bed you shared with Ted?” I opined, almost saying the word ‘fuck’ instead.

Elle had then without apprehension taken my hand and led me down a lengthy hallway, shaking her sexy ass for me along the way. For the next three hours, we’d enjoyed intercourse in various positions. Most of which, surprisingly, she’d yet to try. Once, while taking her doggy-style, I’d even dared to gently probe her asshole.

“Unless you’re prepared to enlighten me further on Joyce’s testimony on page 18,” Elle responded, “don’t get any ideas about poking anything other than your tongue in there!”

“A rim job, on the first date? For you, I suppose I could make an exception.”

“You sure know how to make a girl feel special,” Elle giggled. “But, let’s shower together first.”

Surprisingly, Elle suggested we wash one another. Afterwards, she had then retaken my cock in her mouth, ever determined to complete the blowjob she’d started earlier.

“Ouch!” I couldn’t help but verbally wince, but rather than criticize Elle’s oral technique and leave her feeling self-conscious, I’d asked her to lick my nuts instead.

Obviously, Eddie’s mother had other plans. “Now, lay still and keep your eyes closed.”

She’s getting a towel for me to ejaculate into, I decided, prior to her closing the drapes and casting our togetherness into total darkness. “Already, I miss the visual arousal,” I whined.

Two minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. In a voice that had oddly just taken on a deeper resonance, she said, “Maybe I can make that up to you.”

What sense did that make? I asked myself, just as Elle retook my cock into her mouth for a third time. This time deeper, and this time without my feeling her teeth?

“That feels incredible! If you don’t stop, though, I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

“But, isn’t that what men want? For their women to swallow like Olga?”

“But, what if–”

“At one time I never cared for the broccoli, either,” she admitted, cutting me short. “But, now I happen to love it.”

“Here you go then,” I warned, at the onset of my 3rd ejaculation of the day. In record time, Elle had somehow figured out how to keep her teeth from getting in the way, all while maintaining the right attitude.

I’d expected Elle to gag and back away once my ejaculate entered her mouth. Determined, she swallowed, sighed, and then swallowed again. “Salty but kind of yummy,” she declared, while lapping up the final drops seeping from my peehole. “I feel kind of foolish, for not trying this sooner.”

“Most men would not object to giving you all you want, and then some.”

“But, I’m only interested in savoring yours, forever and ever, amen.”

The thought of Eddie dropping by and catching me with his mother was bad enough, without his mother pressing me for a lifelong commitment to boot.

“In time, your curiosity will motivate you to learning how other men’s cum tastes.”

“Not that I’m interested in finding that out firsthand, you mean there’s a difference?”

“On that subject, I can only attest to what I’ve been told, but, apparently, yes.”

“To make up for my lifetime of deprivation, you may cum in my mouth whenever you like.”

“Unless you’re fishing for a marriage proposal, be careful whom you say that to.”

“For you I’d runoff to Las Vegas right now, but I doubt our families would understand.”

“You’re right,” I said, relieved, thinking Eddie especially. “How about reopening the drapes, so I can see you?”

“I’m ashamed for anyone to see me like this,” she admitted.

“I doubt your gynecologist has seen anymore than I have?”

“Without my dentures!” Elle blurted, and all but leaping out of bed.

No wonder I’d not felt Elle’s teeth, bless her heart. She’d given me a gum job, my first!

After reentering the bathroom, she emerged about a minute later and reopened the drapes. As the sunlight spilled into the guest bedroom, it seemed to illuminate Elle’s shapely butt before anything else.

“So, you would like to experience what Joyce described firsthand?”

“Whoa! You’re willing to diddle my fifty-nine-year-old asshole with your tongue?”

“Get up on the bed on all fours, and spread your ass-cheeks, and I’ll show you.”

I savored the moment, her willingness to spread her ass-cheeks for me, even if it only meant satisfying her curiosity regarding Joyce’s testimony. Surprisingly, Elle’s ass-crack proved almost hairless. And she spread her ass-cheeks as far apart as I could have hoped. Inquired Elle, “What’s this position called?”

