The Librarian Pt 1

I dreaded the project assigned me. It was one I knew relatively nothing about and quickly realized that it would take countless hours of research, research of which I knew not where to begin. After hours of pondering where to start my quest, I decided on the place I least wanted to visit, the public library.

The library where I live is a beautiful old stone building of Victorian architecture. Inside, all the huge bookcases, trim, and mouldings are all rich oak. It has high ceilings, at least 14 feet I would guess. The bookcases in every aisle reach to the ceiling with ladders mounted on rollers to reach the volumes in even
the remotest of areas. I assumed that was where I would find the data I was searching.

As I walked into the library, I was greeted with a shy, quiet hello from the lone librarian behind the massive oak desk. She was exactly as I had pictured a typical librarian to be. Although she was quite attractive, she hid behind her prim and proper attire. She had a warm glow about her soft, friendly face and it was obvious from her greeting that she was very shy and demure. In fact, I got the feeling she probably would have been too shy to utter a sound if it wasn’t her job.

“Can I help you find something?” the librarian shyly asked.
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Vacation With Girlfriend & Mother Pt2

As I debated whether or not the flashes were accidental, Amanda came out and told me they were ready to go. They both were wearing jean shorts with tank tops, must be a mother daughter thing I thought to myself. They both looked outstanding, but I’ll tell you seeing Debbie’s most intimate parts over the last few days has me obsessing over her. As much as I tried, I couldn’t get her off my mind.

Downtown was crowded, we struggled to find a spot to park so Amanda pulled off the main drag and we walked. The ladies seemed to be having the time of there lifes with all the little shops lining both sides of the street, I was assigned as the designated bag carrier. Don’t get me wrong I had fun, but after two hours of shopping, I was done.

We decided we’d stop in a famous barbecue joint they had in town for a late lunch. Apparently this place has been here for over seventy years, and with how good the food was, I could certainly see why. In addition to the food, I enjoyed watching Debbie licking the sauce off her lips and fingers throughout our meal.

On our way back to the car we stopped at a tourist attraction stand and looked at a few activities that we could do tomorrow before we headed home.
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Vacation With Girlfriend & Her Mother Pt1

This is a true story based on a two day mini vacation with my girlfriend and her mother.

My girlfriend of two years Amanda and I graduated from high school two weeks earlier. It was what we thought of as our last true summer vacation before heading off to college in the fall.

As a graduation gift Amanda’s mom Debbie wanted to take us to the Dells, a small town that comes alive in the summer. It has about five resorts with outdoor water parks, go carts, miniature golf courses, and tons of gift shops spread throughout the small city.

The night before the vacation I slept at Amanda’s house so we could wake up earlier and get a jump on traffic looking to head north for the weekend. I slept on the couch, because Debbie wouldn’t let Amanda and I sleep together in the same room, her house, her rules.

Debbie’s alarm woke me up around six o’ clock. Through her partially open door I could see her light turn on. She opened her door and walked down the hall to her bathroom. She was wearing a white nighty that hung to about mid thigh. Debbie was a sexy MILF at the age of forty four. She was about five and a half feet tall, shoulder length brown hair, with a nice rack, and a even better ass. Deb was in an on and off again relationship with a guy named Jim, who I’ve only met a few times.
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Mother In Laws Panties

“Hello.” “Hey hun, how’s it going?” “I’m just leaving work.” I say to my wife Amanda of 10 years.

She then says, “I have a favor to ask you, could you swing by my mom’s house on your way home? She is getting a dryer delivered tomorrow and she needs her old one disconnected so they can take it when they drop off the new one.”

“No problem, it shouldn’t take more than a half hour to do.” I say.

“Great, and one more little thing, she was also wondering if you could stop over tomorrow after work and connect the new one? She said in addition to the removal and delivery fee, Ray’s would charge her one hundred dollars to disconnect the old one and reconnect the new dryer. She said she’d buy you a twelve pack of beer.”

I laughed. “Tell her it’s not a problem, and she doesn’t need to buy me any beer.” “Thanks babe, she’ll really appreciate it. I’ll call her and let her know you’re on your way. See you when you get home.” My wife says.

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