“It’s called, hold still, while I go out to the car and grab my camera.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Elle giggled. “And stop staring at my butt-hole! You’re supposed to be licking it.”

“I can think of at least a dozen hypocrites at your church who’d give their last dollar to see you this way! Believe me, your rosebud is in a class by itself.”

“Two of them are quite wealthy,” Elle agreed. “Maybe we should take some photos and try auctioning them off to the highest bidder.”

“Then, how could you go on living here, bearing that kind of reputation?”

“After selling this house, I’d take the money and move somewhere far away. Live worry-free, run around nude, and have lots of sex, preferably with a young stud-muffin more interested in kissing my ass than staring at it.”

“I’d like to apply for that job!”

After letting go of her spread ass-cheeks, Elle implored, “You already have, silly, but so far you’re not doing so well on the ass-kissing part of the interview.”

To be continued …

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Secret Chest Pt 2

Giggling, Elle said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. You’re not my husband. I’ve never seen you naked. Nor have you ever seen me naked. I find this not only daring but quite thrilling!”

“Almost like strip poker without bothering with the cards,” I joked. “Would you rather we undress ourselves as we would at a nudist camp? If you need help undressing, I don’t mind.”

Blushing, Elle then said, “First, shouldn’t we establish some ground rules?”

“What type of ground rules?” I teased. “You mean, like no oral or anal sex?”

Again hiding behind her hands, she balked, “Well … um, I don’t know?”

“Meaning as long as I take you to new sexual heights, that I can wear my Get Mask and use my whips and chains?

Giggling, Elle said, “No, I’m not saying that, either.”

Eddie’s mother or not, did this sexy but innocent MILF any idea as to what I was referring to? Somehow I doubted it. Sympathetically, I offered, “If you need more time before getting naked, I’d like to see more of what Ted kept hidden in his secret chest.”

As if weighing her nakedness in my presence against fetching something even more explicit from Ted’s chest, she got up and stood before me for about a minute, blushing beet red. After leaving my presence a third time, she returned five minutes later, wearing nothing but a pink lace bra and matching panties, and toting a different magazine.
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Secret Chest Pt 1

I awoke craving a blowjob, though not from some twenty-something babe showing off her pierced tongue. Not much challenge in that. I hankered a prudish woman over 50 whose lips and tongue had seldom if ever swathed a penis.

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My Own Personal MILF Pt 2

I regain my balance and finish working on her back before asking her to flip over. After adjusting the support cushion under her knees, I take a moment to take in the scene before me. Her B-cup breasts rest slightly on either side of her chest and are capped with light pink areolas and very hard nipples that easily look to be about half an inch long each. My gaze moves down to see a neatly trimmed bush of brown hair with what looks like gray-silver highlights taking root above a very pouty pussy. I barely restrain myself from diving in as I lick my lips imagining the sweetness that was glistening before me.

I force myself to focus on the massage knowing that this jewel of a woman would grant me her prize in the fullness of time.
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My Own Personal MILF Pt 1

To set the stage, Michelle and I have worked together for seven years now. Even though she is ten years my senior she is a definite MILF at a slender 5″6′, brown hair, green eyes, and supple B-cup breasts that seem to form the perfect cleavage every time. She is the kind of person that is always friendly with a smile that seems to make you feel good inside.

We would flirt from time to time but, even though she was single, I was married. “I ain’t ever getting involved with a married man.” She would say in her southern twang voice. Despite this, I always held an open invitation for lunch if she ever changed her mind. We were always friends first and foremost; always there to listen to the other. All of this, however, never prevented me from fantasizing about her every now and again.

As the years passed, my wife and I grew more and more apart, different paths in life and all that until finally we took the final step and filed for divorce. Even though it was amicable, I was still depressed over the whole thing.

A few months later, Michelle and I were talking in my office when she commented on how off I had seemed lately. After explaining everything to her she asked, “Is that lunch invite still open?” as she flashed me one of those wonderful smiles. “Of course.” I said, feeling a little uncertain as to where this would go. “Great, but maybe we can make it for dinner instead?” Then the light bulb started to flicker to life, “Sure. I know this great hotel restaurant that serves Italian.” I said to see how far she was willing to take this. “That sounds perfect.” She said and got up to leave but not before leaning over and whispering, “And be sure to get a room.”
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Parking Lot Fun

Recently married Carla and I liked to play nasty. We had been sexually adventurous even while dating, but tonight would take us to a whole new level. Several times we’d teased each other about being out at a club or bar, and Carla’s inviting some guy out to the parking lot for a blow job, or a quick fuck. Hell, just the tease alone had led us in to a few nights worth of smoking hot sex.

So, this particular Saturday night we didn’t have any plans. More for the Hell of it then anything else, I suggested we give that little fantasy a try. Carla gave me this devilish look, and says “You’re on, but I get to choose. And, I’m going to pick out some guy with one monstrously big cock”. Not biting at her little tease, I told her, “OK, you’re on; let’s go for it”. She rushed off to change. I waited in our den; and for once I didn’t have long to wait. Carla came strutting back in, looking drop dead sexy, and got an appreciative wolf whistle from me. Her short leather skirt actually covered her ass; well, it did if she stood up real straight in her three inch heels. And, I wouldn’t be the only guy checking out the size 36 C tits, so nicely pushed up by the black lace bra she wore under her sheer and very low cut blouse. That whistle earned me a quick kiss, and a chance to grab a double handful of her very bare young ass. Carla suggested we try a bar that would have a lot of college age guys. And, I knew just the place; from my own not so long ago college days.
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Best Friend and Her Mum

I walked into my bedroom to see Cindy lying spread eagle on my bed with what looked like a miniature oil-rig between her legs. A penis shaped thing was attached to a robotic arm that was somehow motor driven with a pendulum, and it was counterweighted with a…Well the main thing was that this contraption was fucking the hell out of Cindy’s poor little pussy mercilessly.

There was twat juice flying everywhere and Cindy was wincing every time it shoved itself up in her. She was sweating and flushed like she’d been doing it for a while. I think she was about to have an orgasm because she had that tell tale look on her face.

You know the one that chicks get. That look that says, “Um, I’m about to lose control of myself so don’t stare at me. I can’t help it (gasp) I’m gonna act like a wild bitch in heat now! (gasp!) IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD (Puff! Pant!) I DON’T CARE WHAT (Wheeze!) I LOOK LIKE! I’M CUMMING! OH MY GOD! I’M CUMMING ALL OVER THE PLACE! (GASP!)! AY-AY-AY-YEEEEEEE-E-E-A-A-AHH! (GASP!) OH MY GOD! I SQUIRTED YOUR DRAPES! I’M SORRY!
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First Time with MILF Pt 2

Last time we met, my mother in law, Sally, and I had just finished our introductory sex session, when the phone rang. It was my wife asking if she and her sister could join some friends for dinner and if I would mind. As I heard Sally repeating the words, I reached over and tweaked her still hard nipple. She answered, “He says he’ll find something to do, have fun.” She hung up the phone and looked at me with a smile. “Well?”, she said, “What now?” “Sally”, I said,” you know I love Dale (my wife) to death, but if you think I am going to give up on living out a mother in law fantasy, you’re crazy!”
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First Time with MILF Pt 1

Now, I’m older than my wife so my mother in law and I are only 10 years apart. I’m 48, so do the math. Sally has been married and divorced three times and had two boyfriends. The current one is not the healthiest specimen. The woman has the worst luck picking guys. Anyway, much like her daughter she is athletic and keeps herself in decent shape. For her age her body is pretty tight, nice breasts, about 36C, she’s about 5 feet 6 inches, red hair and a nice tan. I carry a few extra pounds, but am told I’m good looking.
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